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A liquid foundation that gives a translucent powdery finishing? Give that to me, NOW!

ZA’s NEW Perfect Fit Foundation has the power to give you a natural pinkish glow with a luminous water veil effect, being one of those foundations that caters well to Asian’s yellowish skin. Here I’m wearing the Perfect Fit Foundation and I am truly surprised to find out how this liquid foundation doesn’t look shiny or greasy at all! 

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The natural finish is all thanks to ZA Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation’s 100% oil-free ‘Luminous Water Veil’. Its water base foundation make spreading easy even with the use of my fingers. Most importantly, it leaves a non-sticky and non-greasy shine so you can actually skip the powder step! 

Check out how the foundation covers my skin with a natural finishing and pinkish rosy glow:


The Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation has two very important formula that makes it special and unique. 

1. The Micro-Pink Pearl Formula gives your skin a white complexion with a rosy glow, making sure you glow from within, and oh so naturally 😉

2. The glow of contrasting colours from the Aurora-Pearl Formula helps to cover pores and uneven skin tones. 

Anyway, I thought you might find this helpful for a better understanding of ZA Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation:


Why not see it yourself?

From 1 to 4, I broke down the steps of applying the foundation from 1)a completely bare face, to 2)a half face for comparison, then 3)one with foundation well blended onto my face and finally 4)with brows drawn using ZA Brow Liner.  ZA%2BPerfect%2Bfit%2Bliquid%2BFoundation

As you can compare between photo 1 and 3, the perfect fit foundation can cover pretty much of my dark circles and most significantly, give me that natural pinkish glow! Remember, I am using ZA Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation in OC 10 shade. 

 I really like how lightweight and translucent the liquid foundation is. It doesn’t give me a overly pale look (must be the right shade that I chose to), and it can more or less can cover the redness and uneven skin tone on my face. The pinkish glow is also what I look for because more bb creams and foundations that I have always give me a really pale look if without blusher. So ZA perfect fit liquid foundation saves my day!

ZA Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation is retailing only at S$18.50 at Watsons. 

Thanks for reading! ❤ Love,


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