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I was never a fragrance person before I started being a blogger. This job has blessed me with so many perfumes that I might not even be able to finish in my entire life, and I am so glad I get to try out so many different scents! Previously I don’t even know the different types of scent, and of course I am not saying I am absolutely very good at it now, I think I know at least the few basic categories! Which is your favourite scent? Just a quick one today. Fragrances usually come in a few notes. From the top, to medium and the base notes. The top notes are what you smell at the very beginning when you first spritz the fragrance. Then it’ll transit to the medium notes before settling down the the base notes. (PS: I’m really not a fragrance expert here!!) But here’s also some of the basic scents that I know.

1. Fruity scent

Fruit scents can be like pomegranate, apply, raspberry etc, all kinds of fruits you can think of! Sometimes, fruity scents can also be combined with a tinge of floral freshness for a perfect match.

2. Floral scent

Something like this from Prada Singapore: Candy L’eau EDT Natural Spray is a classic example of floral, but with a bit of muskiness in it (so that it’s not too overwhelming).


3. Ocean scent

Think of something along sea breeze and the ocean. The freshness from the ocean water and the seaside. There might be a little bit of muskiness in it at times to compliment the summer ocean vibe. Some notes commonly found are bergamot, jasmine, mandarin and many more.

4. Spicy scent

Prada Luna Rossa Sport EDT Natural Spray is a good example of a spicy scent. Infused with spiciness and a bit of fruity notes in case the strong spiciness is too overwhelming.
Luna%2BRossa%2BSport%2BEDT%2BNatural%2BSpray What would be your favourite scent? Or perhaps something I didn’t mention in here? 🙂

You can take your pick on Prada Singapore on Zalora.

This article is written in conjunction with Zalora Singapore. Thanks for reading! ❤ Love, Celine

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