What Is Singapore Famous For?

A photo of Singapore's iconic skyline with diverse people and well-lit urban landscape captured in high resolution.

Are you curious to know more about the small yet vibrant nation of Singapore? An island city-state known for its robust financial center and remarkable urban planning, this tiny country continues to stun the world with its achievements.

This article will guide you through all that makes Singapore stand out – from top attractions and food culture to unique laws and multicultural society. Ready to begin your virtual journey into what makes Singapore famous?.

Singapore’s Top Tourist Attractions

The iconic Merlion statue in Singapore with the city skyline in the background, captured in a well-lit and bustling atmosphere.

Singapore is famous for its top tourist attractions, including Universal Studios SingaporeGardens by the BayS.E.A. Aquarium, and many more exciting destinations.


Universal Studios Singapore

A photo of people riding a thrilling roller coaster at Universal Studios Singapore, captured with a high-quality camera.

You must visit Universal Studios Singapore. This amazing theme park is the only one of its kind in Southeast Asia. Thrilling rides, shows, and attractions are all based on your favorite movies and TV shows here.

More than 2 million people have come to enjoy its 24 exciting rides and other events. It’s among the top visited parks around the world!

Gardens by the Bay

The image depicts illuminated Supertrees surrounded by colorful gardens and a bustling atmosphere.

Gardens by the Bay is a must-see spot in Singapore. It has big tree-like structures called supertrees that light up at night. The trees, gardens, and art make it a great place for anyone who loves beauty.

Many people say it is one of the best garden places to see.

It sits near Marina Bay Sands Hotel so visitors don’t have far to go to enjoy it. If you want to see something different and beautiful, Gardens by the Bay should be on your list of things to do in Singapore!

S.E.A. Aquarium

A vibrant school of tropical fish swims among a stunning coral reef in crystal clear waters.

The S.E.A. Aquarium sits on Sentosa Island’s Resorts World Sentosa. It is one of the largest aquariums in the world. You will see over 100,000 sea animals from 1,000 species. The Open Ocean Habitat and Shark Seas exhibit are must-sees there.

The latter has over 200 sharks!

Singapore Zoo Ticket With Tram Ride

When you visit the Singapore Zoo, you can get a ticket that includes a tram ride. This is a great way to explore the zoo and see all the different animals. The zoo has a complimentary tram service included with your admission ticket, so you don’t have to worry about walking around the whole park.

One of the highlights of the zoo is its free-roaming orangutan display, where you can see these amazing creatures up close. You can also view other animals from elevated platforms and glass observatories.

The Singapore Zoo is known for its focus on endangered mammals and Southeast Asian chelonians, so you’ll be able to learn more about conservation efforts while enjoying your tram ride at this wonderful zoo.

Skyline Luge

The photo shows people enjoying the Skyline Luge ride through a lush rainforest with different faces and outfits.

Located on the sunny island resort of Sentosa, Skyline Luge Singapore is a thrilling attraction that offers four purpose-built tracks through a rainforest. With hairpin corners, tunnels, and downhill slopes, this gravity-fueled ride is suitable for all ages.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or just looking for some family fun, Skyline Luge is a must-visit in Singapore. Since its opening in 2005, it has become one of the top attractions on the island and continues to impress visitors with its exciting adventure.

So hop on a luge and prepare for an exhilarating experience like no other!

Singapore Cable Car Sky

A couple enjoying the scenic view from the Singapore Cable Car Sky.

The Singapore Cable Car Sky is a must-visit attraction in Singapore. It was created as part of the government’s plan to boost tourism in the country. The cable car connects Mount Faber on the main island to Sentosa Island, giving passengers a breathtaking 360-degree view of the city and its surroundings.

You can hop on board and enjoy panoramic views of Singapore from the Mount Faber Line. As you glide through the air, you’ll see lush rainforests, sparkling turquoise waters, and famous attractions along the way.

So don’t miss out on this unique experience that offers an aerial perspective of Singapore’s beauty.

Night Safari Singapore With Tram Ride

A photo of a night safari tram surrounded by dense shrubbery, capturing a bustling atmosphere with people of diverse appearances.

At Night Safari Singapore, you can experience the world’s first safari park for nocturnal animals. With over 2500 animals from more than 130 different species, the park offers an exciting tram ride that takes you through dense shrubbery.

During this unique journey, you’ll get to explore various habitats, from the Himalayan foothills to the mysterious jungles. It’s no wonder that Night Safari Singapore attracts over 1.1 million visitors each year!

Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is a big wheel in downtown Singapore. It opened on April 15, 2008. There are 28 cabins that can hold up to 28 people each. The wheel was designed by an architect from Japan and an architectural firm from Singapore.

When you ride the Flyer, you can see amazing views of the city. It’s one of the biggest wheels in the world!

River Wonders Singapore

River Wonders Singapore is an exciting river-themed zoo and aquarium located in Mandai, Singapore. As part of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, it offers visitors a chance to explore different river ecosystems like the Amazon, Mississippi, Nile, Ganges, and Mekong rivers.

