Discover The Best Tourist Attractions In Vietnam With A Detailed Tourist Map

An aerial shot of the stunning Ha Long Bay with limestone karsts and emerald waters.

Planning a trip to Vietnam but overwhelmed by the wealth of attractions? You’re not alone. This vibrant country is brimming with fascinating historic sitesstunning landscapes, and culturally-rich cities waiting for you to explore.

Our detailed tourist map and guide will effortlessly lead you through all the must-visit locations across its length and breadth. Buckle your seatbelts; an unforgettable journey awaits!

Key Takeaways

  • Vietnam is a vibrant country with fascinating historic sites, stunning landscapes, and culturally-rich cities waiting to be explored.
  • detailed tourist map of Vietnam can help you navigate the must-visit locations across the northern, central, and southern regions of the country.
  • Some top attractions in North Vietnam include Sapa’s stunning landscapes, Hanoi’s historic sites and culture-rich streets, Ha Long Bay’s breathtaking beauty, and Ninh Binh’s natural beauty.
  • In Central Vietnam, don’t miss exploring Hoi An’s UNESCO World Heritage status and well – preserved ancient architecture, Hue’s historical sites like Thien Mu Pagoda, Nha Trang’s sandy beaches and marine tourism opportunities including snorkeling and diving activities, Da Nang’s stunning bridges like Dragon Bridge and Son Tra Peninsula for beautiful natural landscapes.
  • Quang Binh in Central Vietnam offers incredible cave systems to explore such as Phong Nha Caves and Paradise Cave.
  • In Southern Vietnam, popular tourist spots include Phu Quoc Island known for its 19 breathtaking beaches and bays; Ho Chi Minh City offering a blend of history & culture with attractions like Cu Chi Tunnels; Can Tho with its beautiful countryside & famous floating markets; Vung Tau with its stunning coastline perfect for beach lovers.

Overview of Vietnam Travel Maps

A diverse group of travelers explores the vibrant streets of Hanoi in a bustling atmosphere.

Planning a trip to Vietnam? Let’s dive into the fascinating world of the Vietnam travel map. This all-encompassing tool is much more than simple geography. It’s your comprehensive guide to understanding what this beautiful country has to offer – from must-see attractions to hidden gems.

The various maps are designed keeping tourist interests in mind, highlighting key destinations across the northern, central and southern regions of Vietnam. They showcase appealing sites ranging from bustling cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, breathtaking landscapes of Ha Long Bay and Sapa, cultural riches of Hue and Hoi An, to beaches in Phu Quoc and Nha Trang.

Besides helping you navigate around, these maps provide insights on activities that you can enjoy during your journey. You’ll find four printable versions spotlighting different aspects such as varied outdoor pursuits or exciting food tours capturing rich Vietnamese culture.

Dive deep into planning mode with these detailed yet easy-to-understand Vietnam travel maps!

North Vietnam: Must-Visit Places

The photo showcases the iconic golden rice terraces of Sapa, with a diverse group of people in different outfits.

Explore the majestic landscapes of Sapa, immerse yourself in the vibrant streets of Hanoi, and be amazed by the breathtaking beauty of Ha Long Bay.

TOP 5 destinations to visit in North Vietnam!


A woman wearing a traditional Vietnamese hat smiles in a vibrant rice field surrounded by different people and outfits.

Sapa is a great place to visit in North Vietnam. It is loved for its stunning lands and pretty, untouched country views. You can reach Sapa by taking night sleep trains from Hanoi to Lao Cai.

After that, go on a car ride to Sapa.

The drive alone will leave you in awe with the sight of tall mountains and deep valleys. People call Sapa a “flower on bloom” found in the northwest part of Vietnam. This charming spot shows off beauty everywhere you look!


A vibrant night market scene captured in a bustling street in Hanoi's Old Quarter.

Hanoi is the heart of Vietnam. Here, you can find very old sites and lots of culture. It sits on the west bank of the Red River. The Old Quarter is full of long alleys that tell a story.

Hoan Kiem Lake adds beauty to the city. You can learn a lot at places like the Temple of Literature and Ethnology Museum. If you look around, you’ll see many buildings from French colonial times.

Make sure to taste street food here! You also should watch a water puppet show – it’s really fun!

Ninh Binh

A woman in a traditional hat walks through a lush rice field in Vietnam.

