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(All photos from Animal Lovers League)

Animal Lovers League (ALL) is a non-profit organisation. It is the only no-kill animal shelter around here and it is home to more than 700 beautiful cats and dogs!

They spend their resources caring for the animals under their care and this includes ensuring they have three meals a day and are treated for whatever health complications they may suffer from.

Most of the animals are rescued strays and dogs who were once abandoned, abused, injured, or ill. The volunteers at ALL have a huge heart and their will to go on has been a huge factor to the well-being of these animals.

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(All photos from Animal Lovers League)


That being said, there are certainly many difficulties a non-profit organisation such as ALL would have to face. With a rental of S$22000 a month and more than S$30000 owed to their vet, it is absolutely tough to be running solely based on donations.


Some events in the past have been planned to help ALL overcome these financial obstacles.

On 30 October 2016, ALL will be having their first ever flag day! Floral Garage Singapore and their newest subsidiary specialising in Christmas Trees and Christmas Decorations have agreed to sponsor all the supplies in the form of donation tin cans, stickers, and so on.


HOWEVER, the ONLY thing we need now is your support! ALL needs as many volunteers as possible right now and we hope we can all do our bit!

Logon to tinyurl.com/gkpfrkx to register your interest now! A small deed could indeed go a long way for them.

In the mean time, do logon to their Facebook to check out what they have been up to!

Also, to find out why we should adopt instead of buy, do check out this interesting read by Floral Garage Singapore by clicking here.


Your volunteer can render lots of help to this little guy here!

 Thanks for reading! ❤

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