With over 6,000 animals, including rare and endangered species, River Wonders is Asia’s first river-themed wildlife park. It’s a fantastic place to learn about and interact with diverse aquatic creatures while enjoying a fun-filled day with family and friends.

ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands

The ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands is a fascinating attraction that combines art, science, and technology. Opened in 2011, this unique museum features stunning architecture inspired by a lotus flower.

Inside, you can explore interactive installations that transport you into a world of magic and metaphor. The museum is part of the Marina Bay Sands complex, which also includes a casino, hotel, shopping mall, and entertainment venues.

By showcasing the connection between art and science, the ArtScience Museum showcases Singapore’s commitment to innovation and creativity. It’s definitely worth visiting if you’re ever in Singapore!

Wings of Time Show

The Wings of Time show is a breathtaking performance that takes place by the sea on Sentosa Island in Singapore. With stunning displays of fireworks and laser lights, this show offers a mesmerizing experience that captivates audiences.

Combining art, technology, and storytelling, it creates an unforgettable spectacle. Located near other notable attractions on Sentosa Island, the Wings of Time show is a must-see for visitors looking to be amazed by Singapore’s entertainment offerings.

Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck

The Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck is a famous tourist spot in Singapore that you definitely don’t want to miss. It’s located on top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel and offers an incredible view of the city’s skyline.

One of its highlights is the infinity-edge swimming pool, which has become legendary for its breathtaking view. From the observation deck, you can see all around Singapore and take in the stunning landmarks and attractions from a 360-degree perspective.

It’s a must-visit for anyone looking to capture some amazing photos and experience the beauty of Singapore from above.

Singapore’s Unique Food and Drink Culture

A photo of a vibrant collage of traditional Singaporean dishes with various people enjoying the food.

Indulge in the delectable flavors of Singapore’s unique food and drinks, such as the savory Hainanese Chicken Rice, refreshing Singapore Sling cocktail, and deliciously sweet Kaya Toast.

SINGAPORE'S Unique STREET FOOD Culture! (What are Hawker Centres?!) 🇸🇬

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese chicken rice is a famous dish in Singapore and is considered an “intangible cultural heritage” by the government. It originated from Hainan province in southern China and was brought to Singapore by Hainanese immigrants.

The dish is made by poaching the chicken in boiling water, which gives it a tender texture. It is served with fragrant rice cooked with chicken broth and garnished with cucumber slices and cilantro.

Hainanese chicken rice has become popular because of its delicious taste and the infusion of local flavors that developed over time.

Singapore Sling cocktail

The Singapore Sling cocktail is a famous drink associated with Singapore’s unique food and drink culture. Created in 1915 by Raffles bartender Ngiam Tong Boon, it is a gin-based drink that has become a classic.

The original recipe included gin, citrus, soda, and cherry brandy. Sometimes referred to as the “Straits Sling,” this refreshing cocktail is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. It is one of the signature drinks you can try when exploring Singapore’s vibrant bar scene or relaxing at one of its many rooftop bars overlooking the city skyline.

Kaya Toast

Kaya toast is a famous breakfast dish in Singapore that consists of two slices of toast spread with butter and kaya, a delicious coconut jam made from coconut and eggs. This sweet treat is often served alongside hot coffee and soft-boiled eggs, creating a perfect combination of flavors.

With its crunchy texture and sweet taste, kaya toast is a popular comfort food enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Whether you have a sweet tooth or simply want to experience the local cuisine, trying some kaya toast should definitely be on your list when visiting Singapore.

World-Class Airport

World Class Airport 129605368Singapore Changi Airport.

Singapore Changi Airport, voted the world’s best airport for seven consecutive years, offers a seamless travel experience with its state-of-the-art facilities and efficient services.

Intrigued? Discover more about what makes this airport stand out from the rest!


Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport is famous for its world-class facilities and services. It has been named the best airport in the world multiple times. One unique feature of Changi Airport is the giant slide, which is the biggest slide in any airport.

Travelers can have a fun time sliding down while waiting for their flights. The airport also offers free amenities like themed gardens, movie theaters, and even a swimming pool! Another iconic attraction at Changi Airport is the HSBC Rain Vortex, which is the tallest indoor waterfall in the world.

With these incredible features, it’s no wonder that Singapore Changi Airport is renowned worldwide as an exceptional travel hub.

Excellent Business Opportunities

A vibrant cityscape filled with diverse individuals, captured with professional-grade photography equipment.

Singapore is famous for its excellent business opportunities. The country’s highly developed market economy and robust business environment have made it a top choice for conducting business worldwide.

Singapore offers a skilled labor force, which attracts businesses looking to tap into a talent pool of diverse skills and expertise. Its business-friendly economy makes it easy for both domestic and international businesses to establish their presence and thrive.

With its position as an important center for trade, financial services, wealth management, and commodities trading, Singapore provides numerous avenues for entrepreneurs and investors to explore.

Industries such as electronics manufacturing, machinery, financial services, and tourism offer exciting prospects for those seeking profitable ventures in this global city-state.

Global Education Hub

A diverse group of students studying in a modern university classroom with laptops and textbooks.

