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Personal 1/22/2013

Here’s random updates this week: I look very sleepy with my small eyes here, i woke up very early that day.  I was having Long …

Here’s random updates this week:

photoshake 1358842087996

I look very sleepy with my small eyes here, i woke up very early that day. 

I was having Long john silver’s breakfast! 

LJS breakfast has always been much more worth it than mac’s breakfast because their texas chicken costs only $5.90!

20130122 095302

I love my outfit today! Ombre shorts ❤

IMG 20130121 132851

And my friend bernard bakes banana cake and brought to class. Omg it tastes so good. Makes me feel bad that why aren’t I baking enough as a girl. SOBSOB. 

20130120 125150

Dining at AMBUSH at plaza singapura new extension. Will blog about the dining experience soon!


IMG 20130120 132913

Trying to be funny here with my instagram teeshirt. 

Ate zi char for dinner with my family 

IMG 20130119 201158

And filming at PS for my brother’s wedding montage! 

IMG 20130119 122425

Have to make the wedding montage by Feb while i have no background in video editing at all. 

Challenging much.

Just like I have no background in photoshop at all, Youtube and google have been great help to me while I learn how to use photoshop as time goes by, and as I needed more photoshop skills to edit their photos. It’s true that I’ve learn quite a bit about photoshop! 🙂 But still novice la

Life’s gonna get a little tougher because projects and assignments are kicking in. At the same period of time, I am getting several food invites. It’s really a time to test my ability to balance both tasks while keeping them both in tact and desirable! 

But this is where life is getting more fulfilling and accomplishing. 

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