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[Invited whisky tasting by Scotch Corner] 

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Before this food tasting, or rather whisky tasting, I was completely clueless about alcohol, not to even mention premium whisky. Thanks for Scotch Corner, I was very well-informed with almost everything I need to know about whisky, in particular Scotch Whisky.

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Scotch Corner is nestled in a small corner along MacKenzie Road with an extensive array of whiskies from different years. If you’re up to some authentic and extremely premium whiskies, here’s where you should head to. 

For the second time in my life, I was blessed to be able to try one of the premium whisky. To my surprise, it did not result in any burning sensation on my tongue, and the feeling while drinking the premium whisky was indeed very smooth, like how premium whisky promises. 

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To term one whisky as “Scotch Whisky”, it has to originate from Scotland for the country has internationally protected the term “Scotch”. Hence any Scotch Whisky cannot be produced in any other countries and can only come from Scotland itself. Scotch Corner, as the brand suggests, reflects this well. 

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The most expensive whisky at Scotch Corner. A shot cost about S$80 if I didn’t remember wrongly 

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From all the above photos, you can really see despite its small interior, Scotch Corner carries an extensive enough whisky range. 

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Whisky production can be tedious and extremely time-consuming, for the value of whiskies increases over time. The production involves malting > mashing > fermentation > distillation > maturation. To name an example, Barley is an ubiquitous ingredient to produce whisky. 

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There are many factors that differentiate the many bottles of whiskies. One of them includes the type of oak casks used, as well as the time period for maturation to take place. 

To exemplify, a whisky can come from the same place but can differ by a lot if different casks were used. 

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About Scotch Corner

“The Scotch Corner concept was created by Andrew Skene who has over 10 year’s experience in the Scotch Whisky industry in SE Asia (Spirit of Scotland, Malt Vault and The Single Cask brand) and David Costema who as well as being a professional musician and instrument repairer has over a decade of experience of running F&B outlets in the UK.”

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Mr David Costema, the professional musician and instrument repairer at Scotch Corner 

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For the tasting, we were given four unique whiskies originated from the different parts of Scotland. 

The tidbits were to be consumed after each whisky to clear off the strong taste. 

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Mr Andrew Skene, the founder of Scotch Corner, also an expert in Scotch Whisky 


First, I tried the Bladnoch.

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19 year old


Cask No. 2425 


46% concentration was definitely a strong intensity for a beginner like me. However, I find the taste not too harsh for me. The finish was short and fresh, though the whisky tasted really dry with a hint of grassiness. 

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Be sure to add some water to your whisky. Though part of the reason is to dilute the whisky (by a little), it is also to release the aroma of the whisky by swirling the glass very lightly. 

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Whisky bottles are often detailed with the relevant information behind the whisky in the bottle, such as the cask number and distillation date. 


The second whisky was Glen Scotia, which has a shocking 58.4% concentration. 

18 year old


Cask no. 7705 

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With such a stronger intensity, Glen Scotia definitely tasted much stronger and richer. The finish was long and rather complex for it smells like coal dust and dark chocolate but taste like dense wet grass. 


Third whisky was Glenburgie.

26 year old


Cask no. 9798


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Ladies would prefer this as the Glenburgie comes with a sweet taste of chocolate and ice-cream. The drinker would enjoy the lingering finish as it was long and full of flavour. 


The last whisky that night was Caol Ila

28 year old


Cask no. 3537 


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Ladies’ favourite aside,  Caol Ila is on the other hand men’s favourite. 

Why is this so? As  Caol Ila carried the strongest aroma of bonfire smoke and oysters, it taste almost like seaweed with hints of apple. What’s unique about this is that it leaves a smoky lingering leather finish. It’s no wonder that Caol Ila was the best selling whisky at Scotch Corner. 

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Not only does Scotch Corner carry wide selection of Single Malt and Single Cask whisky, it offers quite a few services as well. Hold your social and corporate gatherings here, or even a whisky tasting session led by an expert. 

For more of their services, Scotch Corner endeavours to offer a complete service for your Scotch Whisky experience. 

Advice in choosing the whisky to suit your palate. 

Relabeling services for special occasions or corporate gifts. 

Comprehensive notes on specific distilleries and bottlings. 

Expert-led tasting sessions, for basic education or pure enjoyment. 

Organisation of tailored whisky based events, for business or pleasure. 

After-sale customer care and advice . 

For more information on becoming a member you can contact : [email protected] 

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148 MacKenzie Road,

Singapore, 228724 Telephone: + 65 6337 6445

E-mail: [email protected]


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