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Where To Find Fresh And Delicious Big Prawns For Sale In Singapore

Struggling to locate the freshest, tastiest giant prawns in Singapore? You’re not alone! Known for their juicy and flavorful flesh, big prawns like the Jumbo Black Tiger varieties are a beloved seafood delicacy among local foodies.

This article is your comprehensive guide to discovering the best places that offer fresh and scrumptious jumbo prawns available across town. So, ready to dive into a sea of savory goodness?.

Key Takeaways

  • Big prawns like Tiger prawns, Jumbo prawns, and King prawns can be found in Singapore at supermarkets, online shops, seafood markets, and specialized seafood shops.
  • Supermarkets like Giant offer fresh and affordable big prawns, while online shops such as Oceanwaves SG and Evergreen Seafood Singapore Supplier provide convenient delivery options.
  • Seafood markets like Evergreen Seafood Singapore have a wide selection of fresh and frozen big prawns for both restaurants and homes. Specialized seafood shops like Oceanwaves SG and Vertical Oceans also offer various types of big prawns with sustainable farming practices.
  • When buying big prawns in Singapore, you have the choice between fresh or frozen options. Fresh prawns are more flavorful but need to be consumed quickly. Frozen prawns offer convenience as they can be stored longer without spoilage. Both types can be equally delicious when properly prepared.

Types of Big Prawns Available in Singapore

The image shows a plate of tiger prawns, jumbo prawns, and king prawns with a vibrant food market in the background.

In Singapore, you can find a variety of big prawns including Tiger prawns, Jumbo prawns, and King prawns.

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Tiger prawns

A mouth-watering close-up of a plate filled with grilled tiger prawns surrounded by vibrant herbs and spices.

Tiger prawns are a big hit in Singapore. These big guys have a lot of meat and taste great. You can find both farmed and wild ones. Wild ones cost more, but they’re worth every penny! People call them the “King of Prawns” or “Gao Chap Hei”.

Not only that, but you can also buy jumbo black tiger prawns with their heads and shells still on. This makes them even better for some meals.

Jumbo prawns

A photo of grilled jumbo prawns on a tropical beach with a bustling atmosphere and various people enjoying the scene.Jumbo prawns are big and tasty. They sell them in Singapore. You know the Black Tiger Prawn? It’s the biggest prawn in the world! Some of them grow up to 33cm long.

These large prawns are very healthy for you. They have low fat, lots of protein, and a sweet taste that is not too strong. But they can be hard to find sometimes because people catch them in the wild.

King prawns

A platter of king prawns, garnished with lemons and parsley, is captured in a vibrant and bustling food photography shot.

King prawns are a big hit in Singapore. They come from Indonesia and Malaysia. People love them for their grand size. Their meat is very tasty and gives a crisp bite when you eat it.

Many treat these giant prawns as a special dish because of its taste and large size.

Where to Buy Big Prawns in Singapore

A chef holds a plate of grilled prawns in a busy seafood market, captured in high-quality detail and vibrant colors.

You can find big prawns in Singapore at supermarkets, online shops, seafood markets, and specialized seafood shops.

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A display of fresh prawns and seafood at a bustling supermarket, captured in vibrant detail.

You can find big prawns for sale in several supermarkets in Singapore. One popular option is Giant, which offers a variety of prawns including large black tiger prawns. They have a program called “Lower Prices That Last” that includes seafood items like prawns.

So, if you’re looking for fresh and affordable seafood, checking out the seafood section at your local supermarket is definitely worth considering.

Online shops

A seafood platter featuring prawns, oysters, and clams displayed on a white table in a bustling atmosphere.

You can easily buy big prawns online in Singapore. Oceanwaves SG offers fresh tiger prawns weighing 1kg for sale on their website. All Big Frozen Food is another option, where you can purchase big, succulent tiger prawns and have them delivered to your doorstep.

If you prefer chilled prawns, Hai Sia Tiger Prawns has 200g servings available and they even offer a promotion of S$5 off with a Mastercard W/WE Cards. Evergreen Seafood Singapore Supplier is also worth checking out as they offer various seafood options for home delivery, including fresh and live prawns, oysters, and US clams.

