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This is not my original tutorial. 

I’ve always loved youtube nail artist cutepolish’s nail tutorial videos and I pretty much like to try out her designs. 

I did an edited version of the valentine’s leopard nails. If you like this look, keep reading! 🙂 

2013 02 10+10.09.10

First, apply top coat and use the pink glitter to paint the tip of your nails. 

2013 02 10+09.13.07 2

If you think the pink glitter are not obvious enough, apply a second coat. Here, I applied two to three coats actually. 

2013 02 10+09.15.44

Here’s all my working tools! 

I had the faceshop nail art pen too. You can find it here at my first tutorial2013 02 10+09.28.18

You don’t necessarily need to use dotting tools and nail art brushes to do nail art. A simple toothpick can actually do simple tricks. The most important is not the tools you can buy, it’s a firm and stable hand while doing the art! Hehe. 

Secondly, take the toothpick, dab into some darker pink nail polish and start making some heart designs. Try not to fill your nails with too many hearts because we need some leopard prints later! 🙂

2013 02 10+09.23.46

Third, here we go, dabbing some brown spots into the space between the pink hearts 🙂

2013 02 10+09.28.31

Lastly, take the black nail pen and outline the spots and hearts! Never outline the whole thing because leopard prints are supposed to be incomplete 🙂

2013 02 10+09.34.46

One photo with flash! 

2013 02 10+09.41.51

Honestly, I like the design a lot! :)) 

2013 02 10+09.42.00
2013 02 10+09.43.26

Try it out yourself! You definitely need a lot of patience and practice to get nice pretty nails 🙂

All the best! 


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