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Remember two months back I went back to Bangkok again? Yea, twice this week and I was still thinking if I should go again this coming December. Having travelled to Bangkok for so many times, I always try to get a wifi device so that I can enjoy unlimited wifi data and keep myself connected. Which is why I gave TelecomSquare wifi devices a try! 

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The Wifi Device rental comes with all the essential accessories like the chargers and even adaptors for Bangkok electrical plugs. They are stored nicely in a pouch when delivered to my house, so it’s really fuss-free and neat! 

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If you ask why a wifi device and not simply the Bangkok Sim card, the answer is simple. A wifi device is better to be shared in a group because the data is unlimited, and a wifi device can usually connect 4-7 electrical devices at one go – your ipad, tablets, mobile phones and even cameras. So put it simply, it makes more economical sense to rent just one device and share it among your friends. 

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Telecom Square also provides rental for portable charger in case your wifi device runs out of battery. 

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And this is the wifi device which is really small and portable. 

The wifi speed is really fast, and the battery life can usually last half a day if you on it the whole day. So what I usually do is to only on them when I need for social media postings or navigations. 

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Enjoy your trip any where, doesn’t have to be to Bangkok! 

For more on the rental for wifi devices, visit TeleomSquare!

Their rental fee prices are also stated here:

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