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It’s been a while since I last heard about the new (maybe not so new now) DD cream invention, right after its predecessor – CC cream. Before the CC cream, we have the BB cream and soon we’ll be having the AA cream. But first, shall we look into the wonders of the DD cream? ūüėČ

You may ask, what does the abbreviation “DD” stand for? For Velieve’s DD cream, it actually stands for “Definite Defense”; but my quick research online reveals that it ranges between¬†“Dynamic Do-All,” “Dermatologically Defining,” and “Daily Defense”. I recently got my hands onto Velieve’s DD Cream through HKCPlaza, and here’s my take on this cool innovative cream imported all the way from Korea! velieve%2Bdd%2Bcream%2Bsingapore%2Bblogger%2Breview

When first introduced to this DD cream, I can’t deny I was really excited and thrilled. I’ve came across this product type online and all over the beauty news for the longest time but I haven’t see much of it in Singapore, if not not at all. I was told that new creations from Korea usually stay in Korea for at least a year before they get distributed overseas. Thankfully, it’s never too late before I get to review this amazing DD cream product.¬†

First, let us understand what does DD cream really do. 

For simplicity sake. let’s take one of its definition “Daily defense”. As per suggested, DD creams are meant to provide anti-aging efficacies such as moisturizing, wrinkles reduction, whitening and sun protection. An added function of DD creams is that it’s able to cover most of the blemishes or marks effortlessly due to its richer and creamier texture and coverage.¬†

For Velieve’s DD Cream, here’s some of the functions it has!¬†

Photo from HKCplaza


At first I was really surprised to find out that the DD cream only comes in a shade, and my worry escalated when I tested it on the back of my palm and found out the shade was a little dark. Thankfully all worries were kind of resolved by itself when i tried it on my face. The shade doesn’t look dark on my skin.

If you still worry that the shade is too dark (I’m a little tanned), you can finish up your base makeup using a finishing or brightening translucent powder.¬†

I gave it a try and here’s some before and after photos for¬†Velieve’s DD Cream¬†(only).

dd%2Bcream%2Breview%2Bsingapore dd%2Bcream%2Bbefore%2Band%2Bafter%2Breview

I thought the coverage on the side of my face is really good and flawless. I even got compliments from my bbabes that my cheeks look so dewy! On a side note, perhaps a thicker concealer is needed for that protruding pimple, but you can tell the DD cream has reduced the redness around the side of my nose, dark circles and overall skin tone. 


My thoughts… Honestly, I am quite satisfied with this product. At first I was a little skeptical about it because I tend to break out or my face gets really oily if I use a BB cream on my face for the whole day. Basically, BB cream hardly lasts on my skin. On the flipside, the DD cream worked out surprisingly well and it doesn’t really cake up my skin after a few hours outside.

I also applied the DD cream using a beautyblender sponge, which may or may not affect the performance of the DD cream. It seems to blend onto my face really seamlessly and the result was fantastic. My face look instantly brightened and still looking dewy!

And also more information on the DD cream can be found on HKCplaza’s site.


Photo from HKCplaza

Velieve’s DD Cream is now retailing on HKCplaza at a special discount price of $26.60 from $38.00! That’s really a steal! If I’m you, I would definitely get it since you can get to try DD creams for the first time (most probably). I’m gonna stock up on it too! ^_^¬†

On a random note, you also can get to visit HKCplaza showroom to collect your items if you prefer to collect on the spot rather than having them delivered. 


111 North Bridge Road Peninsula Plaza 

#03-32 Singapore 179098

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