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Personal 1/12/2013

Remember I had the skating event half a month ago? Check out event –  day 1 !  Trying to solve the questions on the train…

Remember I had the skating event half a month ago? Check out event – day 12012 12 22+17.07.56

Trying to solve the questions on the train before we set off on our skates. We took a train from cityhall to choachukang and start off our adventure day 2. 

This was on the first night though. Had to clean the wheels because they were really dirty. 

2012 12 22+18.07.11
2012 12 22+18.07.16

After around 40mins, we finally reached choachukang! 

Get our gears all on and ready to go! 

My boyfriend has to check out the routes first. 

2012 12 23+12.43.18+copy

My skates with lights and red shoe laces hehehe. 

2012 12 23+12.43.26+copy
2012 12 23+12.43.13+copy

We were told to wear the same colour as a group, and our group colour was orange! 

After skating for a while, we finally reached the destination for lunch. But the gamemaster wasn’t there yet! Haha, I think we are too fast for them already, they didn’t expect us to reach so early.

So we kind of rested here for a while, 

2012 12 23+13.40.10

and I saw this little boy skating around also! He’s a little talkative haha. 

2012 12 23+13.40.45

After lunch, we quickly skate off to the next few games station and here’s our first game: 

They have to use their mouth to hold on to a spoonful of flour. The objective of this game is to fill up half of the cup, but end up we filled up the whole cup using 2 spoonfuls. 

2012 12 23+14.36.54
2012 12 23+14.37.15

I just sit back and relax. Hahaha! 

2012 12 23+14.37.43
2012 12 23+14.38.07

I don’t know what was I trying to do.

2012 12 23+14.39.25

Our next destination! 

We skated a few more hours along the park and reached our second destination. 

We had to form the card tower! 

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It was my first time attempting this actually. 

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This was when I had to mould an item out of flour. This was “rambutan” HAHA! 

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And end up we emerge the champion! 🙂

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I kind of enjoyed myself throughout this skating adventure race. There were many games and obstacles to go through, and it really tested my skating ability. In the past, my stamina has never been so good. But after taking of running and gym, I feel that I can skate a longer distance! 

I love skating and I will forever love skating. 

Hui Yan-

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