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Where To Find The Best Raw Satay For BBQ In Singapore

Finding the best raw satay for a BBQ in Singapore can be quite a challenge, given the numerous options available. For instance, well-known stalls such as Chuan Kee Satay and Haron Satay are famed for their delicious offerings.

Thankfully, this article is your guide to discovering the top places to buy high-quality satay that will simply melt in your mouth at home grilling sessions. Ready? Let’s venture into Singapore’s vibrant food culture and unearth the secret spots for amazing BBQ satay!

Key Takeaways

  • Chuan Kee Satay and Haron Satay are well-known stalls in Singapore that offer delicious raw satay for BBQ.
  • City Satay Online is a trusted source for high-quality raw satay, offering convenient online ordering with delivery or self-collection options.
  • Islandwide delivery services make it easy to enjoy tasty raw satay without leaving your home or office.
  • The types of raw satay available include chicken and pork meatballs, chicken chop with mala sauce, middle wings with mala sauce, pork belly with mala sauce, and cheese cocktail sausages.

Options for Purchasing Raw Satay in Singapore

A vibrant photo of neatly arranged raw satay sticks on a busy street food market stall.

You have several options for purchasing raw satay in Singapore, including online orders with delivery or self-collection, islandwide delivery services, and outlets that offer quality products and secure payment options.

Satay Street Singapore!! Night Life BBQ in Singapore

Online orders with delivery or self-collection

A person using their smartphone to browse <a href=BBQ ACCESSORIES’ website for online satay orders in a bustling cityscape.” title=”A person using their smartphone to browse BBQ ACCESSORIES’ website for online satay orders in a bustling cityscape.” class=”awimage” />

You can enjoy tasty raw satay anywhere in Singapore. You just have to order online. Here is how you do it:

  1. Go to BBQ ACCESSORIES’ website.
  2. Choose the raw satay you want.
  3. After choosing, decide if you want it brought to your house or if you will get it yourself.
  4. For delivery, your order must be at least $40.
  5. Don’t worry if your order is less than $40, because you can still get your satay. Just come and pick it up yourself at their outlet or factory.
  6. Same-day delivery is possible! But make sure to place your order before the cut-off time.
  7. If you plan way ahead, this site will not let you down either. Just place your order at least one working day in advance.

Islandwide delivery

A diverse group of friends enjoy a BBQ feast together, surrounded by delicious food and a bustling atmosphere.

You can buy raw satay all over Singapore. This is due to islandwide delivery. Some places have this service for free if you buy a lot of food. You do not need to leave your home or office to get these tasty treats.

Islandwide delivery has different order needs with each place. But, it lets you enjoy BBQ at home without the fuss of going out. Services like What’s App and online ordering make getting your satay easy and fast.

Quality products

A mouthwatering plate of satay skewers with colorful sauces, showcasing a variety of people enjoying the dish.

You get only the best with City Satay Online. They offer top-quality meats for their satay. These meats are full of flavor and freshly prepared each day. Every skewer is made by hand, giving them an exquisite taste you can’t ignore.

Their premium satay uses authentic ingredients and succulent marinade that sets them apart from others. As a local delicacy, quality matters most for your BBQ needs! Plus, they have an ISO 22000 certification to back up their promise of high-standard products!

Secure payment options

A diverse group of people happily making electronic payments at a modern payment terminal.

City Satay Online offers convenient and secure payment options for purchasing raw satay in Singapore. You can go cashless and use ePayment methods for your transactions, ensuring a safe and hassle-free experience.

With City Satay Online, you can enjoy authentic satay without worrying about payment security measures. Choose from a range of electronic payment options to make secure online purchases.

Embrace the convenience of secure payment options when buying uncooked satay from City Satay Online, ensuring that you have a seamless shopping experience in the Singaporean market.

Hotline for inquiries

A busy hotline center with customer service representatives wearing different outfits and answering phone calls.

If you have any questions or need more information about the raw satay options in Singapore, there are several hotlines available to assist you. City Satay Online, Hungry BBQ Singapore, and Opah Satay all provide hotlines for customers to inquire about their respective satay products.

However, Kwong Satay, Raw Jumbo Chicken Satay, and Grilled Chicken Satay do not offer hotline services for inquiries. These helplines can be used to get assistance with ordering satay, asking about product details or customization options, and getting answers to any other queries you may have.

Types of Raw Satay Available

A photo of a skewer of colorful raw satay ingredients surrounded by fresh herbs and spices.

The types of raw satay available include chicken satay meatball, pork satay meatball, chicken chop with mala sauce, middle wings with mala sauce, pork belly with mala sauce, and cheese cocktail sausage.

