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2013 01 08+19.17.07 Headed over to Billy Bomber’s at Cathay right after school for dinner with the same group of friends who celebrated my birthday with me here

Billy bombers adopts the 1950s American Styled Cuisine which mainly serves burgers, hotdogs and pizzas. They do have spaghetti and roasted chicken as well. 

There were eight of us and because there was no 8 vacant seats together, we chose to wait for roughly 15mins outside the restaurant. Some of them were late too, so it doesn’t matter. But if you are coming in a group, better make a reservation! 

I really want to start off this review by ranting how bad the food is. Most of the food ordered were really awful but I guess let’s be fair, a pathetic few of the dishes are all right. 

2013 01 08+19.41.08

The menu.  Their price actually has a huge range. It really depends on what you ordered. Some food are not worth the price, you’ll know why later. 

First was my friend’s nacho. Not sure how much is this. It tasted pretty normal only. 2013 01 08+19.56.31

Here’s my friend’s dish.

2013 01 08+20.02.37American Hound Dog with beef chili sauce


Can’t remember the exact name of this, but it goes around that line. This is actually the best dish among what we’ve ordered, surprisingly! And it’s cheap as well! Okay you probably don’t think an hotdog bun  should cost such an amount, but it’s really the best among the others and the price is apparently one of the lowest in their menu already. 

2013 01 08+20.02.50

Betty’s Roast Chicken 


Looks pretty decent as well, comes with mash potato as a side dish and some vegetable garnishing. This half chicken looks juicy as well, I thought this is quite a decent dish for $14.90. 

The worst part is here. 

I don’t know is it my unluckiness or am I just not good at ordering, I ordered this: 

2013 01 08+20.04.24

Texas Crispy Chicken 


The most expensive dish compared to the two mentioned above, yet the most atrocious dish.

Tell me what is the difference between this and KFC. 

I was really in shock to see my food and the others. I mean, this doesn’t justify its price, not at all. The salad that comes with it was badly prepared. The three pieces of chicken are so pathetically tiny, smaller than that of KFC’s actually. And come on, compared to Betty’s Roast Chicken, I am paying more for 3 fried chicken. What the? 

The meat itself was indeed juicy, but the amount of meat presented in this dish is way too little. In other words, I am paying too much for this dish. 

No other sauce except mustard sauce, which was not appetizing at all. 

The ambience: 

To be fair, the place is quiet and relaxing, a good place for people to come and have some catch ups with friends. But definitely not a good dining place for lunch/dinner. I heard that their smoothies and milkshakes are good ($6.90), perhaps can give it a try next time. 

Experience & price:

Overall, I totally didn’t enjoy myself at Billy’s and I probably will not go back again. Some of the food are way too overpriced. The waitresses seem to be polite and her service was acceptable. 

My friends gave me another surprise day and passed me my birthday present! It’s a crumplier camera pouch because they know I have a hugeass camera haha. 

Tell me about your billy bombers experience!

After the dinner, wanted the boys to help us take a photo and look what they did. 

Click on the function of “self-shot”.

2013 01 08+20.56.09

The actual photo requested. 

2013 01 08+20.57.13

Hope you liked my review! 

Billy Bombers

( Tel: +65 6735 5381

Address: The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, #01-11,12

Nearest MRT station: Dhoby Ghaut MRT station

Opening hours: 

Sun to Thurs 11am – 11 pm

Fri, Sat, Ev and PH 11am-12pm

Hui Yan- 

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