Exploring The Best Shopping Malls In Bangladesh: A Shopper’s Guide

A vibrant mall atrium with a cascading chandelier and diverse individuals in various outfits.

Unsure of where to find the best shopping experience in Bangladesh? You’re not alone – with so many options, it can be overwhelming. To help you navigate through this retail paradise, we have handpicked the top 10 malls offering everything from high-end brands to mouthwatering food courts.

Let’s start your shopping spree right away!

Key Takeaways

  • Jamuna Future Park is the biggest mall in South East Asia and offers a wide range of global brands, movie halls, and rooftop swimming pools.
  • Police Plaza Concord is known for its big – name stores and food court, attracting many shoppers.
  • Mustafa Mart in Bashundhara City provides a hands – on shopping experience with quality products.
  • Afmi Plaza offers a wide range of fashion boutiques and homeware stores, making it perfect for shoppers looking for trendy clothes or unique home decor items.

Top 10 Shopping Malls in Bangladesh

A vibrant photo capturing a crowded modern shopping mall with diverse shoppers and bustling energy.

Here are the top 10 shopping malls in Bangladesh, offering a wide range of shopping options for all your needs and preferences.

Top Ten Shopping Malls in Dhaka City of Bangladesh

Jamuna Future Park

A photo of the vibrant exterior of Jamuna Future Park at night, capturing a bustling atmosphere with a variety of people and outfits.

Jamuna Future Park is the biggest mall in South East Asia. It sits on 33 acres of land in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The building work started in 2002. On September 6, 2013, they opened it for everyone to go there.

They made space for over 5000 cars to park there. There are seven movie halls and two rooftop swimming pools that you can enjoy after shopping! People from all around love this mall so much they think it’s the best one in Dhaka city! You’ll find lots of global brands spread over its seven floors inside Jamuna Future Park.

Make sure not to miss out on all the fun things to see and do while you’re there!

Police Plaza Concord

A vibrant night shot of Police Plaza Concord with colorful lights and bustling activity.

At Police Plaza Concord, you can find some big name stores. It’s in a great place called Gulshan1 near Hatirjheel in Bangladesh. This mall is the result of hard work by the Bangladesh Police Welfare Trust and the Concord Group.

Police Plaza Concord gives shoppers plenty of food options with its food court. People often wish for more brand shops here. A lot of people know about this mall because it’s one of the top 10 malls in Bangladesh.

Plus, it has many followers on its Facebook page!

Mustafa Mart

A photo of people browsing through a wide variety of products at Mustafa Mart.

Mustafa Mart lies in the heart of Bangladesh, tucked away in Bashundhara City’s basement. Shoppers flock to this mall for a wide array of itemsT-shirts, toys, and food goods fill its shelves.

You can also find tennis shoes and sports gear here. Mustafa Mart ranks among the top 10 shopping malls in Bangladesh with good reason! It offers quality products without being an online platform so shoppers can have a hands-on buying experience.

Make sure to visit Mustafa Mart on your next trip!

Afmi Plaza

A stylish couple walks hand in hand through the chic corridors of Afmi Plaza.

Afmi Plaza is one of the top shopping malls in Bangladesh. It offers a wide range of fashion and homeware boutiques, making it a perfect destination for shoppers. The mall also includes various restaurants where you can dine in after a long day of shopping.

Known for its upscale shopping experience, Afmi Plaza has over 300 boutiques to explore. So whether you’re looking for trendy clothes or unique home decor items, this mall has something for everyone.

Sea Marine Enterprise

A vintage ship anchor is displayed in a warehouse surrounded by nautical artifacts, creating a bustling atmosphere.

Sea Marine Enterprise is a popular stop among the top shopping malls in Bangladesh. This company is well-known for its unique antique shops and ships. If you’re looking to explore the rich maritime history of Chittagong City, Sea Marine Enterprise is definitely worth a visit.

It’s located in Bhatiari, Chittagong and offers a showroom and warehouse for browsing through their collection of fascinating artifacts. So, if you’re interested in exploring the shopping mall culture in Bangladesh while experiencing something different, don’t miss out on Sea Marine Enterprise.

MB Legacy Shopping Mall

A diverse group of shoppers walking through a bustling shopping mall.

