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This holiday season, The Face Shop has launched a few gift sets and one of it being what is already launched and well received – the SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Total Treatment! To prep itself as the perfect gift for your loved ones and sisters, it is packed in a beautiful box along with Fermentation Concentrate Emulsion and Fermentation Concentrate Toner. I’ve been sticking to this regime for quite a while and I’m ready to tell you how I feel about it! 


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1. SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Total Treatment

The SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Total Treatment comes in a heavy frosted glass bottle (150ml). It’s been almost a month since I’ve been using this religiously every morning and night and I’m not even one-tenth of the bottle yet. 

Ingredients wise, it’s said to contain 85% fermented enzyme, fermented caviar, niacin amide, adenosine and panthenol, of which are helpful to moisturise and achieve smooth texture with the fermented concentration. It gets absorbed very easily and quickly, leaving a non-sticky texture on the face. It’s so lightweight such that I’ve replaced this as a toner in my regime. I particularly love the citrusy scent from the concentrate treatment. Who doesn’t like a lovely scent on your face? 


This SMIM Concentrate Total Treatment:

-is extremely lightweight

-can be easily absorbed

-feels like water on the face after tapping the essence into the face

-smells very pleasant for its citrusy scent


2. Fermentation Concentrate Tonerfaceshop%2Bsmin%2Btoner

Straight after the Fermentation Concentrate Treatment, the next step in my beauty regime is the Concentrate Toner. Equally lightweight as the Concentrate treatment and smell equally citrusy and enchanting, the Toner comes in a slightly gelish unlike those water toner. It’s like a perfect blend between gel and water, it’s just in between. 

I like how easily absorbable this toner is, although it does like a slightly sticky texture on the face straight after application. Thankfully it gets fully absorbed after a while and leaves a layer of hydration and protection.


3. SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Emulsionfaceshop%2Bsmin%2Bemulsion

The concentrate emulsion comes in a thick cream base which richly nourishes, but of course leaving a slightly greasy residue on the face; which is why I only use this at night for an intensive hydrating repair. I skip this in the day simply because it’s too rich and it’ll make my face look really greasy. 

With the main ingredient yeast, the concentrate emulsion also includes micro kefir grain fermentation crystals and natural fermentation yeast liquid, which is capable of firming and reduction of wrinkles. 

Comes in a smaller sized glass bottle, I have to say that it’s quite hard to dispense the emulsion out because it’s cream-based and it doesn’t flow easily out of the bottle. 


My favourite product of the gift set is definitely the star product – The Face Shop SMIM Concentrate Total Treatment. Nonetheless, I’ve been actively using the three products in my beauty regime for the past month and I love how it doesn’t cause me breakouts due to overwhelming richness. My skin has been really sensitive and any product that is too rich will cause me breakouts. Well at least now I know The Face Shop’s SMIM collection isn’t too rich for my sensitive skin!


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