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VDL%2BCosmetics%2Bsingapore The latest beauty hit in town is probably none other than VDL Singapore. Launched in early 2013, VDL Singapore is now at its 5th outlet, recently opened in Ion Orchard Link! I was invited to grace this opening along with several friends, and I’m all excited to share with you their latest collection and beauty products not to be missed!  Pictured above from left: VDL Lumilayer Primer, VDL Metal Cushion Foundation, VDL Perfecting Last Foundation, VDL Wrinkle Care Roll-on Serum and Almighty Ampoule Essence. 
VDL%2BLaunch%2Bparty%2Bion%2Borchard The VDL Launch Party with the media and beauty bloggers was held few days back, and we were given a makeup demonstration using VDL’s latest beauty products.  VDL%2BLaunch%2Bmedia%2Bion%2Borchard VDL%2Bbeauty%2Bblogger%2Bmedia%2Bevent 1
singapore%2Bbeauty%2Bbloggers%2Bevent Lots of photos with my girlfriends! VDL%2Bbeauty%2Bblogger%2Bmedia%2Bevent 2 So let’s start off with the review shall we?    

VDL%2BLumilayer%2Bprimer%2Breview The VDL Lumilayer Primer (30ml, S$36) is highly raved for its lightweight texture.  When spread, it feels more like a lotion. Firstly, this primer is different because it does not instantly mattifies the skin unlike some other kinds. It instead gives a layer of shimmery white which is simply gorgeous. Apparently, this is thanks to the Violet Lightflects pigment that evens out skin tone to give a very dewy and glowy effect if applied as the base makeup. The best part of it? Even if you continue applying layers of foundation or cosmetics products, this light technology will still maintain that glow on the skin. I reckon this a very good makeup case if you are going to wear heavy makeup or heading out for a long day. 

VDL%2Bcosmetics%2Band%2Bskincare 15
VDL Lumilayer Primer (30ml, S$36) feels extremely lightweight and smells good!

Moving up next is the VDL Perfecting Last Foundation SPF 30/PA++.

VDL Perfecting Last Foundation SPF 30/PA++, 30ml S$42

The VDL Perfecting Last Foundation SPF 30/PA++ gives a flawless coverage when applied. In fact, I only spread using my fingers and it look pretty good already (see above photo). Formulated with Light-Fitting Cover Complex technology, this foundation contains pigment particles that are of flat surface, which explains why there was no clumps or streaks when applied smoothly on the skin. It also comes in 4 convenient shades to suit all skin shades. 

Another dual function about this liquid foundation is that is balances up water and oil level in the skin with Bio Moisture layer technology, which helps to moisturise our skin with its sun protection feature. Just a minor thing – I really like how it comes in a frosted bottle! :*


VDL%2Bcosmetics%2Band%2Bskincare 16
VDL SKIN P+R=O Almighty Ampoule Essence

On the other hand, I was quite surprised to hear that VDL has its skincare range too!  Supposed to be the first step before applying any makeup items, the VDL SKIN P+R=O Almighty Ampoule Essence, 50ml S$88 is an anti-oxidant ampoule essence. So what does it exactly mean anti-oxidant? Because our skin gets exposed to the harmful sunrays, anti-oxidants help to repair and prevent damage caused to our skin. Apparently unlike sun protection feature, anti-oxidants help to protect our skin from the inside-out.  Thanks to the natural fermented ingredients found in this ampoule essence which helps to break down the molecular structure of ingredients to deliver nutrients for the skin, the essence is great to help improve skin condition and reduce signs of aging. I’ll recommend to use this after toner and before moisturiser.  

VDL%2Bcosmetics%2Band%2Bskincare 17
VDL SKIN P+R=O Almighty Ampoule Essence feels like water – very very light


Another two products were sent over for review and I am ABSOLUTELY loving the metal cushion foundation. It’s my go-to foundation now!
SAM 0074%2Bcopy VDL%2Bmetal%2Bcushion%2Bfoundation As you can tell, this foundation is really unique. Not only is it the first cushion foundation VDL has released, it is also an innovative cosmetic item that provides long-lasting coverage while bringing you skincare benefits.  The metal plate as you can see, is a LG Patented metal plate technology. It helps to keep the low-viscosity foundation cool while keeping the moisture level of the foundation moisturized and bacterial-free. Included in the foundation is also a combination of radiant powder and skin cell powder, which both together boost long-lasting coverage.  To top it up, the Skin Cell Powder not only gives high coverage but also makes the skin look smooth and flawless. Don’t trust me? Have a look at the photos coming up:

From here, you can tell the foundation immediately brightens up my skin tone. It gives that luminosity and not making me look too pale at the same time. 
How about a same-side comparison? Left: Untouched. Right: Applied Metal Cushion Foundation. 

Indeed, the VDL Metal Cushion Foundation SPF50+, PA+++ (S$52, 15g) is able to cover any redness and blemishes to a certain extent. I’m having a bad breakout these days due to the time of the month, so I’m glad this is able to help alleviate the redness and cover up all the flaws!

VDL Wrinkle Care Roll-On Serum, S$73, 15ml

Finally, something that is really useful for a girl who needs to start taking care of her skin in the anti-aging aspect! This VDL Wrinkle Care Roll-On Serum is a twist type which ultimately promotes hygiene. Comes with high levels of concentrated Centella Asiatica, it promotes collagen synthesis to improve skin condition, reduce wrinkles and promote skin elasticity. Don’t get the misconception, this not only can be used on the under-eyes but the laugh lines too! Special mention to the metal ball applicator – it helps to massage the areas to enhance absorption of the serum and blood circulation as well! Woooo!

SAM 0099%2Bcopy
Serum for laugh-lines and wrinkles

Thank you VDL for sending these lovely items so that I can try out so many useful products!

VDL items are available in all VDL outlets: 

VDL ION Orchard Linkway #B2-75 Tel: 6509 5206

VDL Bugis Junction #02-21 Tel: 6337 9362

VDL Bedok Mall #01-35 Tel: 6844 9318

VDL Jurong Point #01-02 Tel: 6794 3561

VDL Suntec City #02-338/9 Tel: 6837 3442

Girls catching up over coffee after the event ^.^ VDL%2Bcosmetics%2Band%2Bskincare 12 If you like the post, support by following me on instagram! Love, Celine

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