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No prizes in guessing this right since the title has said it all. That’s right, after reading this article, you’ll discover one of the best food app in Singapore that will make your gastronomical journey much easier and satisfying. Well, you’re welcome! 🙂


We have all heard about OpenRice before. But how about OpenSnap? 

About OpenSnap

OpenSnap is a comprehensive photo-based food search engine by OpenRice, Asia’s premier dining guide, first launched in 2014. This mobile application provides access to more than 1 million restaurants across 8 regions – Singapore, China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. OpenSnap has recently upgraded its features for better application navigation and over 700 dining offers in Singapore. OpenSnap v2 is introduced in April and has been ranked among the top 10 food mobile applications downloaded on iTunes chart over the past week.


Downloading of the application off the appstore was easy, so as the registration process! I did it within seconds just by login-ing with facebook. 


Now you should be curious and intrigued by now. How can OpenSnap help me? 

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As you know, Singaporeans have this habit. We love cafe-hopping. We’re diligent in the sense we like to read up about a cafe or a dining place before deciding on it. We can be lazy at the same time and we just hate surfing the net and pool together all the necessary reviews. There’s only one solution to that: a mobile app that consolidates all relevant information you need!


OpenSnap is quite amazing from the first view of it. It has quite a number of categories and guess what, this application features guided browsing without typing! Just click away because OpenSnap has over 27,000 restaurants grouped into localised categories, so restaurants can be found easily and quickly by effective filtering such as locations, nearby eateries, offers, types of cuisines, happy hour hangouts and food delivery options.


Categories even include different food dishes and local delicacies!

After a revamp of the mobile application, OpenSnap also includes two new features: Find restaurants by dish ratings and get to enjoy dining offers in Singapore!


There were quite a lot of offers and I believe no Singaporeans would reject these! Enjoy the latest dining privileges with over 700 dining offers from 450 unique restaurants spread across in Singapore. In fact, these offers are now so easily accessible on my fingertips, so I don’t understand, why not? 🙂 

More Singapore dining offers 
Search restaurants through dish ratings 

As a person who’s really picky about my food, I tend to read at least some reviews online before deciding on the restaurants that we are heading for dinner, especially for important occasions like anniversaries. Which is why, good authentic reviews from the community are very much appreciated. Likewise, I also like to see galleries of the food menu so that I can envision what I’m about to order, and all these are avaialble on OpenSnap!

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A comprehensive dining guide on the best restaurants in Singapore now on your mobile! 

About OpenRice

OpenRice ( is an online dining guide written by local people, with a comprehensive restaurant search engine and a platform for users to write reviews on restaurants they have visited. Founded in Hong Kong in 1999, OpenRice is now the city’s most popular place to find dining ideas and share dining experience. Since then, OpenRice has further established its presence in major cities across China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore.

OpenRice Singapore features more than 27,000 dining places in Singapore, which are categorised by cuisine, district, and price range to allow users to quickly and easily find their favorite restaurants. Users can learn more by going through each restaurant’s gourmet reviews and photos, and even bookmark their favourite ones. OpenRice Singapore welcomes all food lovers to participate in the community by posting restaurant reviews and sharing dining experience with each other.

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To know more about OpenSnap, click here!

Thanks for reading! ❤ 

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