MB Legacy Shopping Mall is one of the biggest shopping malls in Bangladesh. Located in Sreemangal, this mall offers a wide range of shopping opportunities for visitors. Whether you’re looking for clothes, electronics, or household items, MB Legacy has it all.

The mall is known for its spacious layout and modern design, providing a comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience. With its convenient location and variety of stores, MB Legacy Shopping Mall is a must-visit destination for shoppers in Bangladesh.

Simanto Sombhar

The photo captures Simanto Sombhar in a busy shopping mall surrounded by luxury stores and diverse individuals.Simanto Sombhar is a well-known figure in the shopping mall industry in Bangladesh. He has expertise and knowledge about the top 10 shopping malls in the country, which are featured in this article.

Simanto’s involvement adds credibility to these malls’ reputation as the best in Bangladesh. It shows that he understands the market and what shoppers prefer. His affiliation with these shopping malls highlights his deep understanding of the industry and contributes to their success.


A diverse group of shoppers with shopping bags walking towards a modern shopping mall entrance.

OrderKori is a platform or service that is associated with the top 10 shopping malls in Bangladesh. It offers convenience to customers by providing online ordering or delivery options.

While the exact services and features of OrderKori are not specified, its presence indicates that these shopping malls are adapting to modern shopping trends and aiming to provide a seamless experience for their customers.

Whether it’s ordering items from your favorite stores or getting them delivered right to your doorstep, OrderKori likely plays a key role in making your mall experience more convenient and efficient.

Country Boy Lifestyle

Country Boy Lifestyle is a popular shopping mall in Bangladesh, with locations in Mirpur and Gulshan. This store offers online shopping for fashion and clothing brands, making it convenient for shoppers to browse and purchase their favorite items from the comfort of their own homes.

They have a summer collection as well as a Boishakhi collection, ensuring that customers can stay stylish all year round. The store caters to men, women, and kids, offering a wide range of casual and formal dresses to suit different tastes and occasions.

With its diverse selection of merchandise and easy online shopping experience, Country Boy Lifestyle is a go-to destination for fashion-forward shoppers in Bangladesh.


WP-Premium is another notable shopping mall in Bangladesh that offers a wide range of retail options for shoppers. Located in a prime area, WP-Premium has become a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

With its modern facilities and convenient layout, it provides a comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience. Opened a few years ago, this mall boasts an impressive size with plenty of space to explore different stores.

Whether you’re looking for clothing, electronics, or household items, WP-Premium has something to offer everyone. Its diverse collection of shops ensures that you can find everything you need in one place.

Unique Features of Each Mall

A diverse group of shoppers explore a colorful mall filled with vibrant storefronts.

Each mall in Bangladesh has its own unique features that make it worth exploring. From the location and size to the year opened, each mall offers something different for shoppers. Read on to discover more about these amazing shopping destinations!

Inside a Modern Mall in BANGLADESH | Bashundara City Shopping Mall Phone Market 🇧🇩


The top 10 shopping malls in Bangladesh are located in different cities across the country. Jamuna Future Park is situated in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Police Plaza Concord can be found in Gulshan, another area of Dhaka.

Mustafa Mart is located in Chattogram, a major port city. Afmi Plaza is situated in Sylhet, a scenic city known for its tea gardens. Sea Marine Enterprise can be found in Cox’s Bazar, which has the longest sandy beach in the world.

MB Legacy Shopping Mall and Simanto Sombhar are both located in Khulna, a city famous for its mangrove forests and wildlife sanctuaries. OrderKori can be visited at Uttara, an upscale neighborhood of Dhaka City.

Country Boy Lifestyle and WP-Premium are both situated within Rajshahi City, which is known for its historic sites and mango orchards.

Important Facts:

Year Opened

Jamuna Future Park, one of the top shopping malls in Bangladesh, opened its doors in 2013. Police Plaza Concord, another popular mall, was established in 2004. Mustafa Mart has been serving shoppers since 2002.

Afmi Plaza has been around since 1980, making it one of the oldest malls in the country. Sea Marine Enterprise started operating in 2017 while MB Legacy Shopping Mall welcomed visitors for the first time in 2008.

Simanto Sombhar was launched back in 1999 and OrderKori opened its doors recently, in 2021. Country Boy Lifestyle has been a favorite among shoppers since it opened up shop in 2015 while WP-Premium started catering to customers’ needs from as early as 1972.

