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Today’s review will be on a very convenient set given to me to try out. 

It’s the Skincode Essentials – Whitening & Brightening Set. 

First, I think it’s important that you know what’s Skincode and where it is from.

Skincode originates from Switzerland and has recently came into our Singapore Market. Their range of products was all developed “through a series of rigorous dermaceutical research and technological breakthroughs.Built on the principle that the skin is a living organ and its genetic “code” must berespected, the collections provide consumers with high-performance, innovativeskincare products reflecting the precision, purity and quality that one has come toexpect from Switzerland.”

Their specialty? Cellular therapy. 

Their key ingredient for its whitening range is CM Glucan, is derived from baker’s yeast. I trust that being founded from as long as 16 years ago (1998) and still well-received, their products sure are capable to bring whitening effects. Most importantly, Skincode products are 100% free from preservatives, artificial fragrances, animal derivatives and artificial colours.

To start off the regime, we have the cool-white essence (30ml).


The cool-white essence (30ml) comes in a frosted glass bottle. Seems really sturdy to me but have to be really careful not to drop onto the ground. I really like this product a lot because immediately after application, there’s an instant cooling effect just like how the name suggests! I’m using this in Europe and I must say this product is one of the products that kept my skin hydrated! You do know how cold countries can do to our skin right 🙁

Product function:
 Ultra-refreshing and oil-free essence with an immediate lightening, refreshingand hydrating effect. With daily application, the skin is gradually lightened as itsingredients help to inhibit the formation of melanin. The skin looks instantlybrighter with a natural matte finish. Imparts an incredible sensation of coolingcomfort and well being.

This product helps to hydrate (like I’ve mentioned) and lightens the skin, helping to fight ageing signs. So far I’ve not really faced ageing signs so I can’t review on this part. But it does feel very hydrating! Not forgetting to mention the cooling sensation! 

I also like how convenient it is to dispense the essence through the pump



skincode+lightening+eye+contour+cream2 lightening+eye+contour+cream

Whole face aside, time to take care of the eye too! 

I have very bad hereditary eye bags which was kindly identified by my Aesthetics doctor from Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade). To be very honest, I’ve been very diligently using this product every night (and mostly mornings too, unless I forgot), but so far the dark circles didn’t really reduce. Let’s be fair, dark circles and especially hereditary eye bags are very hard to cure. So I’m only hoping this product can reduce or slow down the appearance of fine lines around my eye areas. 

I also kinda like the translucent colour after spreading the lightening eye contouring cream, so it sort of act as concealer in the morning! It reduces the colour of my dark circle, but it’s not permanent. Meaning, once it’s washed off, the dark circle is back. 



And finally, how can we forget UV protective cream in the day? 


The UV-Protective Whitening Cream (SPF12) is suitable for sensitive and normal skin, gradually lightening and hydrates the skin while protecting your skin against the harmful UV-radiation & free radicals. 

I can’t tell the effect of UV protective cream of course because what this product does is to product and not to cure. All I can say is that this cream isn’t too greasy and it’s easy to apply! After applying, the opaque cream colour disappears and blend in really well :


But do bear in mind that SPF 12 is not sufficient. Apply sunblock after applying this product! 

I would say Skincode Switzerland products are really trusty and feels atas to me! (haha). 

Enjoy the samples! Enjoy Skincode Essentials 😉




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