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Another place in Sydney that I definitely recommend going is the Sydney Fish Market. Sadly, we didn’t go for the behind-the-scenes tour where you get to watch the auctioning of fishes by the vendors, because we have to pay to watch it. Nonetheless, we still paid this fish market a visit and enjoyed some fresh seafood prepared on the spot! 

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How to get to Sydney Fish Market

We actually walked all the way from our hotel located near the Central Station. It was probably about 15-20mins walk, and since the weather was good, we didn’t complain much. If you walked, you should probably get through the entrance and come to this huge parking lot:

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It was a surprise to see that the Fish Market was actually pretty small. There’s only a handful of stores selling seafood and we settled down with the one that had the most customers at that moment. Brace yourself (and your wallet) as you walk past trays of fresh seafood, sashimi and even sushi. 

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We decided on the Seafood Platter and I must say the price is really affordable for what we got. It’s a huge tray of seafood platter and two of us can’t even finish it! For such a price comparable to those in Australia, it’s pretty good and I would suggest you to settle your lunch here. It’s definitely better than at those mediocre restaurants in the city. I had a fish ‘n’ chips at the famous Pancake On The Rocks at about AUD$30 and it was terrible and pathetic, nothing comparable to THIS:

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Also got myself a tray of fresh salmon sashimi at around AUD$15! Decent price I would say. AND IT’S SO FRESH :’)

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If you have the spare cash, I may recommend you to take the behind-the-scenes tour and check out how store owners auction for the fishes. Other than that, I think paying a visit, do a quick stroll and enjoy the fresh seafood is all that matters 🙂

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