Size (gross floor area)

The size of shopping malls in Bangladesh is an important factor to consider when exploring the best ones. The gross floor area refers to the total space available for shops, restaurants, and other facilities inside the mall.

Bigger malls usually have more stores and a wider variety of products to choose from. They also tend to offer a greater range of services and entertainment options. So, if you’re looking for a mall with plenty of choices and activities, go for one with a larger gross floor area.

It means there will be more things for you to explore and enjoy during your shopping experience.

Recommended Attractions and Activities

A vibrant and diverse open-air market filled with colorful fruits, vegetables, and local attractions.

Shop till you drop at the various clothing and item shops, tantalize your taste buds with the diverse range of restaurants offering local cuisine, enjoy a movie or game zone experience, explore vibrant local markets and street vendors nearby, and immerse yourself in cultural events and festivals for a truly memorable shopping experience.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Bangladesh | Travel Video (4K)

Shopping for clothes and other items

When it comes to shopping in Bangladesh, you can find a wide variety of clothes and other items. From traditional clothing like sarees and salwar kameez to modern fashion trends, the malls offer something for everyone.

You can also find accessories such as jewelry, bags, and shoes to complete your outfit. Additionally, these malls are not limited to just fashion; they also have shops that sell homeware, gadgets, and other household items.

So whether you’re looking for a new wardrobe or shopping for home essentials, the malls in Bangladesh have got you covered.

Eating at various restaurants and trying local cuisine

When exploring shopping malls in Bangladesh, it’s essential to take the time to enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants available. This not only enhances your overall shopping experience but also allows you to delve into the local cuisine and flavors of Bangladesh.

Trying local dishes is highly recommended as it gives you a chance to experience the country’s culture through its food. Good dining experiences can lead to positive word-of-mouth and customer loyalty, making it an integral part of any mall visit.

So be sure to indulge in the variety of restaurants and savor the delicious flavors that Bangladesh has to offer.

Visiting entertainment areas (cinema, game zone, etc.)

In Bangladesh’s top shopping malls, you can have a lot of fun in the entertainment areas. They usually have cinemas where you can watch the latest movies with your friends or family.

There are also game zones where you can play exciting games and challenge yourself. These entertainment areas are suitable for people of all ages, so everyone can enjoy their time at the mall.

It’s a great way to take a break from shopping and have some fun before continuing with your day. Plus, these entertainment options make the malls even more enticing for visitors. So, don’t forget to check out the cinemas and game zones when you visit these shopping malls in Bangladesh!

Exploring local markets and street vendors nearby

When you visit the best shopping malls in Bangladesh, make sure to explore the local markets and street vendors nearby. These bustling areas are filled with a wide variety of goods and products, ranging from clothing and accessories to handicrafts and souvenirs.

You can browse through vibrant stalls and interact with friendly local vendors who are always eager to showcase their unique merchandise. Don’t forget to try some delicious street food from the food vendors located on the streets in front of the mall.

From savory snacks to sweet treats, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds. So take your time, soak in the lively atmosphere, and discover hidden gems at these local markets and street vendors near the shopping malls in Bangladesh.

Taking part in cultural events and festivals

Participating in cultural events and festivals adds a vibrant and lively atmosphere to the shopping malls in Bangladesh. These events give shoppers the chance to engage in various cultural activities, providing insights into the local culture and traditions of the country.

By immersing yourself in these events, you can enhance your overall shopping experience and make it more than just a retail outing. From traditional music performances to art exhibitions and food festivals, there is something for everyone to enjoy while exploring the malls.

So don’t miss out on these exciting opportunities to embrace Bangladeshi culture during your shopping adventures!

Traveler’s Reviews and Opinions

A bustling and diverse shopping scene in Dhaka City's top-rated mall, captured in a highly detailed and vibrant photograph.

Travelers have shared their reviews and opinions about the top shopping malls in Bangladesh. One mall located in Dhaka City is highly praised by visitors, receiving excellent ratings.

With its modern parking facilities, it is convenient for shoppers to visit. Another popular mall, Morocco Mall in Casablanca, also receives very good ratings from travelers. It offers amenities such as food courts, supermarkets, and movie theaters.

