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[This article is contributed by Chloe] In the past decade alone, countless research has been trying to identify the reason why exer…

[This article is contributed by Chloe]


In the past decade alone, countless research has been trying to identify the reason why exercise alone has not been able to reduce the number of obesity patients around the country. With one of the latest study published in Current Biology, the results have indicated that physical activities may vary in their effects on the body, with some causing little difference to the biology of the body while others cause huge adjustments to occur within the body.
These seem to explain why certain hunter gatherer groups in Africa do not have a high energy expenditure despite their very active lifestyle. Bottom line is, exercise alone would definitely not help one to shed the pounds, but instead active incorporation of a strict diet has to be enforced. The simple idea to this is simply from the counting of our daily caloric intake or macronutrients. Everybody has a basic metabolic rate where the body burns a certain number of calories every day regardless of the activity we partake in. Of course, the popular misconception is that exercise will burn more calories and thus we lose weight over time. However, the leading research has shown that after a series of consecutive workouts, the body adapts and moderate activity is no longer considered moderate to our body, leading to lesser consumption of calories by our body. Some of us are then lead into this illusion that exercise will allow us to consume more food on a daily basis, more often subconsciously. When we expand more energy, our body tends to get tired and fatigue more easily. Of course, the basic urge would then be to consume more food, in turn negating the effects of our exercise. A simple calculation would tell you that this would definitely not result in a loss of weight.

How To Lose Weight?

lose%2Bweight Well simply put, if you truly want to lose weight, a combination of exercise along with proper nutrition planning is not only required, its mandatory. What we want to avoid is a situation where we rebound from our weight loss training and diet because of the lack of motivation coming from our insufficient weight loss. The best strategy you can employ is to weigh yourself daily and aim for a 0.5kg to 0.7kg decrease in weight on a weekly basis and have a proper diet and workout nutrition plan.

If you’re more vigilant about your caloric tracking, you could count choose not to count your calories burned from your workout, unless of course you’re partaking in an extremely strenuous activity. But then again, more sweat does not equate to more calories burned, so there really isn’t any way but to have a rough estimate of your exercise. Limit food with high fat count and ration your carbohydrates throughout the day and you’re well on your way to losing weight effectively!

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