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This is my second time trying out Skinny Pizza, but my first time coming over to the outlet at Wheelock  Place at Orchard. 

Read my skinny pizza experience at Plaza Singapura here2013 02 07+12.09.21

There is a stark difference between this outlet and the one newly opened at Plaza Singapura. Not sure if it’s because of the timing i visited both outlets. I came here on a weekday, in the afternoon for lunch. But obviously, there’s very little people here, compared to the longggg queue at PS. 

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My friend Estelle, and I ordered sides to share. There’s this promotion which comes with 3 sides at $15 only. I think it’s a wiser choice because two sides will already cost about $12? Do the math! 

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Truffle fries, 3 @ $15 

To be honest, this is my first time trying truffle fries and I like it a lot ^.^ It was served piping hot so it’s really nice to eat it right when it was served, but make sure you drink lots of water because it can be really heaty. 

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Seared Brie Cheese, 3 @ $15

Another rare side that I’ve never tried before. For this, it’ll be good if you’re sharing with someone else, UNLESS you really love cheese and will never get sick of it. I couldn’t even finish a piece because the overwhelming cheese flavour was really too much. Nonetheless, it’s a good side to share! 🙂

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Grilled Prawns With Cauliflower Couscous, 3 @ $15 

For this, I don’t really suggest getting it because there’s only like 3 pieces of prawn, for $5, that’s really too much. Plus, there’s nothing much marvelous about it. 

Estelle ordered this:

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Wild Truffled Mushroom $24

Firstly, I apologize for all the ugly photos because all photos were taken with my phone. 

Alright so what’s so special about this? 

We all know truffled mushroom are rare and highly esteemed, because of the way they are extracted. Google to find out more! 

Other than that, Estelle was saying it’s pretty good because of the strong truffled mushroom flavor. I wouldn’t really agree completely because the taste of it was a little too strong for me. Order at your own preference! 

And for me…

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Squid Ink Paella $22

Presentation wise, the bottom part of the rice were burnt and charred, making it sticked onto the pan. Portion wise, the pan was really shallow so you don’t expect much of the rice. So it all ended up with nothing much left, except some clams and squid, with plenty of capsicums (ew I hate that). 

As for how it taste, I don’t really see how special it is that makes me come back for more. I still think skinny pizza’s pizza are better than their other mains. 

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The depth of the rice on the pan is at most 1 inch only. So this is really little for $22. I didn’t eat much! 

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A photo with Estelle, the awesome lady from! 😉

As for the services, the waitresses are really nice and they come to you almost immediately. Perhaps because there’s little customers when I was there! 


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