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Keeping up with the daily news and updates in Vietnam can seem like a daunting task. Surprisingly, Vietnam is an exciting country located in the eastern part of mainland Southeast Asia, known for its dynamic economic growth and rich culture.

Our article gives you an easy way to stay updated on everything happening from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City – politics, business, travel, entertainment and more! Ready to take a peek into the heart of Vietnam? Let’s go!

Key Takeaways

  • Real estate company Hà Đô experienced a decline in profits due to limited property revenue and had to let go of 1,384 workers.
  • The Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) saw an increase in net profit but also a rise in bad debt.
  • Vinamilk’s sustainable growth is supported by its overseas market expansion and plans for increased milk production.
  • The former Chairman of Khanh Hoa Province is recommended for prosecution in his fifth case, highlighting ongoing legal proceedings and issues related to freedom of expression and human rights in Vietnam.

Latest News in Vietnam

A new high-rise building stands tall amongst vacant plots in a bustling cityscape.

Real estate company Hà Đô experiences a decline in profits as a result of limited property revenue.

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Real estate company Hà Đô reports decline in profit due to lack of property revenue

An urban construction site with abandoned materials and a bustling atmosphere.

Hà Đô, a real estate company, has less profit. No money is coming in from property sales. They let go of 1,384 workers between January and March. The market for selling homes in Vietnam is slow.

This means less money and fewer building projects. Over 1,800 companies that sell or build homes stopped working in the first part of this year.

Airports Corporation of Vietnam sees increase in net profit but also rise in bad debt

A panoramic view of busy airport terminal with people of diverse appearances and various activities.

The Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) has some good and bad news. The good news is their net profit went up. This means they made more money than before. But the bad news is that their bad debts grew too.

Bad debts happen when other firms owe them money but can’t pay it back. These poor business conditions in Vietnam have lead to a big jump in this type of debt. ACV’s report showed its earnings fell which leads to less spending power for them.

Overseas market expansion helps Vinamilk’s sustainable growth

An international business meeting with diverse delegates discussing strategies in a bustling atmosphere.

Vinamilk is growing fast in Vietnam’s dairy sector. This growth comes from selling to other countries. The company will build two big plants in Vietnam to boost their milk production by 20%.

They plan to grow even more by buying other businesses outside of Vietnam. Vinamilk earned a total of USD 100 million from exports in just six months time. All this work abroad has led to steady and strong growth for the company.

Former Chairman of Khanh Hoa Province recommended for prosecution in 5th case

A person in handcuffs surrounded by legal documents in a courtroom with detailed facial features and different outfits.

In the latest news from Vietnam, the former Chairman of Khanh Hoa Province is facing a recommendation for prosecution in his fifth case. The charges against him include conducting propaganda against the state.

Currently, Nguyen Thuy Hanh is in detention and awaiting trial for these charges. According to the constitution of Vietnam, a court or prosecutor’s decision is required for an individual’s arrest, except in the case of a “flagrant offense.” This development highlights ongoing legal proceedings and brings attention to issues related to freedom of expression and human rights in Vietnam.

Business and Finance Updates

A vibrant city skyline at sunset, captured in a stunning aerial photograph, showcasing bustling streets and diverse individuals.ABBank’s profit drops, credit growth turns negative, and non-performing loans rise. Stay informed about the latest developments in Vietnam’s business and finance sector.

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ABBank’s profit drops, credit growth turns negative, and non-performing loans rise

A busy bank office with scattered papers and documents, showing a bustling and chaotic atmosphere.

ABBank, one of Vietnam’s leading banks, has experienced a decline in its profit. This drop is primarily due to poor business performance. In addition, the bank has also seen a negative credit growth and an increase in non-performing loans (NPLs).

These challenges are not unique to ABBank, as the banking industry overall is facing similar issues this year. The government has taken steps to address these concerns by requesting tax-break proposals and expediting value-added tax refunds to stimulate the economy.

To alleviate some of these difficulties, the State Bank of Vietnam has increased credit growth caps for certain banks based on their recent performance.

Investigation into Bông Sen Corp for late bond payment and lack of disclosure

An Asian woman is working at a desk surrounded by documents and a laptop, with a bustling cityscape as the background.

Bông Sen Corp, a property developer in Vietnam, is currently under investigation for not paying their bonds on time and failing to provide necessary information. This investigation comes as part of the ongoing efforts to address bond misconduct in Vietnam’s market.

The government has already warned that some property companies may struggle to repay their bonds, indicating potential financial challenges. Bông Sen Corp joins other developers like Van Thinh Phat and No Va Land who have also faced issues with bond payments.