Ninh Binh is a popular tourist attraction in North Vietnam known for its natural beauty. This province offers stunning scenery, including caves and rice fields. One must-see spot in Ninh Binh is the Tam Coc – Bich Dong grotto, an ancient site located in Ninh Hai commune.

Another must-visit place is Trang An Scenic Landscape, where you can take a boat tour and explore the beautiful surroundings. Don’t forget to check out Hang Mua viewpoint for panoramic views of Ninh Binh.

Soak in the breathtaking sights and enjoy the tranquility this destination has to offer.

Ha Giang

A vibrant photo showcasing lush green terraced fields in Ha Giang, capturing the bustling atmosphere and diverse individuals.

Ha Giang in North Vietnam is a must-visit place for its breathtaking landscapes and impressive limestone formations. The province is known for its powerful rivers and friendly locals.

One of the top attractions in Ha Giang is the Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, where you can see geologic wonders. Don’t miss driving along the Ma Pi Leng Pass to enjoy the stunning mountain views.

If you want to experience unspoiled rural life, visit Thon Tha Village. Ha Giang is also famous for its spectacular terraced fields and authentic hill tribe villages that you can explore on hikes along local tracks.

Ha Long Bay

A traditional fishing boat sails through the stunning limestone formations of Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Bay is a must-visit place in North Vietnam. It is famous for its stunning natural beauty, with its limestone formations and scenic views. UNESCO has recognized Ha Long Bay as a cultural heritage site and a natural wonder of the world.

Visitors can explore the bay by going on island-hopping tours, where they can see the beautiful islands and caves. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or go kayaking, Ha Long Bay offers something for everyone.

Don’t forget to check out the detailed tourist map available for visitors to help you navigate this amazing tourist attraction during your Vietnam vacation!

Central Vietnam: Top Destinations

A vibrant, scenic sunrise illuminates the ancient ruins of Hoi An in a bustling atmosphere.

Central Vietnam offers a variety of top destinations that are worth exploring.

TOP 5 places to visit in Central VIETNAM

Hoi An

An elderly Vietnamese fisherman on a traditional wooden boat in the bustling atmosphere of the Thu Bon River.

Hoi An is a beautiful town located in the central Quang Nam Province of Vietnam. It is known for its UNESCO World Heritage status and well-preserved ancient architecture. Walking through the cute streets of Hoi An, you can admire the stunning heritage buildings and soak in the rich cultural heritage of this trading port.

Hoi An attracts both domestic and international tourists with its natural landscapes, including rivers, beaches, and islands. Don’t forget to try some traditional delicacies while exploring this charming town.

The Ancient Town of Hoi An offers an outstanding experience with its grand architecture and beguiling riverside views.


A photo of Thien Mu Pagoda on a misty morning with a bustling atmosphere and diverse individuals.

Hue is a city in central Vietnam that used to be the capital of the country. It is located in Thua Thien Hue province and shares borders with Quang Tri Province and Da Nang. Hue is famous for its historical sites, including emperors’ tombs and pagodas.

One popular pagoda in Hue is called Thien Mu Pagoda.

Nha Trang

A group of friends enjoy a boat trip amidst stunning islands and crystal blue waters in Nha Trang.

Nha Trang is a stunning coastal city in Central Vietnam that attracts visitors from all around the world. With its sandy beaches, scenic islands, and crystal blue waters, Nha Trang is truly a paradise for beach lovers.

The city boasts a six-kilometer coastline, offering plenty of space to relax and soak up the sun.

One of the main highlights of Nha Trang is its marine tourism. Visitors can indulge in various water activities such as snorkeling and diving to explore the vibrant underwater world teeming with colorful coral reefs and marine life.

Island hopping is also a popular activity here, allowing travelers to discover the beauty of nearby islands like Hon Mun and Hon Tam.

Da Nang

Da Nang is a popular tourist destination in Central Vietnam. The city is known for its stunning bridges, such as the famous Dragon Bridge. If you want to enjoy breathtaking views of the coastline and the city, you can take a ride on the long cable car in Da Nang.

The city is also famous for its delicious cuisine, with a wide variety of dishes to try. When visiting Da Nang, make sure to explore the Marble Mountains and Son Tra Peninsula, which offer beautiful natural landscapes and historical sites.

And if you’re looking for a relaxing day at the beach, head over to My Khe Beach with its white sand and crystal-clear waters.

Quang Binh

Quang Binh, located in central Vietnam, is famous for its stunning cave systems and natural landmarks. It is known as the “kingdom of caves” due to its abundance of underground wonders.

