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WELLAGE%2BWhite%2BAqua%2BRoll%2BMask%2BPack0 When I first receive the WELLAGE White Aqua Roll Mask Pack, I was quite surprised and intrigued. “What is that?” was my first reaction – a roll mask pack?? WELLAGE%2BWhite%2BAqua%2BRoll%2BMask%2BPack1 Yes it is. The WELLAGE White Aqua Roll Mask Pack comes in a cylinder container with 10 separately packed sheets inside. It fits right on the face just by pulling down the stick which the mask sheet is rolled on. WELLAGE%2BWhite%2BAqua%2BRoll%2BMask%2BPack2 When opened, you can tell that the mask was super soaked with the mask essence. The only downside to this is, it gets too messy. When I tried to take this mask out to take photos, the solution essence just drips everywhere. Maybe because I was taking photo so it gets a little hard to manage. I guess I can suggest that you do this in your bathroom so that any excess essence just drips into the sink or something. WELLAGE%2BWhite%2BAqua%2BRoll%2BMask%2BPack3

I guess another good point is that its small packaging is good for travel.


It’s not just all about the WELLAGE White Aqua Roll Mask Pack.

This mask also contains 25 functional ingredients help to keep the facial skin moist. It’s also made of best-quality cupra sheets, which holds moisture for longer time with its cohesiveness and elasticity, to supply nutrients on the facial skin without irritation. The sheet does not dry out easily and nourishes the skin for longer time. 

I admit I can’t tell a difference just by one masking. What I can however tell you is that the essence left after the mask was removed doesn’t feel stick at all on the face. I went to bed straight after masking and my face feels nothing but refreshed! Doesn’t feel greasy the next day either. 


Thank you BNTnews for sending this lovely item over! 


Thanks for reading! ❤ Love, Celine

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