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Recently, my mood has been pretty positive. I think I’m really enjoying my only holidays left after finishing my final exams of my entire education life. I still have two months to go before I officially start work, so the only things I do these days are really just eat, sleep, blog, event and the cycle repeats. Well, a little boring at times so I still meet up with friends for lunch and catch up, while planning on my travel too! I’m heading to Australia on 4th June!

OK I totally digressed. The reason why I write this whole chunk of words here to tell you I’m feeling great these days is because when my mood is good, I tend to put in more effort in my makeup! Hahhaha. SO, I’ve began to put on eyeshadow (ya, I know finally right) before drawing my usual eyeliner and theBalm Cosmetics Nude Eyeshadow Palette is definitely playing a huge part of it! 


 theBalm Cosmetics Nude collection recently has its latest addition – the Nude Dude palette! Let’s just say, I really like this product a lot. It’s affordable ($), and it does not compromise on the quality of the eyeshadow. Plus, notice at how the colours matches each other well so you can easily blend them together to create a natural look. 

For a daily look, I’ve been loving the shades ‘Faithful’ and ‘Fit‘. I usually apply ‘Faithful’ onto the entire lid while blending the outer corner with ‘Fit’, all using my fingers! This shows how easily blend-able these eyeshadows are, there’s no need for brushes at all. To get that round watery eyes look, I would then use the brush provided in the palette to line my inner corners of my eyes with ‘Faithful’ again. 


Of course, for a night look, I will also love a dark eyeshadow look by using ‘Fine’ and ‘Friendly’. Always remember to highlight the browbone using ‘Fearless’ as a matte highlighter. To open up the eyes, a shimmery ‘Fabulous’ would be great. 

Notice how the eyeshadow colors are named using adjectives that describe men? Hahaha so cute! 


Moving on to their latest eyeliner collection – Mr. Write eyeliner pencils. 


SASA was generous enough to send over all these lovely colours for me to review. First impression of these crayon eyeliners is that they are really creamy and lovely too draw with. Comes with a great payoff and intense colour, you can rest assure it’ll give you a very nice effect. 

theBalm Cosmetics Mr. Write eyeliner pencils


Here are the colors of the eyeliners. You can tell how pigmented and opaque these eyeliners are! 

I also did a smudge test and it smudged horribly. I told Kymm about it and she advised me to wait for it to completely dry before testing it, and so I did! The result was much bettter than before,  it does not smudge so easily but I’m still deciding if it will smudge for those with oily eyelids!


But one thing I know for sure is, they are surprisingly easy to remove! 🙂 They don’t leave very stubborn residues, and I’m only using micellar water and not oil-based remover. 

theBalm Cosmetics are available in all SASA Stores! 

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