In short, buying big prawns online is convenient and allows you to enjoy fresh seafood from the comfort of your own home.

Seafood markets

A bustling seafood market with a variety of fresh seafood being selected by customers.

If you’re looking to buy big prawns in Singapore, seafood markets are a great place to start. These markets offer a wide selection of fresh and frozen seafood for both restaurants and homes.

One reputable supplier is Evergreen Seafood Singapore, which has been providing live, fresh, and frozen seafood for over 30 years. They cater to the needs of various establishments, ensuring that you can get high-quality prawns whenever you need them.

So if you want to find delicious and flavorful big prawns in Singapore, check out the seafood markets for a great selection.

Specialized seafood shops

A fishmonger skillfully filleting a big prawn at a specialized seafood shop in a bustling atmosphere.

Specialized seafood shops in Singapore are the perfect places to find fresh and delicious big prawns. These shops offer a wide variety of local seafood options, including tiger prawns, jumbo prawns, and king prawns.

One popular shop is Oceanwaves SG, where you can buy 1kg packs of fresh tiger prawns and even have them delivered right to your doorstep. Another option is Jumbo Black Tiger Prawns available in 1kg packs.

If you’re looking for sustainably farmed prawns with an all-natural flavor, Vertical Oceans is a great choice. They specialize in king prawns that are raised using environmentally-friendly methods.

Fresh vs Frozen

A close-up shot of a plate with fresh and frozen prawns, featuring ice crystals on the frozen ones.

When it comes to buying big prawns in Singapore, you’ll often have the choice between fresh and frozen options.

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Pros and cons

A platter of fresh prawns and various seafood dishes displayed in a bustling and vibrant atmosphere.

When it comes to buying big prawns in Singapore, there are pros and cons to consider. One advantage of buying fresh prawns is that they have a great taste and texture. Fresh prawns also tend to be more flavorful compared to their frozen counterparts.

On the other hand, frozen prawns offer convenience and are available year-round. They can be stored for longer periods of time without worrying about spoilage. However, some people may find that frozen prawns don’t have the same level of freshness as fresh ones.

It’s important to note that freezing technology has improved over the years, allowing for better preservation of quality in frozen seafood products. Ultimately, the choice between fresh and frozen prawns depends on personal preference and the specific dish you plan on making.

Best options for different dishes

Different types of prawns offer the best options for various dishes. Tiger prawns, with their large size and sweet flavor, are perfect for grilling or sautéing. Jumbo prawns are ideal for dishes that require a stronger taste and meatier texture, such as stir-fries or curry.

If you want prawns that are exceptionally succulent and juicy, go for king prawns. These can be used in a wide range of recipes like pasta, kebabs, or even as a standalone dish. Remember to consider your personal preference and the specific needs of your dish when choosing the best type of prawn to use.

Importance of proper storage

Proper storage is crucial for maintaining the quality and freshness of prawns, whether they are fresh or frozen. When it comes to frozen seafood like prawns, rapid freezing at extremely low temperatures helps retain their freshness.

Frozen thawed prawns can be just as fresh as fresh prawns, thanks to this preservation method. It’s important to note that prawns are often frozen immediately after being harvested to ensure their freshness is preserved.

In addition to rapid freezing, packaging and delivery also play a significant role in keeping the prawns fresh until they reach your kitchen. So, whether you’re buying fresh or frozen prawns, proper storage techniques will help preserve their quality and ensure you enjoy the best flavors possible.

Customer Reviews and Recommendations

A group of diverse customers enjoy a seafood feast in a bustling atmosphere.

Customers who have tried the big prawns available in Singapore have left glowing reviews and recommendations. Many mention that the prawns are large, fresh, and full of flavor. They describe them as juicy and succulent with a crispy texture when cooked just right.

Customers recommend using these delicious seafood delicacies to create mouthwatering dishes and tasty recipes. With such positive feedback from satisfied customers, it’s clear that the big prawns in Singapore are a must-try for any seafood lover.

