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Few days back I just had one of the best massage ever in my life. I visited Qi Mantra Remedial Spa’s outlet at wheelock place, which is located very conveniently near my school. The reason why I think they provided me a very good massage experience is because of the skills of the masseur. At Qi Mantra, their massages focus a lot on acupuncture spots and pressing to release any knots on your back. 

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When I first arrived, I find myself at a very quiet spa which brings out a tranquil vibe. Neatly arranged on the shelves are also different kinds of massage oils and beauty-related products Qi Mantra uses for their treatments. 

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My review

Since obviously I can’t take any shots during the massage, I’ll try my best to tell you how it went. 

As mentioned previously, I enjoyed the massage at Qi Mantra simply because of the acupuncture pressing. It came as a big surprise to the masseur when I told her I’ve never experienced any spot pressing that lasted about half a min for each crucial spots on my back. I guess it’s a different kind of massage that I usually go to, but truth is I prefer this kind of massage more! 

The masseur adopts a very soft and gentle massaging technique but with a certain level of strength. So there’s not much of stroking but more of pressing at the relevant spots to release tension and tightness, especially on my shoulder. It can hurt quite a little especially when my muscles are so tensed up due to me carrying very heavy handbags, but what comes after the pain is a very relaxed body and released knots on my back. It was really good! 

A tip that I would like to bring across is that you can request to flip back and lie on your back. I was facing down the whole time and I didn’t realise I was feeling uncomfortable UNTIL I stood up after the massage was over. I felt so nauseous and giddy! The masseur told me we can actually request to change side and it won’t affect the massage (think the time where she massages the arms or shoulder).  

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And that pretty much sums up my experience at Qi Mantra. If you would like to have a pampering massage session, Qi Mantra has quite a few outlets in Singapore! 

Qi Mantra also has a wide range of treatments, of which the category “massages” already have more than five kinds. I opted for the Power Back massage, which targets the upper body including your back, shoulder and neck. It’s priced at $58.00 for 30mins. You can always extend the time to 1hr.

Another version that you might be interested in is the full body massage – Star Blast. Their signature bod remedy is a deep intensive acupressure massage that aims to remove those knots on your back. This is $98.00 for 60 mins.

Here’s a menu for Qi Mantra services. 

Qi Mantra Remedial Spa

Wheelock Place #03-19 

Wheelock Place 501 Orchard Road S(238880)

Email: [email protected]

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