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Do you have hair loss or hair whitening problems? 

Or for young adults like me, how about balding at certain parts of your head?

Hair growth is not only affected by our age, but also affected by factors like menopause or pregnancy. Sometimes, it could also be our daily habits like tying up a high ponytail very tightly, causing the hairline to recede.  

Fortunately, there’s always a remedy. Introducing, Vita Hair Capsules from Vita Green!

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Vita Hair is a herbal formula that aims to reduce hair loss and hair greying. Reason being, its herbal formula contains Traditional Chinese Medicine which corrects the deficiencies in the blood by using a blend of potent herbs formulated according to the principles of TCM.

This improves the nutritional supply to the hair follicles, regulates hormones and strengthens the kidneys. It also stimulates cells that produce pigmentation. 


A bottle of Vita Hair contains 90 capsules. 

Each capsule contains: Fleece Flower, Lingzhi (Reishi), Mohanlian, Roucongrong, Nuzhenzi, Guijia or Guiban, Chinese Angelica or Dong Quai, Tusizi, Niuxi. 


How to consume: 

Take orally and 3 capsules daily. 


For me, I admit when I was young, I tied my hair up very high and very tightly too. I don’t have the habit to change my fringe parting so it kind of develop a slight balding patch above my fringe. 

Unfortunately, many ladies face the same problems as me. You probably do, too. 

But fortunately, Vita Hair is not only for elderly, but also suitable for us! 


Vita Hair New Formula uses Premium Vegetable Caps and is manufactured at a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Pharmaceutical plant certified by the Department of Health of HKSAR. It contains 100% natural ingredients and is suitable for males and females. 

Personally, I always trust natural herbal much much more than chemically produced items. TCM especially, uses natural herbs to treat issues. Besides, Vita Hair was sold out 2 months upon its launch in Hong Kong. Based on the popularity, I am very persuaded to give it a try!

A bottle may be costly but it would be so much wiser to spend the money on this rather than those commercial shampoos. A bottle has 90 capsules and thus able to last you for a month! 

Find more information on hairlossand+hairwhitening

I’ll be giving Vita Hair a try and hopefully it will mitigate the balding patch above my forehead! 


Celine Chiam

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