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I am so so happy to receive such an extensive package of cosmetics from Collection Cosmetics Singapore. I’ve been playing around with it and so far, it replaces most of my old make up because I really like them a lot! Inspiring girls to Work The Colour, UK high street makeup brand, Collection Cosmetics are mostly centered around the idea of vibrant colours and high street trends. 

CollectionCosmetics 1

I got the chance to do a quick makeover with Collection Cosmetics new features such as the Urbanista Lip Crayons and Luscious Lashes. There are also many other products that are currently my favourites. For example, this Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit! 

Collection%2Bcosmetics work%2Bthe%2Bcolour%2Beyebrow%2Bkit
Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit 

For a normal dark brown haired girl like me, I use the middle brown shade to shape my eyebrow. I would then use the lightest shade (most right) to fill in the brow or as touch up so as not to make the whole eyebrow too dark due to multiple add ons. Collection Cosmetic’s Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit also comes with clear brow mascara to hold down my natural messy brow hair. I used the eyebrow brush that comes with it and love the very defined lines it can give me.

Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit  + Swatches

Collection%2Bcosmetics colour%2Beyeshadow%2Bpencil
Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencil
Left: Vintage Blush, Right: Vanilla

 My other favourite product in their collection is definitely their creamy Eyeshadow Pencil. To achieve that big bright watery eyes, a lighter shade eyeshadow pencil can be used to line your lower lash line or the inner corner of your eyes. The one in Vintage Blush can be used as a light pink shade eyeshadow for a pure feminist look. The quality of the eyeshadows are really great. The creamy texture makes it very easy to blend out with my fingers. 

Collection%2Bcosmetics colour%2Beyeshadow%2Bpencil%2Bswatches
Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencil – Swatches
Left: Vintage Blush, Right: Vanilla

Of course, we never forget the star of today’s post – the Urbanista Lip Crayons! 

Collection%2Bcosmetics urbanista%2Blip%2Bcrayons
Urbanista Lip Crayons $14.90
Collection%2Bcosmetics urbanista%2Blip%2Bcrayons%2Bswatches
Urbanista Lip Crayons $14.90

The Urbanista Lip Crayons comes in 8 vibrant and cheerful colours which provides a soft glossy finish. I like how this lip crayon is affordably priced and is infused with Vitamin E, thus enabling soft moisturised lips. The one I am swatching is in Bella Fortuna (Raspberry pink), which is more towards a toned-down fresh red colour. 

CollectionCosmetics lip%2Bcrayon%2Blip%2Bswatches
Urbanista Lip Crayons – Lip Swatch

Pardon my craziness over Collection Cosmetics, but here’s my fourth favourite, their natural luscious lashes! This pair of falsies is one of the comfiest I’ve tried, thanks to the soft lash bone and light material used. They are reusable and it comes with a tiny tube of adhesive glue for on-the-go application! No joke, I’m using this every time I attend important events. 

Collection%2Bcosmetics 6%2Bcopy
Natural luscious lashes $8.90

 Collection Cosmetics also came up with their Work The Colour Nail Polishes in 8 beauty colours. The best part of it? It only takes 60 seconds to dry, ensuring easy application even for the beginners. And it’s only $3.90 per bottle! 

Work The Colour Nail Polishes $3.90 – Babydoll Pink shade

No makeup is complete without a full power mascara. Here we have the Does It All Mascara with 5 lash benefits in just 1 application.

Does It All Mascara $17.90

This 5-in-1 Does It All Mascara comes with 5 functions: Curling, Volumising, Lengthening, Long Wearing and Conditioning.

Does It All Mascara enhanced multi bristle brush

 collection%2Bcosmetics%2Bsingapore For the month of September (last month), Collection Cosmetics was actually on the wheels! Did you spot them around in Singapore? If you’ve missed it, you can find them here!

Thank you Collection Cosmetics for all the lovely products. I absolutely love them! 

CollectionCosmetics 7

Here I’m using: 

1. Natural luscious lashes

2. Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit

3. Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencil

…and other makeup products

Thanks for reading! ❤ Love,


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