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It has been really hot these days, even so when I was in Bangkok last week when the temperature was like….36 Degree Celsius!? That’s insane man, and you cannot believe how much I perspire even when I’m commuting on an open-air Tuk Tuk. So thankfully, I have these two summer must-haves from Ettusais Singapore and can you guess what it is? ūüôā

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This summer, prepare yourself with both protection and a makeup must-have. 

To protect, we have the Ettusais herbal UV jelly of SPF50+ and PA+++, which helps guard against both UVB and UVA rays. To give that finishing touch, go for Ettusais Heart Face Colour, acting just like a translucent powder. 

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Unlike most sunscreens, the Ettusais herbal UV jelly of SPF50+ and PA+++ is perfectly non-sticky and is suitable for sensitive skin, as well as children. Formulated with hot spring water from Mount Cassaro in Italy, be sure to feel hydrated even under the damn hot sun! 

The Ettusais herbal UV jelly even comes with 6 great benefits: 

-High SPF protection, SPF50+ and PA+++

– Sheer ultraguard film with Chamomile and Rosemary Extract

– Hydrating ingredients like hot spring water, hyaluronic acid, fermented royal jelly and glycerin

– Nourishes dry skin and balances oily comlpexions

РGives cooling sensation and refresh with grapefruit scent 

– Waterproof formula but easy to cleanse

And guess what? The UV Jelly can also be used on the body and hair! 


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Not only does Ettusais Heart Face Colour comes in a lovely design of heart shapes to instantly boost your mood in the scorching hot weather, it also comes with three essential shades for different uses Рto highlight, to give the base colour and to give the rosy complexion colour. It also gives a light shimmery effect to give you the rosy glow, which I really adore! 

To top it off, this multi-purpose translucent powder is also capable of concealing with the pore-concealing marshmallow powder. Although it does has long-lasting matte powder to keep my face matte, I still find the need to touch up a few times throughout the day. Finally, both the color-fit pearl and beauty-skin pearls are great to give me a soft subtle glow.

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The cushion, a high quality puff, is capable of picking the right amount of powder and can even reach difficult areas like the side of your nose. 

I’ve been carrying the¬†Ettusais Heart Face Colour around all this while because it’s a very small compact size so it doesn’t take up much space at all. It also comes with a mirror, and we all know mirror is a great bonus because not all translucent powder has this. Basically, I like how the¬†Heart Face Colour is able to mattify my face after I put on my tinted sunscreen. I try to avoid any foundation as much as possible.¬†

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See how matte it gives!
Loving the mirror that comes with it!

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The sun is getting merciless these days, so make sure you get protected with Ettusais Herbal UV Jelly and complete your look with Ettusais Heart Face Color! Both will be available at Ettusais Counter from 15 May onwards. 

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