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One month into the usage of #sgbackbeatGO2, I am absolutely reliant on it. It brings me so much convenience and changes my lifestyle positively, I think I should totally share with you the good things about this wireless earbuds!

Below is a video of some snippets of me using my Plantronics Backbeat GO 2.

1. Tangle-free

Thanks to the flat wires incorporated to the wireless earbuds, there’s no need to worry about the tangling wires all coiled up together. What’s more, the length of Backbeat GO 2 earbuds is significantly shorter than that of a normal wired earplugs, letting you keep your earbuds easily! Since it’s tangle-free, I usually have no issues retrieving the earbuds out of its charging case. It just doesn’t get tangled up!


Tangle free, check!

2.  Water-resistant

Clearly no one will dunk the whole earpiece in a pool of water. But the Backbeat GO 2 will surely come in handy if you perspire a lot in the midst of exercising. If not, this is definitely an ideal earbuds for those who perspire a lot! The nano-coating allows you to easily wipe off the perspiration or any dirt. 
Now I have no fears about my white earbuds turning dirty because I can even wash it under slow running water.

sgbackbeatgo2 celine@outdoors 3

Easy cleaning, check!

3. Non-existent

I’ve been raving over this multiple times and I’m gonna emphasize it again. Ever since I’ve used the wireless earbuds, I finally understood the benefits of a wireless earbuds. My actions are no longer restricted nor controlled by just a piece of wire.
Moreover, the light weight of 13g has made the wireless earbuds really light, it honestly feels like nothing when I have the earbuds on, except the earbuds are a little too big for my ears. I usually hang it around my neck when I’m not using it, because it doesnt slip off easily with its coating.

sgbackbeatgo2 celine@macs 15

Fashionable earbuds, check!

4. Outstanding

Don’t we all like it when we stand out among the crowd? Look around you in a crowded train and how many people can you find wearing wireless earbuds? Not many.
I love my white Backbeat GO 2 cos I look cool wearing it! (hahaha) Somehow I feel cool when I can hold my device anyhow I like without worrying about the wires. Somehow I just love standing out with a pair of unique wireless earbuds.

sgbackbeatgo2 celinechiam 4

Uniqueness, check!

5. Convenience

Enough said, you should by now expected how much convenience the Plantronics Backbeat GO 2 can bring. Light weight and adequately lengthed, I can just place my earbuds around my neck when I’m not using it. And when a call comes in, I’ll just connect it and answer the call! 
In the past whenever I need to move away from my electronic device, I have to take off my wired earpiece, for example just to throw a litter into the bin. Now, I can move around freely and when I’m getting too far, the stop in the music playing indicates to me I’m “out of the range”.

sgbackbeatgo2 celine@outdoors 19

6. Stabilisers

You probably have known by now that Backbeat GO 2 has a special feature – the stabilizers. Comes in a transparent coating, you’ll just have to tuck it under your ear and your earpiece will be securely attached. This is true especially when it doesn’t fall off when I do my running!
 Getting connected is as easy as green peas too! As long as you get connected to your device for the first time, the subsequent attempts for connection should be automatic when you have your device’s bluetooth on, and the wireless earbuds on as well. A simple press on the middle square button should be able to let you get connected instantly! 
Ever since the usage of the wireless earbuds, I’ve never felt so carefree!

sgbackbeatgo2 celine@macs 12

7. Improvised buttons

Not only the new improvised buttons are protruding for easy pressing, the buttons are also used to find out the battery level and to connect your wireless earbuds to your electronic devices. FYI, pressing the middle square button will attempt to connect the device, pressing the volume buttons twice will indicate the battery level. I find them really convenient and user-friendly!

plantronics sgbackbeatgo2 14 Alright! That’s very much about the Plantronics Backbeat GO 2. If you would like to get one, head over to for the 15% discount. Remember to insert the promo code: “15OmyChiam” to enjoy the discount.

discount code

Also, stand a chance to win a pair of #sgbackbeatGO2 here!!

Stay stylish and fabulous with this wireless earbuds!

stay fab


Celine Chiam

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