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There are thousands of mascaras out there, how do you know which one really suits your lashes and perform really well? I gave Cherie Ribbon Volume Mascara Review since it’s my first time trying out this brand, and here’s my verdict…


To obtain the voluminous lashses, try the Cherie Ribbon Volume Mascara ($25.90). It’s waterproof and smudgeproof, it makes it strong against sweat, tears and also sebum (oil). 

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But to my greatest surprise, it is EXTREMELY EASY TO REMOVE! 

Apparently it says it’s easily removable with warm water, but I used micellar water here and it worked great. I mean, which mascara can be so lenient on you when it comes to removing them? Hardly a few good ones. 

Please ignore the stain along the lash line!

I applied a few coats in order to get what was pictured above. I would say the volumizing effect has to be improved, although it does help to lengthen my very short lashes by a lot. Although to be fair, my lashes does look fuller after application. 

Think about how easy this mascara can be removed, I would say it’s a decent buy! It glides on very easily onto the lashes thanks to its bristles head. In fact, this mascara can be good to your lashes! It contains organic extracts and beauty essence for added moisture. 

Find Cherie Ribbon Volume Mascara at @ Sasa Singapore and bhg bugis!

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