Delivery Services

A close-up shot of a beautifully arranged seafood platter with fresh prawns.

Looking for the most convenient way to get fresh big prawns delivered to your doorstep? Check out our recommended delivery services that will bring the delicious prawns straight to you!

Greenwood Fish Market

Greenwood Fish Market is a family-run seafood restaurant and fish market in Singapore that offers delivery services for fresh and frozen prawns and shrimp. They have a wide selection of prawns, including Tiger Prawns and Jumbo Prawns, which can be conveniently delivered right to your doorstep.

The fishmongers at Greenwood Fish Market are experts in their field and can provide valuable advice on choosing the freshest seafood, including prawns, directly from an ice bed. With a focus on serving seafood fresh to customers, Greenwood Fish Market is known for its high-quality products and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Prawns delivery options

There are several options available for prawns delivery in Singapore. Here are some places where you can order fresh and delicious big prawns:

  1. Ding Xin Seafood: They offer reliable seafood delivery, including prawns.
  2. Vertical Oceans: They work with various delivery services in Singapore to deliver king prawns.
  3. VitaminSeafood: They provide delivery services for fresh prawns in Singapore.
  4. Live Tiger Prawn: You can order live tiger prawns online and enjoy free next day delivery.
  5. Evergreen Seafood Singapore: They have been supplying live, fresh, and frozen seafood, including prawns, for over 30 years.
  6. Serve (through Hai Sia Tiger Prawns): The brand “Serve” offers a wide range of fresh and frozen seafood, including prawns.

Next day delivery

If you want fresh and delicious big prawns delivered to your doorstep in Singapore, you’re in luck! Online delivery services like Ninja Food offer next day delivery for their live Tiger Prawns.

And the best part? It’s free throughout Singapore! So, you can enjoy the convenience of having these tasty prawns quickly and easily without any extra cost. Whether you’re planning a seafood feast or craving some grilled prawns for dinner, next day delivery ensures that your order arrives promptly so you can savor every bite.

Notice Board and Special Offers

[Summary]: A person holds a fresh prawn in front of a notice board with special offers.

On the notice board of Greenwood Fish Market, you will find special offers and promotions for their fresh and delicious big prawns. Keep an eye out for discounts and deals that may be available on certain days or when purchasing a specific quantity of prawns.

This is a great way to get more value for your money while enjoying high-quality seafood. Additionally, when ordering frozen prawns online, you may also come across special offers such as free delivery on orders above $60.

Take advantage of these promotions to make your purchase even more convenient and cost-effective. Whether it’s in-store or online, keep an eye on the notice board and take advantage of any special offers that catch your attention.

Joining GFM’s Inner Circle

A vibrant display of fresh prawns in a busy seafood market, photographed with attention to detail and clarity.

Joining GFM’s Inner Circle gives you exclusive perks and benefits when it comes to buying fresh prawns in Singapore. By becoming a member, you can enjoy special offers, discounts, and access to limited-time promotions.

With GFM’s Inner Circle, you will be the first to know about new products and exciting seafood events happening in Singapore. Plus, you’ll receive personalized recommendations and tips on how to choose the freshest prawns and prepare them for cooking.

Being part of GFM’s Inner Circle ensures that you have all the insider information to make the most out of your seafood experience.

When joining GFM’s Inner Circle, not only do you get great deals on fresh prawns but also gain insights into the world of seafood. You’ll have access to expert advice from knowledgeable fishmongers who can guide you in selecting the best prawns for your recipes.

As a member, you can stay up-to-date with the latest trends in seafood cuisine and discover new ways to enjoy delicious prawn dishes at home.

By joining GFM’s Inner Circle today, you’ll open yourself up to a world of possibilities when it comes to sourcing fresh and flavorful prawns in Singapore.

Tips for Buying and Preparing Big Prawns

A plate of beautifully cooked prawns being served on a rustic wooden table in a bustling atmosphere.

