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If one wants to be fully educated about skincare products, and fully aware of their own skin condition, look no further. A trip down to The Skin Pharmacy made me know so much about my own skin, a thorough skin analysis to diagnose the problems of my skin, and of course to find the appropriate products catered to my skin. Just their slogan “We are serious about skin” is good enough to tell you their philosophy – they really are serious about this. Follow me on a fully detailed tour around one of their three outlets and find out what’s so great about this customizable skincare range! ūüėČ Also get to find out my true skin problem that I have never ever thought of and all the misconceptions that I have been carrying through my blogging career…

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The first thing we do before anything else was to understand the skincare products. I notice there are many different products that come from a different category for different skin types. There is the acne range, anti-pigmentation range and even an amino range. Basically, there’s a large array of products!¬†

So off I went to do a consultation with Mei Hui, where she used the skin diagnosis machine to analyze my skin with a complete skin analysis result churned out within seconds. There are in total 5 parameters of our skin to touch on, and a quick summary about my skin is that… I have mild acne problem! Ok, in my whole life I thought I am clear of acne and the only problem I have is skin dryness. But in reality, I’m actually having a very mild acne problem, especially on the forehead which explains all the small little bumps on my forehead. -insert sad face here-¬†

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My skin condition wasn’t as good as it seem on the surface, literally. Look at all those bumpy rough surface!! Urghhhh. You can also imagine why I always¬†find ways to get rid of oily face and acne!

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Having large array of products is useless if you are not using something that is catered to your skin. Which is why Mei Hui, the co-founder and Managing Director of The Skin Pharmacy is very strict about patients and customers having to go through a skin consultation before simply buying the products. Actually, I don’t see why customers would turn down the idea because the consultation fee is totally waived off when you are their customer!¬†

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Here’s Mei Hui, who is also a trained Pharmacist, adding in calculated ingredients into their toner specifically catered to my skin.¬†

Let’s see what would¬†The Skin Pharmacy recommend to those who has generally clear skin but a little clogged forehead like mine.¬†

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My prescribed skincare range from The Skin Pharmacy

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First we have the Amino Deep Cleansing Powder (60g, S$ 28.90). At first I am really intrigued by this cleanser because it’s my first time trying out powder cleansers. OK I admit, I wasn’t ever aware such cleansers existed! Hahaha.¬†

So the step of using this is rather simple. I poured out 50-cents amount of powder and lather it with water to create foams, before I transfer to my face. I find this cleanser cleaning my face very thoroughly, not sure if it’s too thoroughly because my face really feels super clean after my shower. So far my skin does feel a little tight so I’m thinking if I should alternate this cleanser. However, I must say my skin condition is improving day by day so I’m still observing. Otherwise, I quite like this cleanser!¬†

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After cleansing, it’s important to double cleanse so I pour some Sebum Reducing Anti-acne Treatment Toner (115ml, S$ 34.90) on the cotton pads and wipe across my whole face. This is also where thecustomization comes in where Mei Hui actually added a little more Zinc PCA for my case to reduce sebum production (after 4 weeks of treatment) and pore sizes. It’s more of solving my forehead issue.

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Then I move on to the¬†Anti-Acne Intensive Serum (15ml, S$ 69.90), which helps to clear my forehead from many clogged pores. Said to contain nordihydroguaiaretic acid and olenanolic acid, it helps to reduce sebum production, kill P acnes (the acne-causing bacteria) and reduce the symptoms of acne. Since Mei Hui mentioned that I have slight acne problem on my forehead, I am depending on this serum to clear it up. It’s a very lightweight serum which gets absorbed SUPER quickly, I love it!¬†

Sunscreen%2Bfor%2Bacne%2Bskin%2Bsingapore 5To keep the skin moisturised, don’t forget the¬†Natural Oil-free Moisturising Gel (50g, S$ 44.90). This gel is amazing in the sense… I only need to dispense out like smaller than 20cents coin and it can cover my whole face. Basically the texture allows very easy spreading. Comes off as gel but spread like water. Which is why I love it because it doesn’t really stick, and it helps to keep my skin moisturised after the serum step! skincare%2Bproducts%2Bfor%2Bacne%2Bskin%2Bsingapore 6

Finally comes the protection step! 

I’m using a non-tinted¬†Natural Sunscreen SPF 50¬†to make sure all the efforts don’t go down to waste simply cause I don’t put sunscreen to protect my skin. I’m sure you should know by now sunscreens are very essential because there’s no point taking care of your skin with so many skincare steps and not protecting it using sunscreens at the very last step. So yep!

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The Skin Pharmacy Natural Sunscreen SPF 50 blends off well. A little oil but easily pulled off with some translucent powder. 

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It was a great and enriching session with Mei Hui whereby I get to understand all the scientific meanings and terms behind all those products that I’ve been putting onto my face. Likewise, I also find it important that you know what products are catered to your skin, so I reckon a good skin consultation with¬†The Skin Pharmacy is a good start to a better skin ūüôā

The Skin Pharmacy has a few outlets: 

The Skin Pharmacy @ Nex

#B1-69 Nex 23 Serangoon Central Tel: 6634 7855

The Skin Pharmacy @ Parkway Parade

#B1-64 Parkway Parade 80 Marine Parade Road Tel: 6440 8015

The Skin Pharmacy @ Jem

#02-48 Jem 50 Jurong Gateway Road Tel: 6339 0063

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Thank you Mei Hui and Daen for such a wonderful session! ūüôā

Thanks for reading! ‚̧
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