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If you’ve noticed, there’s an upcoming trend that Singaporeans are increasingly working towards achieving a work-life balance. Many of us either join in recreational activities, volunteer at homes or shelters, catch a movie or simply… stay at home and slack. Don’t tell me you don’t do that!

Ever since I came back to singapore, I’ve been so occupied with meeting my friends for a catch-up dinner, so often that it’s almost every night. Now that I’m back on track to blogging as well, I still have to cater my evenings to events and stuff, causing me to have the urge to scream “I need a break!!!”.

Thankfully, I got hold of a complimentary stay at The Quincy Hotel through VanityTrove’s Blingo event few months ago (before I flew for exchange), and I was only able to fork out time for a weekend staycation when I returned back to Singapore. This is honestly a much-needed break! Don’t you love it when you can just lie on the comfy bed, enjoy a soaked bath in the bathtub, go for a swim or gym all without having to think of anything? *insert relax emoticon*

So off we go for a staycation in Singapore~!

Quincy Hotel provides computer for guests’ usage. There’s unlimited free wifi too.

I must say I’m really satisfied with the stay at The Quincy Hotel. First, the location of the hotel is such a golden location – it’s smacked right in the middle of Orchard, yet hidden behind the commercial buildings for a quieter experience.

When I checked in, the service staff was really polite and nice, treating me like a paying customer although I’m staying with a complimentary voucher. This goes down to show how equal they treat their guests.

**I’ll be reviewing the hotel based on it’s room, toilet, faciilites and food**

A standard studio room

The room size is pretty decent, not too cramped. The layout of the furnitures, including the in-built ones like the tables are all very neat and clean. Each room is also sufficiently equipped with items for showering and consumption. The minibar are packed with canned drinks and packed food, or even coffee and tea sachets.

Singapore%2BStaycation%2BReview2 Singapore%2BStaycation%2Breview%2B Singapore%2BStaycation%2BReview

The room itself is amazing. I love love love the sleek simple design which compliments the basic gray-white color theme. The windows are lined with translucent drapes to let in some natural light while still maintaining some privacy. If you prefer a completely dark environment, there’s another option of bringing the blinds down. We totally forgot to bring the the blinds down so we were unfortunately woken up by the strong glaring sunlight when the sun came out the next morning.

I love the open-concept adopted in the room. The side bench is a perfect place to either enjoy a book or a simple drink with your partner. Everything was kept simple in this room, and I adore this concept. It’s quite refreshing.

Singapore%2Bstaycation%2Bblog%2Breview 2 Singapore%2Bstaycation%2Bblog%2Breview 1


The toilet also adopts an open-concept, but of course you can let the blinds down again for some privacy. I was quite surprised that the hotel used Molten Brown showering products which kinda makes me feel pampered. The room, including the toilet is fully equipped with the necessary stuff, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself a weighing machine (haha!)

Singapore%2Bstaycation%2Bopen%2Bconcept Singapore%2BStaycation%2BBlogIMG 6700 Singapore%2Bstaycation%2Breviews2


Snacks and small bites at The Quincy Hotel


Once we got our keys, we headed up to dump our stuff in the room before heading down to enjoy their all-day refreshments. Aside from the usual meal times, you’ll find some ice-cream, different kinds of beverages and some small snacks all the time. 

TheQuincyHotel Review2

All-day refreshments at Quincy Hotel

 I was even allowed to bring up these food to my room, which is really a plus point.

Coffee machines available for you to make some coffee, anytime

When the night kicked in, we made our way down to the dining area for our buffet dinner. Guests also get complimentary and free flow cocktails, so get ready to let your hair down and enjoy as much alcohol as you can take. Most of the dishes were great but my bf and I didn’t quite like the taste of the cocktails. The downside was that variety of the buffet was quite little.

Spring rolls and grilled salmon were two of the four dishes available


Despite its small interior space, Quincy Hotel has never forego any basic facilities. On one of the top levels, you’ll find facilities like the gym, swimming pool and sauna. If an energy drink is needed for a boost, you have access to the free flow of sports drink at the bar. How wonderful it is!


My bf and I particularly liked the steam bath, while the sauna doesn’t seem to work


I really enjoyed myself and I think a staycation in Singapore is the best alternative to a short getaway for Singaporeans. If you and your partner are unable to find time for a holiday, the weekend is all yours to enjoy a staycation right in Singapore. So what are you waiting for? Book a local hotel to surprise your partner on a special occasion.

The Quincy Hotel Rates

Singapore%2BStaycation%2Breview The%2BQuincy%2BHotel Quincy Hotel is featured on CNN Travel as one of the 10 best hotels. More info, visit Quincy’s website. Singapore%2Bstaycation%2Bblogger%2Breview

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