One of the top attractions in Quang Binh is the Phong Nha Caves, a network of limestone caves featuring magnificent stalactite formations. Another popular destination is Paradise Cave, which boasts breathtaking stalagmites and stalactites.

For adventurers seeking a once-in-a-lifetime experience, Son Doong Cave is a must-visit. As the world’s largest cave, it offers an incredible underground landscape that will leave you in awe.

Southern Vietnam: Popular Tourist Spots

A beautiful aerial photograph capturing the vibrant cityscape of Ho Chi Minh City at sunset.

Phu Quoc, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, and Vung Tau are some of the most popular tourist spots in Southern Vietnam.

Ultimate Southern Vietnam Guide — Ho Chin Minh, Da Lat, Phu Quoc & Mui Ne  | The Travel Intern

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is a beautiful island found in southern Vietnam, just 50km off the mainland. This stunning island boasts numerous natural landscapes and special tourist attractions for you to explore.

With 19 breathtaking beaches and bays, Phu Quoc offers an incredible beach experience like no other. If you’re looking for a luxurious getaway, the island also has plenty of high-end resorts and accommodations to choose from.

The best time to visit Phu Quoc is during the dry season, which usually lasts from November to April. So pack your bags and get ready to enjoy all that this tropical paradise has to offer!

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, is a popular tourist destination in southern Vietnam. This bustling city offers a unique blend of history, culture, and modernity. One must-see attraction is the Cu Chi Tunnels, located just outside the city.

These underground tunnels were used during the Vietnam War and provide a fascinating glimpse into the country’s past. District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City is another area that shouldn’t be missed, with its top attractions and essential activities for visitors.

The War Remnants Museum is a must-visit to learn about the war history of Vietnam through its exhibits and artifacts. Another recommended attraction is the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre, where you can enjoy traditional puppet shows depicting Vietnamese folk tales.

Can Tho

Can Tho is a popular tourist spot in Southern Vietnam. It’s well-known for its beautiful countrysidetraditional villages, and scenic canals. In Can Tho, you can explore the local markets and taste delicious fruits from the orchards and gardens.

One of the main attractions of the city is its floating markets where you can witness waterway transportation and experience agricultural tourism. Don’t forget to visit the historical landmarks in Can Tho to learn about its rich history.

The best time to visit Can Tho is before 10 am when the markets are bustling with activity.

Vung Tau

Vung Tau is a popular tourist spot in southern Vietnam, known for its beautiful seaside. It offers a stunning coastline with calm waves at Bai Sau, making it perfect for beach lovers.

Located just 120 KM from Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau is the closest beach destination to the city and attracts many tourists. With numerous good resorts available, Vung Tau is an ideal place for vacationers looking for a coastal getaway.

Its extensive beaches make it a must-visit destination in Vietnam.

Vietnam Map with Cities

A traveler holding a Vietnam map in front of iconic landmarks in Ho Chi Minh City.

A detailed Vietnam map with cities is an invaluable tool for tourists, offering an extensive overview of the country’s diverse regions and their top attractions.

1. Hanoi: The capital city is famous for its centuries-old architecture and a rich culture with Southeast Asian, Chinese, and French influences.

2. Ha Long Bay: This UNESCO World Heritage site is renowned for its emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone islands topped by rainforests.

3. Sapa: A highland town, Sapa is known for its terraced rice fields and stunning mountaintop views.

4. Hue: Once the imperial capital of the Nguyen Dynasty, Hue is full of historic sites.

5. Da Nang: This coastal city in central Vietnam is well-known for its sandy beaches and history as a French colonial port.

6. Hoi An: A well-preserved ancient town, Hoi An boasts a mix of eras and styles, with buildings that reflect influences from both local and foreign cultures.

7. Nha Trang: This seaside resort city is famous for its beaches, scuba diving, and offshore islands.

8. Ho Chi Minh City: This bustling city, also known as Saigon, is famous for its iconic landmarks like the Notre Dame Cathedral.

9. Can Tho: Known as the ‘rice basket of Vietnam’, Can Tho is famed for its floating markets and canals.

10. Vung Tau: Located on a peninsula, Vung Tau offers beaches, seafood, and a giant Jesus statue.

11. Phu Quoc: This island is a paradise for beach lovers with its white sandy beaches and clear waters.

12. Ninh Binh: Known as ‘Halong Bay on Land’, Ninh Binh offers striking landscapes of limestone peaks and rice fields.

13. Ha Giang: This destination, off the beaten path, offers one of the best motorbike routes – the Ha Giang Loop.

14. Quang Binh: This province is famous for being home to the world’s largest cave, Hang Son Doong, located in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

Must-Try Vietnamese Dishes

A photo of a person holding a Banh Mi sandwich in a bustling cityscape with various detailed faces and outfits.

