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[Invited tasting by Openrice]

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Wing Seong Fatty’s Restaurant has a long history and is now passed down to the next generation. It also has a affinity with Qantas Airline because back then, Qantas pilots patronized their restaurant for the unique and authentic Cantonese Cuisine. You wouldn’t be surprised if you see more foreigners than locals here at the restaurant.  That night during the tasting, two Caucasians spotted me snapping photo of the door front and introduced themselves as Qantas pilots. I was quite delighted to be able to chat with them a little. 

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Qantas pilots who patronized this Cantonese Restaurants whenever they fly to Singapore

Enough of the story behind, Fatty Wing is now passed on to the son and business is still doing very well! Their Cantonese food really lived up the expectations.  

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I like how the restaurant retains the historical vibe with old unadorned furnitures. 

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Jumbo Spring Roll $3 per roll

First up we had an appetizer that was out of the menu. The spring roll differentiates itself from the commonly found ones through the ingredients stuffed in it. Sink your teeth into the crispy skin to find roast pork bits, chunky bean sprout and juicy radish in one such simple spring roll. I honestly think that the price is really reasonable. 

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Jumbo Spring Roll $3 per roll
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Fried Kway Teow with gravy $14 (large)

One of the mains served here is the seafood Horfun. It comes with either fish or assorted seafood. There is a consistent silky texture of the noodles and the horfun sauce, not forgetting the bountiful amount of fresh seafood and vegetables. The slight charred taste added an extra flavour to it.

The horfun was my favourite and I would recommend families to order this as a staple dish. 

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Fried Kway Teow with gravy $14 (large)
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Belachan Fried Rice $14 (large)

Another good competitor against the fried kway teow is none other than a plate of fragrant fried rice that comes with lots of ingredients chopped into tiny pieces. Just like how the name suggests, the belachan (fried shrimp paste) gives a strong alluring taste that stands out itself. I like how the fried rice isn’t too moist. 

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Belachan Fried Rice $14 (large)
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Homemade beancurd with mushroom gravy $22 (large)

By now I’m quite convinced that the sauce plays a huge role in each dishes. The next dish that – Homemade beancurd with mushroom gravy has its tofu drizzled with mushroom sauce that appeals to all the mushroom lovers. The tofu has a crispy outer layer wrapping its smooth and soft tofu, it was definitely easy to down a few pieces in no time.

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Black pepper beef $22 (large)

Savour a dish of Black pepper beef combining the goodness of onion slices and pepper spices. The beef are very well prepared and it doesn’t taste too tough like how beef would taste when they are cooked for too long. I’m sure beef lovers would love this. 

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Fried prawn with Oats $37 (large)
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Fried prawn with Oats $37 (large)

The Fried prawn with oats ($37) was the most expensive dish but was very much expected to be the most satisfying dish that night too. The big juicy prawns retained the moisture from its freshness, with a thin layer of fried batter wrapping around it. The oats are a delectable companion to the fried prawns. 

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Sweet and Sour Pork $22 (large)

Sweet and sour pork ($22) is a common dish on most dining tables. To make this an unforgettable dish, my personal view is that the meat has a very crucial role. Many times, sweet and sour pork can lose a lot of its moisture through the process of deep-frying. Thankfully, the dish that we tried that night was the total opposite. It’s juicy and chewy, but a little harder than chewy. Despite the challenge posed to my molar teeth, I still find myself grabbing more non stop. 

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Fried vegetables with minced meat $16 (large)

The greens are dipped in the sauce pool made up of dried fish head in grinded powder form and oyster sauce. Not sure about the rest but I find the vegetables a tad too salty. And probably because of that, it got me quite addicted to the crunchy vegetables. 

To me, Wing Seong reminds me of the family dinners I usually have with my family. The simple zhi char style is non-costly and heartwarming. If you’re near bugis area, why not drop by and give the authentic cantonese cuisine a try? 

Wing Seong Fatty’s restaurant 

01-31 Burlington Square

6338 1087

Mon to Sun: 1200 – 1430, 1700 – 2210


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