Billionaire Trần Đình Long’s current wealth estimated at nearly 40 trillion VND

A billionaire named Trần Đình Long poses in a lavish office surrounded by stacks of money.

Billionaire Trần Đình Long, the richest person on the Vietnamese stock market, has an estimated current wealth of nearly 40 trillion VND. His fortune, along with his wife’s, is valued at $1.9 billion after accounting for pledged shares.

Holding almost 20 trillion VND in assets, Trần Đình Long’s wealth is six times higher than the average of the top 2-10 individuals in Vietnam. Tran Vu Minh, the son of Hoa Phat Chairman Tran Dinh Long, will also purchase over 40 million HPG shares worth nearly 1 trillion VND from his father.

Travel and Tourism News

A diverse group of travelers explore the ancient streets of Hội An, capturing the bustling atmosphere through stunning photography.

UNESCO has recently recognized Hội An and Đà Lạt as creative cities, adding to Vietnam’s growing list of must-visit destinations.

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UNESCO recognizes Hội An and Đà Lạt as creative cities

A photo of a traditional Vietnamese lantern hanging in the streets of Hội An, capturing a bustling atmosphere.

Hội An and Đà Lạt have been recognized by UNESCO as creative cities. They have joined the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, which now has 350 cities in over 100 countries. This recognition means that Hội An and Đà Lạt will implement the commitments of the network.

The UNESCO Creative Cities Network represents seven creative fields, including Crafts and Folk Art. This is a great achievement for Hội An and Đà Lạt, highlighting their cultural richness and creativity on an international level.

Ducati X-Diavel motorbikes recalled due to risk of accidents from side stand

Ducati has issued a recall for their X-Diavel motorbikes. The recall is due to a problem with the side stand, which could cause accidents. Certain models of the X-Diavel and X-Diavel S manufactured between 2018 and 2020 are affected.

The issue is with the retaining spring pin on the side stand, which may break and cause the motorcycle to fall. This isn’t the first time Ducati has recalled these bikes for side stand problems, as there was a similar recall in 2016.

Thankfully, there haven’t been any reported crashes or injuries related to this issue.

Technology and Science Updates

Scientists in a high-tech lab analyze data on electric car safety, creating a bustling and futuristic atmosphere.

Russia accuses Ukraine of poisoning multiple pilots, while a recent study reveals that electric cars are less likely to catch fire than gasoline vehicles.

Russia accuses Ukraine of poisoning multiple pilots

Russia has accused Ukraine of poisoning multiple pilots in a Russia-controlled area. According to Reuters, the alleged poisoning is described as “chemical terrorism” using the toxin botulinum.

However, Ukraine has dismissed the accusations and suggested that Russian forces may have been affected by eating expired canned food. It’s important to note that there were multiple pilots associated with these allegations.

Study shows electric cars are less likely to catch fire than gasoline vehicles

Electric cars are safer than gasoline vehicles when it comes to fire risks, according to a recent study. The research found that electric cars have a lower likelihood of catching fire compared to their gasoline counterparts.

This is an important finding as it addresses concerns about the safety of electric vehicles. With the growing popularity of electric cars and increasing awareness about their environmental benefits, this study provides reassurance for potential buyers considering making the switch from traditional gas-powered vehicles.

It also highlights another advantage of electric cars in terms of safety, adding to their appeal for consumers who prioritize security on the road.

Entertainment and Culture News

A red carpet event with photographers capturing celebrities in a bustling atmosphere.

A young girl was mauled by four dogs in a terrifying attack, highlighting the need for stricter pet ownership regulations.

Young girl mauled by four dogs in terrifying attack

A little girl, who is only four years old, was attacked by four dogs in a very scary incident. The attack caused the girl to suffer serious injuries. This happened during an Entertainment and Culture News event about Vietnam.

It is important news that we need to know about what’s happening in Vietnam every day.

Inside the lavish mansion of celebrity Đoàn Di Băng

Inside celebrity Đoàn Di Băng’s luxurious mansion, you will find a world of opulence and extravagance. As a well-known figure in Vietnam, Đoàn Di Băng has built a residence that symbolizes wealth and success.

The mansion is adorned with exquisite furnishingselegant decor, and state-of-the-art amenities. It reflects the glamorous lifestyle that Đoàn Di Băng leads. Stepping inside this lavish abode is like entering a dreamland of luxury, where every detail is meticulously designed to create an atmosphere of grandeur.

The sprawling estate offers breathtaking viewsspacious rooms filled with art pieces, and indulgent recreational areas for relaxation and entertainment. It truly showcases the pinnacle of success achieved by this celebrated personality.

