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Hello lovelies. Remember the other time we spoke about #ChangeDestiny and how we shouldn’t settle down with a path simply because peers around us tell us to? There are many times and occasion we decide on things just because our friends and families advised us to, while other times we are so afraid of the prejudices, we decided not to go against peoples’ opinions and judging looks. But have you ever wonder, would you be happier like this, or if you choose to change your own destiny? 

#ChangeDestiny is SK-II’s latest inspirational campaign aiming to inspire and encourage women to change their destiny to one that they longed to have. Ignore the little ‘dictators’ and noise in your life, and make the step towards something that makes you happy. 

Today’s post will feature a very brave lady who made a huge step towards her passion in fashion. She quitted her job as a lawyer because she felt that despite earning a law degree and making her friends and family proud, Ms Priscilla Shunmugam does not feel truly happy deep down… 

Watch this video to have a feel of how great it is to #ChangeDestiny! 

Here’s also an astounding fact: More than 94% of women know that destiny is not about leaving it to chance but taking action when you decided who you want to be, but only 17% dare to pursue their dreams… Why? Because we are scared. 


I truly admire Ms Priscilla Shunmugam’s courage and her passion towards fashion which encouraged her to make the huge step to a different success in her life. I know there are many times we are so afraid of what people think of us, we make decisions that we are not truly happy about. I actually find this quite relatable because recently I’ve made decisions that even my family members are puzzled about. I was really upset when I restrain myself from doing something that I really love, and that’s the time I realise I shouldn’t care so much about what people think of me, as long as I am happy myself, and this is all that matters. 

DSC07786 I sincerely hope you would have the courage to #ChangeDestiny and make yourself truly happy. Don’t forget, this is your life, your happiness. You are accountable to yourself and only you can make decisions of your own life. Be brave dear.

For more inspirational stories, visit SK-II #ChangeDestiny.

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