Learn how to choose the freshest prawns, clean and devein them properly, and get cooking with these helpful tips. Get ready to impress your taste buds!

How to choose the freshest prawns

To choose the freshest prawns, look for ones that have a firm texture and a light sea aroma. Make sure their shells are unbroken and intact, with a bright color and clear eyes. Fresh prawns should also have a hard texture and not feel soft or slimy.

Consider buying sustainable varieties or looking for labels of approval from independent groups like MSC to ensure you’re getting high-quality prawns. By following these tips, you can be confident in selecting the finest and tastiest prawns for your meals.

Cleaning and deveining tips

Cleaning and preparing big prawns is important to ensure that they are fresh and delicious. Here are some tips to help you clean and devein your big prawns properly:

  1. Start by rinsing the prawns in cold water. This helps to remove any dirt or impurities on the surface.
  2. To remove the shells, gently hold the prawn with one hand and use your other hand to twist off the head. Then, peel back the shell from the body of the prawn.
  3. Once the shells are removed, you can now devein the prawns. Using a sharp knife or kitchen shears, make a shallow cut along the back of the prawn. This will expose the dark vein running down its length.
  4. Use your fingers or a small spoon to carefully lift out and discard the vein.
  5. After deveining, you can also choose to clean the heads, tails, and legs of the prawns for presentation purposes.
  6. It’s important to wash all cleaned prawns thoroughly under cold water before cooking them. This helps to remove any remaining debris or bacteria.
  • Always wash your hands before and after handling raw prawns.
  • Use separate cutting boards and utensils for seafood and other food items.
  • Avoid cross-contamination by keeping raw seafood away from cooked or ready-to-eat foods.
  • Discard any prawns that have an off smell, slimy texture, or discolored spots.

Cooking recommendations

Cooking with fresh prawns brings out the best flavors in your dishes. Whether you’re grilling, stir-frying, or boiling them for a delicious steamboat, there are a few cooking recommendations to keep in mind.

First, make sure to choose the freshest prawns available by looking for bright colors and firm textures. When cleaning and deveining your prawns, it’s important to remove the poop vein along their backs.

This step ensures that your dish is both visually appealing and safe to eat. Finally, consider cooking your prawns with their shells on to enhance the umami flavor. However, if you prefer shell-off prawns for convenience, they will still taste great! Remember these tips when preparing big prawns for an unforgettable meal experience.


A fishmonger holding up a tray of fresh, giant prawns at a bustling seafood market.

If you’re looking for fresh and delicious big prawns in Singapore, there are plenty of options available. You can find them at supermarkets, online shops, seafood markets, and specialized seafood shops.

Make sure to choose reputable vendors who source their prawns from trusted suppliers or local farms. With the right place to buy and some tips on buying and preparing, you’ll be enjoying tasty prawns in no time!


1. Where can I buy fresh and delicious big prawns in Singapore?

You can buy fresh and delicious big prawns in Singapore at seafood markets, fishmongers, or specialized seafood stores.

2. Are there any online platforms where I can purchase big prawns in Singapore?

Yes, there are several online platforms such as e-commerce websites or food delivery apps that offer the option to purchase big prawns for delivery or pickup in Singapore.

3. How do I know if the big prawns are fresh?

Fresh big prawns should have a firm texture, shiny shells, and a mild sea scent. It’s also important to check for any signs of discoloration or strong odors before purchasing.

4. What is the best way to cook and enjoy the flavor of big prawns?

Big prawns can be cooked using various methods such as grilling, steaming, boiling, or stir-frying. They are often enjoyed with minimal seasoning to let their natural flavor shine through.

5. Can you recommend some popular places specifically known for selling fresh and delicious big prawns in Singapore?

Some popular places known for selling fresh and delicious big prawns in Singapore include Jurong Fishery Port Wholesale Fish Market, Senoko Fishery Port Wholesale Fish Market, Tekka Centre Wet Market & Food Centre,

Seafood Paradise Restaurant (various branches), Jumbo Seafood Restaurant (various branches).

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