Mouth-Watering BBQ Satay Skewers in Singapore's Most Beautiful Hawker Centre

Chicken satay meatball

A plate of Chicken Satay Meatballs with vibrant vegetables and a peanut sauce dip.

The Chicken Satay Meatball is a delicious option for your BBQ in Singapore. It has an authentic taste of Satay meat, with the flavors of grilled chicken and peanut sauce. You can serve it as a main dish or as a side dish.

If you’re feeling creative, you can even stir-fry it with vegetables for added flavor. The spicy marinade and coconut milk make this meatball recipe truly special.

Pork satay meatball

The photo shows Pork Satay Meatballs surrounded by colorful spices and herbs on a rustic wooden platter.

City Satay Online offers a tasty option for pork lovers with their Pork Satay Meatball. For just $4.80, you can get a pack of 15 delicious meatballs made from minced pork. These meatballs are perfect for grilling and can be reheated to serve as a main or side dish at your BBQ.

City Satay is known for their commitment to high-quality products, using the best quality meats, ingredients, and spices in their secret recipe. So if you’re craving some flavorful pork satay, give their Pork Satay Meatball a try!

Chicken chop with mala sauce

A vibrant and delicious sizzling chicken chop with mala sauce surrounded by Sichuan peppercorns and chili peppers.

Chicken chop with mala sauce is a popular and flavorful dish in Singapore. It consists of grilled chicken chop that is marinated in a mixture of Sichuan peppercorns, dried chili peppers, chili powder, and various spices.

The result is a spicy and aromatic chicken dish that packs a punch. One recommended source for quality chicken chop with mala sauce is City Satay Online. They offer delicious options for those who enjoy the heat and spice of this dish.

Another option for chicken chop is BBQ sauce if you prefer something less spicy. You can also find chicken chop with mala sauce at local markets and food stalls throughout Singapore.

Middle wings with mala sauce

One of the popular dishes in Singapore is the middle wings with mala sauce. These wings are a delicious BBQ option that combines traditional Sichuan cuisine with grilled chicken wings.

The mala sauce used in this dish is made from a mixture of Sichuan peppercorns, dried chili peppers, chili powder, and various spices and herbs. To get the best flavor, these middle wings should be grilled to perfection.

City Satay Online offers high-quality raw satay options, including the middle wings with mala sauce. If you’re looking for an alternative flavor, they also have honey-glazed wings available.

Pork belly with mala sauce

The pork belly with mala sauce is a tasty option for those who enjoy spicy and flavorful marinade. It is marinated with a popular spicy hot sauce called Spicy Hot Sauce from Chongqing, China.

City Satay Online offers quality pork belly with mala sauce and ensures the best quality through their manufacturing process. Kwong Satay is also known for their delicious pork belly satay.

You can find affordable and delicious pork belly satay at various stalls in Singapore, with prices starting at $0.60 per stick. Some of these stalls even add fresh pineapple puree to their peanut sauce for added flavor to the pork belly satay.

Cheese cocktail sausage

Cheese cocktail sausages are a popular choice for party appetizers and finger foods in Singapore. Made with chicken, these savory treats come in a 200g pack, making them perfect for BBQs or other gatherings.

The cheese-infused sausages complement well with food and drinks, adding a delicious twist to your menu options. Whether you’re hosting a cocktail party or looking for crowd-pleasers to satisfy your guests, cheese cocktail sausages are versatile snacks that everyone will enjoy.

So why not add these tasty bites to your next event and impress your friends with this flavorful option?.

Where to Find the Best Raw Satay For BBQ in Singapore

A diverse group of people enjoying a Singaporean BBQ feast with raw satay skewers grilling over a barbecue.

You can find the best raw satay for BBQ in Singapore at the Bedok factory outlet, Ghim Moh retail outlet, or by using the product search function on their website.

Best Singapore eats: Charcoal-grilled satay, BBQ chicken wings at East Coast Park | CNA Lifestyle

Bedok factory outlet (pre-ordered collection only)

The Bedok factory outlet is a great option to find the best raw satay for your BBQ in Singapore. Located at 3017 Bedok North St 5, Gourmet East Kitchen #05-10, Singapore 486121, this outlet offers pre-ordered collection only.

That means you need to place your orders in advance. You can contact them at +65 6445 5369 during their operating hours which are Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 4pm and Sundays as well as public holidays from 10am to 1pm.

This outlet is associated with City Satay Online and provides high-quality satay and BBQ food options. So if you want delicious raw meat for your BBQ, make sure to check out the Bedok factory outlet (pre-ordered collection only).

