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I’m actually pretty excited to be announcing on behalf of TheFaceShop that they have came up with their new version of cushion foundation – TheFaceShop Cushion Screen Cell! Its Cushion Screen Cell foundation contains none other than the screen cell itself, giving you a flawless and lightweight coverage. Let’s zoom in and discover this new kick in town!

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Like your usual BB cushion, TFS Cushion Screen Cell comes with a lid to contain the foundation sponge on top of the cushion foundation. Although formulated to be lighter and fresher, it also comes with the much needed SPF protection of up to SPF 50+ PA +++. 

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Looking at the science behind the TheFaceShop Cushion Screen Cell, it contains Patented Essence Powder and 100% Lily Sap Extracts to give you a longer lasting moisture staying power. 


I gave this product a try and only applied it on the right of my face.You can tell that the Cushion Screen Cell instantly brightens up my face. However, due to its lightweight nature, it itself would not be good enough to cover my blemishes and dark under eyes completely (but still to a certain extent). That means I would recommend at least two layers of application of TheFaceShop Cushion Screen Cell to give a better flawless coverage. 

Unedited photo with presence of blemishes and dark eye circles

Using the Cushion Screen Cell on my entire face. 

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I also experimented it by wearing TheFaceShop Cushion Screen Cell out for the whole day. I have to give it to this cushion foundation for giving me the coverage with the lightest feel possible. The makeup does not streak nor cake up. Unfortunately, my skin does start to produce oil on my T-zone after a few hours like how other foundations would. 

Hopefully, the two main ingredients I mentioned earlier (Patented Essence Powder and 100% Lily Sap Extracts) would give me the moisturising effect which is non-visible at the stage of my review now. 

Finally, I can’t help to notice a great SPF protection value (50+), which gives me a very good reason to replace my sunscreen with TFS Cushion Screen Cell thanks to my laziness. It also reduces the number of products and time I spend on making myself good before I head out for the day 😉

Ask if this is a good buy? I would recommend it to all ladies who like to carry a natural and clean look. Go for it!


TheFaceShop Screen Cell Cushion Natural is retailing at $42.90 in all TheFaceShop stores.

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