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Hello 2020! I count myself blessed to be able to start off a new year with a short trip to Beijing China and enjoy some lovely winter scenery. Since I do not have much chance to visit countries during their winter season, I never knew winter season can be so lovely and gorgeous. If you are thinking of planning a trip, now is in fact the best chance to while we all celebrate Chinese New Year 2020 holiday.

Countries like China is definitely the top of my list when it comes to planning a Chinese New Year holiday. Almost every one in China would be celebrating Chinese New Year, and their decoration must be massive. Do you know that in China, Chinese New Year holiday break is an entire week?

The weather in China right now should be really cold, so remember to layer up your clothing and keep warm! You will need your heat tech, a sweater and a thick down jacket to keep yourself warm. Don’t forget a beanie and gloves because when the wind blows, it can be quite unbearable. 

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Planning a trip 

When it comes to planning a trip, are you the kind where you like to have your itinerary fully packed, or the kind who prefers to have a slower paced holiday? I personally prefer to have lesser activities packed in a day because making myself overwhelmed and exhausted is the last thing I would want for my holiday. 

In fact if there is a need, I wouldn’t eliminate the possibility of reaching out to travel companies like Traveloka. To me, they are the experts in the field and they are the best people to plan out activities for your holiday. If it’s your first time going to the place and have no clue where to visit, perhaps opting for tours is a good choice. 

Travel tours comes in really handy especially when you are travelling with elderly and children. Free and easy styles might work for young adults and couples, but I personally experienced really problematic issue when I decided not to go for tours during my last Seoul trip with my family. Without tours, there was no transportation included. It was a nightmare having to bring my parents and my nephew/nieces to take public transport (which includes walking, a lot) wherever we go. If we decided to go for cabs, we always have to find two cars to accommodate a group that was more than 4 people. So if you ask me, I strongly recommend going for travel tours if you are travelling with your family with kids. 


Just in time, from 20 Jan to  25 Jan, Traveloka will be having a five-day daily surprise sales with up to SGD100 flight travel coupon code. Every day, you will have to visit Traveloka’s promotion page to find out what the sales are for that particular day. You can also look out for Traveloka social media for daily news!

Traveloka is an online travel company based in Indonesia with branches all over Southeast Asia including Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore. They help to provide travel-essential products including flights, hotels, attractions and activities, plus car rental and airport transfers.

They also let you make flight booking online and compare flights to find the cheapest and best travelling option available at any point.

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Some perks that I have gathered about Traveloka:

  • Everyday low prices and exclusive in-app deals
  • Real guest reviews to ensure you get first hand guide before going through with your bookings
  • Stay guarantee – You’re guaranteed a hotel stay, period. In the event of overbooked rooms or problems with your booking, we’ll recommend a similar hotel for you at no additional costs
  • Various payment options – You may pay via Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking, PayPal, or at Kiosk
  • User friendly web and app to navigate between bookings and different products
  • Auto-save feature for your cards and booking details with one click
  • Price alert feature to let you know what is the best price for your specific travel period or when you just feel like wanting to keep up to date with the prices.
  • 24/7 customer service that will attend to you whenever you need assistance

If you are considering to plan a trip, no harm giving yourself one more option. 

IMG 7881 Thanks for reading! ❤ Love, Celine

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