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I love Japan for its amazing inventions. Likewise I’m thrilled to introduce you this amazing product that can be used on many parts of our body, from the face to the legs. ReFa CARAT, one of the best seller in Japan and Singapore, imitates a kneading technique which helps to firm up the skin while gently rolling over it. This item is amazing for its multi functions, so let me bring you through how this slimming equipment can be used. 

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I know, this rolling equipment sure doesn’t look very aesthetically pleasing but the benefit it brings is paramount! Imagine acheiving a slimmer face, firmer skin, and better blood circulation all with just one product, isn’t it wonderful?

Not just simply a rolling equipment, ReFa CARAT actually absorbs light through the solar panel and generates a weak electrical “microcurrent” to improve the electrical current flowing in our own body. By using this diligently, the rolling movement will in the long run make the skin texture look supple and firm. 

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Designed with these double lymphatic drainage rollers, ReFa CARAT leveraged on the concept of aesthetic kneading, strongly squeeze and work the skin, through a wonderfully deep and smooth motion. They can pull on and tighten the appearance of entire body and face after bathing, when the skin is relaxed.


Ask me how do I usually use the ReFa CARAT, my favourite spot would be my neck area to lessen my double chins, as well as achieving that v-shape face by simply massaging using the ReFa CARAT.

ReFa CARAT can also be used in other areas as illustrated below:


Just like how it’s thoughtfully designed with the relevant specifications, ReFa CARAT also comes with a pouch for cleanliness purposes. 

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Brief background about MTG, the creator of ReFa CARAT:

Established in 1996, MTG Japan focusses on designing, developing and producing of beauty treatment devices. Currently, it houses 609 employees and is based in Nagoya, Japan. 

If you would like give this a try, it’s your luck to know that MTG is offering 10% discount on this device (retailing at S$380)! Simply quote MTGceline while purchasing 🙂

More more details, visit V%2Bface%2Bmassage

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