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Few weeks back I was very happy to attend TheFaceShop’s 1st Million Special Anniversary at 1-Altitude Raffles Place, along with some of my babes from the blogosphere. The event was to celebrate TheFaceShop’s tremendous success in selling their award winning Raspberry Roots Range. So glad to be witnessing their celebration here!

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The Raspberry Roots Range includes: 

1. Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask (100ml/ $25.90)

2. Raspberry Roots Depuffying Eye Gel (20ml/ $25.90)

& 3. Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch (2 sets/ $8.90)

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Few years back when I was still in JC, TheFaceShop’s items were all I could afford. 

Their affordable price and value-for-money efficacies always justify my buys. My favourite among the Raspberry Roots Range is definitely the sleeping mask! It gives a really thick layer of mask and aims to restore all the moisture that I need overnight. 

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TheFaceShop%2BRaspberry%2Broots%2Bsleeping%2Bmask before%2Band%2Bafter

Eye gel to de-puff and soothe swollen eyes Provides instant cooling & refreshment

Aqua Collagen and Raspberry Roots extract provides intense hydration and improves firmness on the eye areas.


Once again thank you The Face Shop for the wonderful night and congratulations to your 1st Million Special Anniversary!

Thanks for reading! ❤ Love,


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