Ghim Moh retail outlet

The Ghim Moh retail outlet of CitySatay is a popular stall located at 21 Ghim Moh Road #01-207, Singapore 270021. You can contact them at 67105654. They are open from Monday to Saturday and even on public holidays from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm.

This retail store offers a variety of BBQ products, including their famous satay packs with 20 sticks and free peanut sauce (200g). If you’re looking for quality raw satay for your BBQ, the Ghim Moh retail outlet is definitely worth a visit!

Product search function on website

You can easily find the raw satay you’re looking for on City Satay Online’s website. They have a convenient product search function that allows you to quickly locate the specific type of raw satay you want.

Whether it’s chicken satay meatball, pork satay meatball, or other varieties, just type in your desired item and it will show up on your screen. This makes it easy for you to browse through their selection and find exactly what you need for your BBQ gathering.

With City Satay Online’s user-friendly website, finding the best raw satay has never been easier!

Package builder for customized orders

City Satay Online and Hungry BBQ Singapore are two places where you can find a package builder for customized orders. With these options, you have the freedom to create your own personalized BBQ packages according to your preferences.

You can tailor your order options, build your own BBQ platter, or even create a custom BBQ menu. It’s all about individualized BBQ orders and customizable BBQ bundles. So if you’re looking for a way to make your BBQ experience truly unique and tailored to your taste, these places have got you covered.

Reviews from Bloggers

Bloggers enjoying a scrumptious satay feast at a vibrant outdoor street food market.

Bloggers have raved about the deliciousness of satay in Singapore, and they have provided their recommendations for the best ones. According to these food enthusiasts, Haron Satay, Kwong Satay Geylang, and Chai Ho Satay are among their favorites.

They mention that Haron’s signature juicy satays come in chicken, mutton, and beef variations.that are full of flavor. Bloggers also recommend My BBQ Place as a great option for home delivery of marinated meats like satay, chicken wings, and Taiwan sausage.

EZBBQ is another popular choice mentioned by bloggers for its reliable delivery service. With these blogger reviews in mind, you can explore the different options available and try out some amazing satay flavors right at your own barbecue party!

Affiliated Businesses

A diverse group of people enjoy a BBQ feast with various raw satay options in an outdoor setting.

You can find several affiliated businesses that offer raw satay and related services in Singapore. My BBQ Place is a well-known food manufacturer that provides delivery services for their grilled meat products.

They ensure the highest quality by being ISO certified, and you can conveniently order online and make secure payments. City Satay Online is another trusted company with ISO certification, offering various types of raw satay for self-grilling at home.

They have secure payment options available to customers as well.

Chai Ho Satay is a popular satay stall where you can purchase raw satay to grill yourself. They provide fresh ingredients and are known for their delicious flavors. Hungry BBQ Singapore offers not only raw satay but also catering and delivery services for your convenience.

On their website, they have a list of frequently asked questions to help answer any queries you may have about their services or products.

To cater specifically to the Muslim community, City Foods Online specializes in serving traditional halal satay options in Singapore. You can count on them to provide tasty and authentic treats that meet all halal requirements.

With these affiliated businesses, you have access to a wide range of raw satay options as well as convenient delivery services and helpful customer support.

The Convenience of Wholesale Prices

A diverse group of people enjoy a BBQ feast in a vibrant outdoor setting.

BBQ Wholesale Centre offers the convenience of wholesale prices for your BBQ needs in Singapore. As the largest BBQ caterer in the country, they provide a wide range of options and packages at affordable rates.

Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large event, their wholesale prices make it easier to stay within your budget without compromising on quality. With their delivery service, you can have the food conveniently brought to your doorstep, saving you time and effort.

So whether you’re hosting a backyard party or catering for a corporate event, BBQ Wholesale Centre’s wholesale prices ensure that you get delicious barbecue food at great value.

How to Prepare Raw Satay for BBQ

A photo of raw satay skewers marinating in spices, surrounded by fresh ingredients, in a bustling atmosphere.

To prepare raw satay for BBQ, follow these steps:

  • Skewer the meat onto wooden or metal sticks.
  • In a bowl, marinate the meat with quality ingredients and spices.
  • Let the meat marinate for at least 2 hours to allow the flavors to develop.
  • Oil the skewers to prevent sticking on the grill.
  • Preheat the grill to medium heat.
  • Place the skewered meat on the grill and cook slowly until it turns golden brown.
  • Flip the skewers occasionally to ensure even cooking.
  • Cook chicken satay for about 2 – 3 minutes on each side until fully cooked and charred.

