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Hey hey hey! Seems like good things always come to an end and I’m back in Singapore sitting behind my laptop typing away to document my travelogue… This time round, since I’m pretty free and have lots of time, I’ve decided to break down my travelogue into different tourist attractions before compiling them into one full travel guide, so that one post won’t be flooded with too many photos. With that being said, let’s start off with one of my favourite tourist attractions in Sydney – The Blue Mountains! 

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We were told and we searched that the Sydney Blue Mountains Tour is one of the must do when in Sydney. Honestly, I really don’t think there’s much things to do in Sydney so this tour is definitely worth it and it’ll take up one full day of your itinerary haha! The boredom in Sydney is to this extent that I am glad a tour (in fact, a good one!) can take up one full day of my time. 

We booked the most basic Sydney Blue Mountains Tour at only AUD $79, and I find it decent enough. If you have the extra cash, go ahead and book a higher priced tour and you’ll be getting way more, like the rides, steepest rail rides etc. For me, I’m good with the cheapest alternative!  

The tour that I booked through a phone call in Sydney actually sent the tour guide to pick us up at our hotel at about 8.20am. What good deal! I don’t have to travel or walk to any pick up point because as you probably have heard, transportation in Sydney is quite expensive. 

So our driver, who also doubled his role as our tour guide, drove us around the Blue Mountains area for a full day. 

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The first stop was the Lincoln’s Rock where we get to see the best view of the Blue Mountains. It was really scary to be standing on the edge of the mountains and I heard somebody actually fell off the cliff before O_O. Holy mama.

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So of course I stayed away from the edge…. hahaha

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After which we drove a while longer to watch some waterfall which isn’t that magnificent. The serene view was however breathtaking though. While some of the tourists decided to pay an additional AUD $39 for three rides, the rest of us get to walk around and do some simple hiking.  

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The weather was so cooling that we can walk without perspiring much. I even had my jacket on in the beginning!

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We also get to see the Three Sisters rock formation in the Blue Mountains.

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There was also time given for lunch, but poor student like me decided to go on a budget because we know restaurants in this area can be extorting money -.-

At the end of the tour, we get to take the ferry back from the mountainous area back to Darling Harbour/Circular Quay! Now how is this $79 tour not worth it!? 

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I definitely recommend the Blue Mountains Tour if you’re in Sydney. Go ahead and google and you’ll find a lot of information about this tour. I highly suggest you to pay cash as well because there was once I called and attempted to book, but they wanted me to pay using my card through the phone! I mean, in that case I won’t even have any proof that I’ve paid so my bf said no. We then called another tour and they allowed us to pay on cash during the tour, which is so much safer! 

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Thank you for being my greatest travel companion in this trip!

Thanks for reading! ❤ 

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