Vietnamese cuisine offers a variety of delicious dishes that are worth trying. Here are seven must-try Vietnamese dishes:

  1. Pho: A popular noodle soup dish made with flavorful broth, rice noodles, and your choice of meat or vegetables.
  2. Banh Mi: A tasty Vietnamese sandwich filled with various ingredients like grilled pork, pickled vegetables, herbs, and mayonnaise.
  3. Goi Cuon: Fresh spring rolls filled with shrimp, pork, lettuce, herbs, and rice vermicelli noodles, served with a dipping sauce.
  4. Bun Cha: Grilled pork patties served with rice noodles, fresh herbs, and a sweet and tangy dipping sauce.
  5. Com Tam: Broken rice served with grilled pork chops, shredded pork skin, a fried egg, and pickled vegetables.
  6. Cao Lau: A specialty dish from Hoi An featuring thick rice noodles served in a savory broth with slices of roast pork and crispy croutons.
  7. Banh Xeo: Vietnamese-style pancakes made from rice flour batter filled with bean sprouts, shrimp or pork, and served with fresh herbs and dipping sauce.

Travel Tips and Resources

'A traditional Vietnamese fishing boat surrounded by lush green landscapes on a peaceful river.'Vietnam’s official tourism website is a great resource for travel tips and information. They can give you advice on the best places to visit in Vietnam and recommend things to do while you’re there.

Whether you’re looking for scenic views, natural wonders, or cultural experiences, Vietnam has it all. The website also provides detailed tourist maps that show popular destinations in Vietnam.

These maps not only highlight the must-visit places but also include information on dining options, nightlife spots, and shopping opportunities. If you’re traveling on a budget, Nomadic Matt’s travel guide offers a budget-friendly option for exploring Vietnam.

With all these resources at your fingertips, planning your trip to Vietnam will be a breeze!

17 Best Places to Visit in Vietnam

A woman in traditional Vietnamese dress stands in front of a colorful mural in Hoi An.

Vietnam has many amazing places to visit. Here are the 17 best ones:

  1. Sapa
  2. Hanoi
  3. Ninh Binh
  4. Ha Giang
  5. Ha Long Bay
  6. Hoi An
  7. Hue
  8. Nha Trang
  9. Da Nang
  10. Quang Binh
  11. Phu Quoc
  12. Ho Chi Minh City
  13. Can Tho
  14. Vung Tau
  15. Mai Chau
  16. Lan Ha Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay
  17. Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park


A captivating photo showcasing rice terraces at sunset with a variety of people, outfits, and hairstyles.

In conclusion, exploring the best tourist attractions in Vietnam is made easier with a detailed tourist map. From the breathtaking landscapes of Halong Bay and Sapa to the historical sites in Hue and Hoi An, Vietnam has something for every traveler.

With the help of a printable tourist map, you can navigate your way through this beautiful country and discover its incredible sights and experiences. So grab your map and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Vietnam!


1. How can I access a detailed tourist map of Vietnam?

You can access a detailed tourist map of Vietnam by visiting tourism websites, using travel apps, or obtaining physical maps from tourist information centers.

2. What are some must-visit tourist attractions in Vietnam?

Some must-visit tourist attractions in Vietnam include Ha Long Bay, Hoi An Ancient Town, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), the Cu Chi Tunnels, and the Mekong Delta.

3. Is it safe for tourists to visit Vietnam?

Yes, Vietnam is generally considered safe for tourists. However, it’s always advisable to take common precautions like protecting your belongings and being aware of your surroundings.

4. Are there any visa requirements for visiting Vietnam as a tourist?

Yes, most tourists will need to obtain a visa before entering Vietnam. You can apply for a visa through the Vietnamese embassy/consulate or use an online service that provides e-visa options.

5. Can I explore the best tourist attractions in Vietnam on my own or should I join guided tours?

You have the option to explore the best tourist attractions in Vietnam on your own or join guided tours depending on your preferences and comfort level with independent travel. Guided tours can provide convenience and insights from knowledgeable guides while exploring independently allows more flexibility and freedom to discover at your own pace.

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