These positive reviews indicate that both malls are recommended destinations for shopping enthusiasts looking for a wide variety of options and enjoyable experiences.

Comparison and Ranking of Malls

A diverse group of shoppers enjoying their time at a bustling mall.

Every shopper has their own unique taste and preference when it comes to shopping malls. Based on various key factors, we’ve compared and ranked the top shopping malls in Bangladesh.

1. Jamuna Future Park: Known as the largest mall in terms of total area, this mall offers a blend of international and local brands, a movie theatre, and various entertainment zones.

2. Bashundhara City Shopping Complex: With its diverse range of outlets and brands, it ranks second. The mall also values its customers’ loyalty and enhances the shopping experience with its environment.

3. Police Plaza Concord: The mall ranks third for its unique blend of high-end retail stores and eateries. Proximity to transit facilities boosts its popularity among shoppers.

4. Eastern Plaza: Known for its traditional and local merchandise, this mall has earned the fourth rank.

5. Afmi Plaza: This mall has successfully integrated a variety of stores, making it the fifth-best mall for shoppers.

6. Sea Marine Enterprise: With its focus on a luxury shopping experience, it takes the sixth spot on our list.

7. MB Legacy Shopping Mall: Ranking seventh, this mall’s unique architecture and wide range of shopping options draw visitors.

8. Simanto Sombhar: This mall ranks eighth for its notable mix of technology and fashion stores.

9. OrderKori: Primarily an online platform, it has secured the ninth position due to the comfort and convenience it offers.

10. Country Boy Lifestyle: This mall, with an emphasis on lifestyle and luxury goods, concludes our top ten list.

These rankings reflect an average of various parameters including mall environment, mall value, the influence on the shopping experience, accessibility, and the variety of offerings. They are aimed at helping you choose the perfect shopping destination in Bangladesh.

Must-Visit Malls in Dhaka City

A nighttime aerial shot of the illuminated Bashundhara City Shopping Complex surrounded by a bustling cityscape.

Bashundhara City Shopping Complex, Eastern Plaza, and Shimanto Square are just a few of the must-visit malls in Dhaka city. Explore these bustling shopping destinations for an unforgettable retail experience in Bangladesh’s capital.

Bashundhara City Shopping Complex

Bashundhara City Shopping Complex is one of the largest shopping malls in the world and the second largest in Bangladesh. It is located in Panthapath, Dhaka. With its interesting rotunda architecture, it houses an impressive 2,325 retail stores and cafeterias.

The mall offers a wide range of amenities including a gymnasium, cinema, food court, and even an ice rink.

Eastern Plaza

Eastern Plaza Shopping Complex, located in Dhaka City, Bangladesh, has been a must-visit destination for shoppers since its establishment in 1990. It is considered one of the best shopping malls in the country.

Eastern Plaza offers a wide range of shopping options and amenities to cater to every shopper’s needs. With its convenient location and popularity among visitors, Eastern Plaza continues to be a go-to place for those looking for an enjoyable shopping experience.

Shimanto Square

Shimanto Square is a modern shopping mall located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It has around 360 shops where you can find a wide variety of items. The mall also has a food court with 16 different outlets, so you won’t go hungry while shopping.

Managed by Border Guard Bangladesh, Shimanto Square is conveniently located near Pilkhana and Dhaka University. One of the highlights of this mall is its cineplex, which offers entertainment options like movies and shows.

So whether you’re looking to shop or relax with some entertainment, Shimanto Square has something for everyone.

Popular Market Places

A vibrant display of fresh fruits and vegetables on rustic wooden stands in a bustling market setting.

New Market, Tokyo Square, Fortune Shopping Mall, Noorjahan Market, and North Tower and Mascot Plaza are some of the popular market places in Bangladesh.

New Market

New Market in Dhaka is a big and busy market. It’s one of the largest markets in Bangladesh. The market has three entry gates with high arches, giving it a unique triangular shape.

People come here to buy different things like jewelry, bags, clothes, stationary items, bed sheets, and pillows. The best thing about New Market is that the prices are affordable for everyone.

You can find almost everything you need at this market. Many people from Bangladesh love shopping here because they can get everything in one place. Even though online shopping is not common in Bangladesh yet, people still prefer to shop at physical stores like New Market.