Million-dollar palace gifted to daughter of wealthy businessman in Mekong Delta

wealthy businessman in the Mekong Delta has recently given his daughter a million-dollar palace as a gift. The lavish palace is located in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam and is associated with Entertainment and Culture News.

It’s a significant gesture from the businessman, showcasing his wealth and generosity towards his daughter. This news adds to the interesting stories about extravagant lifestyles and luxurious gifts in Vietnam.

International News

A diverse group of Yemeni refugees walking through a barren desert landscape.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels continue to play a significant role in the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels’ role in Middle East conflict

The Houthi rebels in Yemen play a significant role in the Middle East conflict. They are involved in a conflict with the Saudi-backed government of Yemen. The Houthi forces, along with other factions, have been accused of torturing detainees to death in secret prisons.

Iran has supported and armed the Houthis, providing them with missiles and drones. This support has fueled the ongoing civil war in Yemen that involves government forces, Houthi rebels, and other armed groups.

Recent developments, such as the exchange of fighters’ bodies, suggest negotiations or agreements may be taking place. The Houthi rebels are believed to be supported by Iran and champion the Zaidi Shia Muslim minority.

Fascinating discoveries discovered in the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang

Archaeologists have made some incredible discoveries in the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. They found a vast underground palace filled with over 8,000 life-sized terracotta warriors and horses.

Each statue is unique, with different facial expressions and hairstyles. The tomb also contains weapons, chariots, and even bronze cranes. It’s believed that these statues were meant to protect the emperor in the afterlife.

This discovery provides valuable insights into ancient Chinese culture and history.

Lifestyle and Fashion Updates

A stylish couple explores the castle grounds in trendy outfits, captured in a high-quality photo.

See stunning photos of a one-of-a-kind castle in Hòa Bình province, featuring unique architectural designs and captivating surroundings.

See stunning photos of a one-of-a-kind castle in Hòa Bình province

In Hòa Bình province, Vietnam, there is a unique and one-of-a-kind castle that you must see. The castle stands out with its mesmerizing architecture and design. It is unlike any other building in the area, making it a popular attraction for visitors.

Photos of this stunning castle showcase its beauty and grandeur. If you’re looking for something extraordinary to explore in Hòa Bình province, don’t miss the opportunity to see this remarkable castle up close.

Amazing transformation of Queen’s wedding dress on display

The Queen’s wedding dress is now on display, and it has undergone an amazing transformation. People are in awe of how the dress has changed over time. It showcases the incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into creating it.

The exhibition allows visitors to see firsthand the beauty and elegance of this iconic piece of fashion history. It is truly a sight to behold and provides a glimpse into the royal fashion legacy that Queen Elizabeth II has left behind during her reign.

Health and Wellness News

A diverse group of people practicing yoga outdoors in a peaceful park setting.

SagoGifts offers unique gift options for employees and business partners, perfect for promoting health and wellness.

Unique gift options from SagoGifts for employees and business partners

SagoGifts offers special gift options for employees and business partners in Vietnam. These gifts are not only beautiful but also have a meaningful message behind them. SagoGifts provides a convenient way for businesses to show appreciation and strengthen relationships with their employees and business partners through unique and thoughtful gifts.

Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to say thank you, SagoGifts has a variety of options that are sure to make your recipients feel valued and appreciated.

South Korean radio announcer shares weight loss journey and reveals 18kg weight loss

South Korean radio announcer has recently shared her journey of losing weight and revealed that she was able to shed a remarkable 18kg. Her story is relatable and inspiring for many people who are looking to improve their health and fitness.

The buzz surrounding her weight loss highlights the significance of prioritizing wellness in our lives. It serves as a reminder that achieving a healthier lifestyle is achievable with determination and effort.

The announcer’s achievement serves as an inspiration for others who may be on a similar journey, showing them that it is possible to make positive changes and reach their goals.


A vibrant street market in Vietnam showcasing a diverse range of people, styles, and activities.

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1. What is Vietnam Daily?

Vietnam Daily is a place where you can find the latest news and updates about Vietnam.

2. How can I stay up-to-date with Vietnam daily?

You can stay up-to-date with Vietnam daily by reading the most recent news and updates about the country.

3. Is all information in Vietnam Daily about Vietnamese issues only?

Yes, all content in Vietnam Daily focuses on sharing news and information related to different aspects of life in Vietnam.

4. Does Vietnam Daily cover positive as well as negative events happening in the nation?

Absolutely yes! The goal of ‘Vietnam Daily’ is to provide a balanced view, hence it covers both positive and negative happenings across the nation.

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