Other BBQ Food Options

A diverse group of friends enjoy a delicious BBQ feast spread on a rustic wooden table.

Other BBQ food options include otahs, yakitori with black pepper, butabara with teriyaki sauce, Taiwan cocktail sausage, and fried fish ball.


Otahs are a popular choice for BBQ parties in Singapore. These spicy seafood skewers are made from a mixture of fish paste, spices, and coconut milk wrapped in banana leaves. You can find delicious otahs at City Satay Online or as part of the halal BBQ catering service offered by Hungry BBQ.

Another option is BBQ Wholesale, which offers otahs along with their wide range of food options. With Chun Man Yuan also known for their high-quality BBQ food, they might have some tasty otahs too! So when planning your next barbecue, don’t forget to include these flavorful grilled seafood skewers on your menu.

Yakitori with black pepper

City Satay Online offers a delicious option for BBQ lovers – Yakitori with black pepper. These grilled skewers are seasoned with a hint of black pepper, giving them a flavorful kick.

It’s just one of the many BBQ food options available at City Satay, which includes chicken skewers, grilled meat, and other dishes infused with black pepper marinade. If you’re looking for something different to add to your BBQ menu, these charcoal-grilled skewers with a touch of black pepper spice are sure to impress your taste buds.

Butabara with teriyaki sauce

Butabara with teriyaki sauce is a delicious Japanese BBQ dish that features pork belly skewers. The pork belly is marinated and then grilled to perfection, resulting in tender and flavorful skewers.

The teriyaki sauce adds a sweet and savory glaze to the meat, making it even more enjoyable to eat. Each pack of Butabara skewers contains 10 skewers, with each one weighing around 30g.

So if you’re looking for a tasty addition to your BBQ spread, give Butabara with teriyaki sauce a try!

Taiwan cocktail sausage

Taiwan cocktail sausages are a popular option for BBQ in Singapore. These sausages come in both pork and chicken meat varieties and are sold frozen. They consist of coarsely chopped pieces of meat and un-rendered fat, giving them a unique texture.

Taiwan cocktail sausages have a sweet taste that is enjoyed by many. You can find cooked versions of these sausages available in 500g packs with approximately 28 pieces, as well as grilled versions with the same quantity.

So, if you’re looking to add some flavorful and convenient options to your BBQ spread, consider trying out Taiwan cocktail sausages!

Fried fish ball

City Satay offers a variety of BBQ meat and seafood options, including delicious fried fish balls. These deep-fried snacks are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a party or just a casual gathering with friends.

You can enjoy the convenience of cooking your own raw BBQ food by choosing the DIY cooking options from City Satay, which includes the popular fried fish balls. They come in packs of 10 pieces for only $2.70, making them an affordable and tasty addition to your BBQ spread.

So why not try something different and add these flavorful fried fish balls to your next BBQ party?.


A group of friends enjoying a BBQ party in a garden with a variety of sizzling satay skewers on the grill.

Looking for the best raw satay for BBQ in Singapore? Look no further! From Chuan Kee Satay to Haron Satay, there are plenty of top-notch options to choose from. Whether you prefer chicken or pork, these satay stalls have got you covered.

So fire up the grill and get ready for a mouthwatering feast with these delicious skewers of goodness!


1. Where can I find the best raw satay for BBQ in Singapore?

You can find the best raw satay for BBQ in Singapore at local markets, food courts, hawker centers, or specialty shops that sell marinated and ready-to-cook satay.

2. What are some popular places to buy raw satay in Singapore?

Some popular places to buy raw satay in Singapore include Geylang Serai Market, East Coast Lagoon Food Village, Newton Food Center, and Chomp Chomp Food Centre.

3. Are there any online platforms where I can order raw satay for BBQ in Singapore?

Yes, there are several online platforms such as food delivery apps and websites where you can order raw satay for BBQ from various vendors and have it delivered to your doorstep.

4. Can you recommend any specific stalls or sellers that offer the best raw satay for BBQ in Singapore?

While preferences may vary, some recommended stalls or sellers known for their delicious raw satay include Satay Power at Old Airport Road Food Centre, Seng Kee Satay at Toa Payoh Central Hawker Center, and Haron Sataysfaction Stall at Bedok Interchange Hawker Center.

5. How much does the best quality of raw satay cost on average in Singapore?

The price of high-quality raw Satays typically ranges between SGD $0.60 – $1 per stick depending on meat selection (chicken or beef), quantity purchased and location of purchase itself so prices may vary slightly.

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