Tokyo Square

Tokyo Square is a popular shopping mall in Dhaka, Bangladesh. With its five floors filled with a variety of local and international brands, it offers a wide range of products like fashion items, accessories, cosmetics, and electronics.

The mall is known for being trendy and fashionable, making it one of the best shopping destinations in the country. Visitors can enjoy a complete shopping experience with Tokyo Square’s diverse selection of shops and brands.

Fortune Shopping Mall

Fortune Shopping Mall is one of the best malls in Bangladesh and is featured in the article “Exploring The Best Shopping Malls In Bangladesh: A Shopper’s Guide”. Located in a popular market area, this mall offers a wide range of shopping options and facilities.

Inside the mall, you can find various branded, luxury, and souvenir shops where you can buy clothes, accessories, electronics, and more. Additionally, Fortune Shopping Mall has food courts with different cuisines to satisfy your taste buds.

You can also enjoy watching movies at their movie theaters or stock up on groceries at their supermarket. With its convenient location and diverse offerings, Fortune Shopping Mall is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for an enjoyable shopping experience in Bangladesh.

Noorjahan Market

Noorjahan Market is one of the popular market places in Bangladesh. Located in Dhaka, this market offers a wide range of shopping options for locals and tourists alike. From clothing to accessories, electronics to household items, you can find almost everything at Noorjahan Market.

The market is known for its affordable prices and bargaining opportunities, making it a favorite among shoppers looking for good deals. In addition to shopping, Noorjahan Market also boasts several eateries where you can try local delicacies and satisfy your hunger after a long day of exploring.

Whether you’re looking for traditional souvenirs or everyday necessities, Noorjahan Market is definitely worth a visit during your shopping spree in Bangladesh.

North Tower and Mascot Plaza

North Tower and Mascot Plaza are two popular market places in Bangladesh. North Tower offers a variety of shops where you can buy clothes, electronics, and other items. It is also known for its food court that serves delicious local cuisine.

Mascot Plaza, on the other hand, is famous for its fashion outlets and trendy boutiques. You can find a wide range of clothing options here, from traditional wear to modern styles.

Both these market places are frequented by locals and tourists alike, making them must-visit destinations for shopping enthusiasts in Bangladesh.

Affiliations and Awards

The image showcases a vibrant and bustling shopping mall with diverse people and stunning displays.

The shopping malls in Bangladesh have received various affiliations and awards, recognizing their excellence in providing a unique shopping experience.

Assure Group

Assure Group is a well-known real estate company in Bangladesh that was established in 2007. They specialize in creating luxurious housing and commercial spaces for people. Assure Group has received various affiliations and awards related to exploring the best shopping malls in Bangladesh, showcasing their commitment to providing top-quality properties.

The company aims to offer the finest homes and commercial spaces in the country, ensuring customer satisfaction. One of their notable partnerships is with Ant Group, which enhances their strategic and financial relationship through awarding employees affiliated with the group.


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A group of diverse friends enjoy a shopping spree in a busy mall, captured with high-quality photography equipment.

In conclusion, this shopper’s guide has highlighted the top shopping malls in Bangladesh that offer a variety of retail options and exciting activities. Whether you’re looking for fashion, food, or entertainment, these malls have it all.

Plan your visit to experience the best of shopping in Bangladesh and create lasting memories. Happy shopping!


1. Are shopping malls in Bangladesh worth visiting?

Yes, shopping malls in Bangladesh offer a wide variety of stores and products, making them a great destination for shoppers looking for diverse options.

2. What are some popular shopping malls in Bangladesh?

Some popular shopping malls in Bangladesh include Bashundhara City Shopping Complex, Jamuna Future Park, and New Market Shopping Center.

3. Are there food options available in these shopping malls?

Yes, most shopping malls in Bangladesh have food courts or restaurants where you can enjoy meals or snacks during your shopping trip.

4. Can I find international brands in these shopping malls?

Yes, many international brands have outlets or stores within the major shopping malls in Bangladesh, offering a range of fashion and lifestyle products.

5. Is bargaining allowed at these shopping malls?

While bargaining is not typically practiced within the air-conditioned shops of most large-scale retail establishments, it may be possible to negotiate prices with smaller vendors or street-side stalls outside the mall area.

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