Singapore is widely known as a global education hub with many top-notch educational institutions. The country has worked hard to establish itself as a center for learning and research, attracting students from all over the world.

One notable institution is the National University of Singapore (NUS), which has gained recognition in global rankings. Singapore’s education system has garnered international interest and acclaim, positioning the country as a key player in providing quality education.

With its commitment to excellence and innovative teaching methods, Singapore aims to be at the forefront of shaping future generations through education.

Clean and Safe Environment

A diverse group of friends enjoying a picnic in a beautiful park setting.

Singapore is famous for its clean and safe environment. The city-state takes cleanliness seriously, with the government actively promoting campaigns like the “Keep Singapore Clean” initiative.

As a result of these efforts, Singapore consistently ranks high in cleanliness rankings and is often regarded as one of the cleanest cities in the world. The government believes that maintaining a clean environment enhances the quality of life for Singaporeans and fosters national pride.

This commitment to cleanliness contributes to Singapore’s reputation as one of the most liveable countries globally.

Unique Laws and Regulations

A No Smoking sign in a public park, surrounded by people enjoying their time.

In Singapore, there are some unique laws and regulations that you need to be aware of. First off, smoking is not allowed in public places. This means you can’t smoke in parks, restaurants, or on the streets.

Another interesting law is that chewing gum is illegal. You won’t find it being sold anywhere and if you’re caught bringing it into the country, you could face serious consequences.

When it comes to eating or drinking on public transport, like buses or trains, it’s a big no-no in Singapore. They have strict rules against this to keep their transportation system clean and hygienic for everyone.

If you enjoy playing musical instruments, be cautious while doing so in public spaces in Singapore because it’s not allowed without proper permits. The government wants to maintain peace and quiet for its residents.

Here’s an unusual law – walking around naked even inside your own house is actually illegal! So make sure to always dress appropriately when inside your home.

Lastly, Singapore has very strict laws against littering, jaywalking (crossing the street illegally), and graffiti. These are offenses that can lead to hefty fines or even jail time!

So remember these unique laws when visiting Singapore to ensure a smooth and trouble-free stay!

Multicultural Society

A diverse group of people celebrating and interacting together in a bustling atmosphere.

Singapore is renowned for being a multicultural society, with people from various ethnic backgrounds living together harmoniously. The country is home to a diverse population of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and other communities.

This cultural mix contributes to Singapore’s rich heritage and vibrant atmosphere. People of different faiths also coexist peacefully in Singapore, promoting religious tolerance among its citizens.

In fact, over seven in ten Singaporeans believe that personal success is not determined by one’s race or ethnicity. This commitment to multiculturalism makes Singapore an inclusive and welcoming place for people from all walks of life.

Global City for Expats

Global City for Expats 129605347

Singapore is renowned as a global city for expats, with around 1.5 million foreigners calling it home. Many people choose to live in Singapore because of its high quality of life and strong economic stability.

The city-state offers excellent job opportunities and a wealth of amenities and services that cater to the expat community’s needs.

Expats appreciate Singapore’s reputation as a global hub, attracting individuals from all over the world. They find comfort in the vibrant expat communities present throughout the city, which provide support networks and foster a sense of belonging.

In addition, Singapore consistently ranks as one of Asia’s top cities for expats due to its outstanding quality of life for both individuals and families.

Living in Singapore allows expats to experience diverse cultures and benefit from the multicultural environment. The blend of traditions, cuisines, languages, and customs creates an enriching experience that encourages exploration and learning.

Overall, Singapore’s appealing qualities as a global city make it an attractive destination for many expats seeking new opportunities while enjoying an excellent standard of living.


A vibrant and captivating night view of Gardens by the Bay, featuring diverse individuals and a bustling atmosphere.

Singapore is famous for its top tourist attractions, such as Universal Studios and Gardens by the Bay. It’s also known for its unique food culture, including Hainanese Chicken Rice and the Singapore Sling cocktail.

In addition, Singapore is recognized for its world-class airportexcellent business opportunitiesglobal education hub, clean and safe environment, unique laws and regulations, multicultural society, and being a global city for expats.


1. What is Singapore famous for?

Singapore is famous for its clean streets, modern architecture, delicious food, vibrant shopping scene, and efficient public transportation.

2. What are some popular tourist attractions in Singapore?

Popular tourist attractions in Singapore include the Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa Island, Universal Studios Singapore, and the Merlion Park.

3. Is English widely spoken in Singapore?

Yes, English is one of the official languages in Singapore and widely spoken along with Mandarin Chinese, Malay, and Tamil.

4. Can you tell me about the famous hawker centers in Singapore?

Hawker centers are a must-visit in Singapore as they offer affordable and delicious local dishes like chicken rice or laksa with a wide variety of stalls to choose from.

5. Are there any unique cultural practices or festivals celebrated in Singapore?

Singapore celebrates various cultural festivals throughout the year such as Chinese New Year,Singapore lantern festival (Mid-Autumn Festival), Hari Raya Puasa (Eid al-Fitr), Deepavaliwhich showcase its multicultural heritage.

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