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The only occasion that consolidates all the yummy cuisine and delicacies together is a food fair. It saves you so much hassle to locate food from everywhere and eventually heading down to the different pockets of food places in Singapore. 

 Now wait no longer because the SPH has organized World Food Fair 2013 (previously known as International Food Festival) at the Singapore EXPO, from 5th September to 8th September, 11am-10pm. There were delicious and popular food aplenty. IMG 9613IMG 9605

 I was cordially invited by my friend and SPH to visit the food fair. This is my first time to a food fair and as expected, there was an extensive selection of food cuisine and also miscellaneous products sold here. Let me have the pleasure to bring you through some of the cuisine found here. 

To start off, make sure you try out the Taiwan Beer (台湾啤酒)specially imported by FamilynFriends. They are located near the entrance.
sgworldfoodfair2013 21
sgworldfoodfair2013 22 You might not know this but the Taiwan Beer is actually categorized into two groups – Sweet Touch and normal Taiwan Beer. The Sweet Touch Taiwan Beer are slightly sweeter and thus appeals more  toward the ladies and foreigners. The Taiwanese themselves prefer the original Taiwan Beer.

sgworldfoodfair2013 19

sgworldfoodfair2013 20
New flavours from Taiwan beer – Middle: Grape, Right: Orange 

sgworldfoodfair2013 34 sgworldfoodfair2013 35
 You won’t be surprised to see Fortune (财神) seafood brand at the food fair promoting their well-known canned seafood, which reminds me of Chinese New Year. But you will be surprised to see them selling cooked Baby Abalones at S$5 a piece only. This is to encourage consumers to try out their baby abalones. The luscious baby abalones are not only succulent and springy, but they are so mouth-watering delicious that it has changed my old perception that canned abalones are hard and difficult to chew.

sgworldfoodfair2013 32

In fact, Fortune will be doing up a promotion that gives you the rebate of $5 if you decide to buy the Canned Baby Abalone after trying it out on the spot. 

Being very confident about the quality of their product, Fortune would like to leverage on the increasing trend of consuming baby abalone and make use of this opportunity to promote their canned baby abalone to the consumers.

sgworldfoodfair2013 37
Fortune’s well-known canned seafood, pacific clams 
sgworldfoodfair2013 39
Chilean Shellfish Locos

For traditional delicacies, try out the dim sum and shui kueh (chwee kueh). 

sgworldfoodfair2013 12 sgworldfoodfair2013 17

I do not recommended this because the Mini HongKong Steamed Bun were obviously compromised for mass sale. It was sold at a dollar a piece and it was really not up to expectation. 

sgworldfoodfair2013 10

ShuiKueh has been the one manufacturing and distributing Shui Kueh for many years. Recently, they have decided to open up their own stall holding up their personal brand. Through this, ShuiKueh has the full control over their kuehs, be it the texture or saltiness of the preserved raddish. 

sgworldfoodfair2013 59

*try this if you are here* 

sgworldfoodfair2013 58

To promote healthy living, ShuiKueh has long ago opted for vegetable oil as their ingredient instead of pork and lard oil. Similarly for the preserved raddish that complements the shui kueh, certain sweet elements are inculcated into the preserved raddish to make it not too salty. 

sgworldfoodfair2013 62
Yammi Yum 3 for $1 
sgworldfoodfair2013 63
4 for S$1
sgworldfoodfair2013 64
Glutinous rice 

For the crab lovers, you definitely would not want to miss 螃蟹之家 (House of Crabs). Spice lovers will relish their savoury chili crabs here. 

sgworldfoodfair2013 53 sgworldfoodfair2013 52
sgworldfoodfair2013 e

I personally liked the Salted Egg Yolk Crab (left, $9.80 for a part of the crab) because the egg yolk added an additional grainy texture to the sauce. The crab meat are generally easily to consume and the crabs are very much flavourful.

sgworldfoodfair2013 bsgworldfoodfair2013 16
sgworldfoodfair2013 a
sgworldfoodfair2013 30
sgworldfoodfair2013 13 sgworldfoodfair2013 4 sgworldfoodfair2013 7 sgworldfoodfair2013 41 sgworldfoodfair2013 42

Dr OatCare is an exclusive USA fomulation which includes Montana Embryo Oats as their main ingredient. Along with 17 Organic seets and 9 Mixed nuts, Dr OatCare is surely a nourishing drink alternative for both the young and elderly. 

sgworldfoodfair2013 44 yerba+mate+tea

The Yerba Mate Tea with Aniseed & Chamomile is well-received by consumers for its digestive and sleep-promoting uses. Consumer feedback also suggests that it helps controls your appetite.

sgworldfoodfair2013 55 sgworldfoodfair2013 54
sgworldfoodfair2013 2 Happy Boy Soya Bean review here.
sgworldfoodfair2013 57 sgworldfoodfair2013 56 sgworldfoodfair2013 5

To enjoy a gastronomical culinary experience, make sure you head down to the World Food Fair before it ends on the 8th of September! 

World Food Fair 2013

Date: 5th to 8th September

Time: 11am to 10pm

Venue: EXPO Hall 4


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