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If you have been following my blog or instagram, you probably would have known that I have officially started work! It’s been almost a month now and I’m still trying to settle down and get used to the new changes in my daily life. Many face the #firstworldproblems like what to wear as an Office Lady, so I thought I might as well share some of my go-to outfits from Zalora Warehouse Singapore!


For a casual dress down Friday, I will go for something like this striped shirt dress. Pair with a belt and you are pretty much good to go! The downward stripes would also give an illusion of taller height if you are not so tall, like me 😛


Many of us also made the mistake that office wear has to be all formal and mundane. That doesn’t have to be the case. A dress with simple details like the one above tells how much effort a lady puts into her overall look. I’m a sucker for laces, so I am definitely adoring this lace dress that also covers my shoulder to strike a good balance between formal and stylish. 


Have a meeting on that day? Perhaps a work dress like this would be formal enough. Not formal enough? Throw in a blazer or cardigan would do the job. A work dress like this with the female-version collar and functional pockets are definitely a must have in my wardrobe!


Finally, let’s not forget that are some places where you can dress less formally, and this has got to be one of my favourite from Zalora Warehouse Singapore! Hot pink is great if you’re feeling happy and cheerful that day. I specifically love how the material of this dress falls perfectly on the model.

Shop away on Zalora Warehouse Singapore today!

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