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When you step into Tonkotsu King, you might be as surprised as me. 

That’s because the whole eatery is pretty small-sized, and I guess it’s the smallest eatery I’ve even been to, yet having such a long queue outside the shop. Don’t judge the size of the eatery because the quality of the ramen will surprise you even more. 

Verdict: Amazing ramen

This was what I have, and I really miss this ramen just as when I am typing this L

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Red Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen 


With the freedom of choice to add Japanese seaweed at a dollar extra, or flavoured egg at two dollars extra, you can easily customized your own ramen. Despite this, they only have three types of ramen available, which is why they can serve you at a very speedy pace! 

Their three types of ramen are Tonkotsu RamenRed Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen and Black Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen. 

The red spicy ramen wasn’t actually veryy spicy. It’s manageable J

But if you are not into spiciness, opt for the Tonkotsu Ramen will do, but they do taste a little normal.


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On your table, you will find some sesame seasonings, spicy marinated bean sprouts and a bowl of hard boiled eggs. The hard boiled eggs and bean sprouts are free flow, yes you are not reading it wrongly, they are free flow. The sesame was provided with grinding equipment. I suppose they bring out stronger aroma after grinding and including into the broth. It tasted really good when you mix the sesame into your broth, and it really makes a difference to the broth. Considering this coming from a person who isn’t a fan of sesame (that’s me), trust me! 

The eatery is really small and there are less than 10 tables inside. So please don’t ever do in a group! Four is the maximum quantity you should have if you want to sit together at a same table. To think of it, the place is too small to even be suitable for you to hold a gathering dinner there. 

There was a very long queue outside at about 6pm on a weekend, but if you don’t mind queueing for about 15-20 mins for a great deal of ramen, go for it. It’s worth your wait. You’ll be given an order form to write down your order while you are queueing. When you step into the eatery, you pass the order form to the waiter and your ramen will be at your table within 5 mins. That is why although the queue is long, it’s fast as well. 

I love the ramen, it is by far the best that I’ve tried. Compared to places like Ajisen, this is so much more authentic and delicious. The broth was especially thick and tasty. I would love to go back again!  I don’t think they take reservations though, so go early and start queueing for the plausible best ramen you can have, at a very affordable price!

ps: this was pretty long ago and the photo was taken before I got my camera lens. 

Tonkotsu King 

( Tel: +65 66360855

Address: Unit 01-19 Orchid Hotel 1 Tras Street

Nearest MRT station: Tanjong Pagar MRT station

Opening hours: 

11.30am – 10pm 


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