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Ignorance doesn’t mean non-existence. Something that you are unaware about doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Just like for our scalps, what we might not know is that our scalps are clogged and oily, and for that an occasional scalp treatment would be useful. A prolonged untreated scalp issue may lead to hair loss and balding, and women with long hair are more vulnerable to such treatments because the weight of the hair will have a down pulling effect, causing more hair loss.

Having said that, this isn’t my first time doing scalp treatment (in fact it’s my second time) and I would say Queen Kelly Salon has done a decent job with its unique hair salon settings and equipments despite being a neighbourhood hair salon. More details as you read on.

Machine used for my scalp treatment 

As soon as I reached, the staff immediately started on my scalp treatment. 

Queen Kelly offers a range of relaxing scalp spa, which consists of five elements – jin (metal), mu (wood), shui (water), huo (fire), tu (earth). For my slight oily scalp, she decided to use the water element on my scalp. Reason being, water elements caters to sensitive hair and promotes hair growth and clears up oily scalps. 

Applying mud mask on my scalp
Followed by a relaxing scalp massage 
Wrapped up and proceeded to enjoy a neck massage 

The treatment took about 30-45 mins before we went ahead to wash them off. 

I definitely enjoyed the scalp and shoulder treatment as we leave the mud mask on my scalp to give it ample time to absorb. Of cos by then I can’t tell the difference yet. The scalp scanning was next.
singapore2bwash2bhair-8880401 And here comes the results!

As you can see, right after just one treatment, my follicles are more opened up and the clogged areas are slightly cleared up. You’ll notice more dented in follicles because that should be the case; a hollow follicle means unclogged and therefore suitable for more hair growth. For a healthy scalp, each follicle should be unclogged so that a healthy number of 2-3 strands should be growing out of each follicle. hair2bsalon2bsingapore-5197027

Like I’ve mentioned, despite being a small neighbourhood hair salon located in Buona Vista, it’s actually a two-storey salon with a quiet room catered for hair scalp treatments. I definitely enjoyed myself here as I shut myself out from outside noise and disturbance. Of course to be honest, I cannot compare this scalp treatment to though high-end premium treatments, but like I’ve mentioned, i find it decent enough for the affordable price. 


Skin Talk, the brand of the hair products used for my hair scalp treatment. 

Queen Kelly also uses premium hair brands like SECRET PROFESSIONNEL by PHYTO, which offers a comprehensive range of high-end treatments divided into specific programmes. From scalp treatments to finishing touches, plant science of SECRET PROFESSIONNEL by PHYTO can be discovered in eight customised programmes broken down into three beauty steps to meet the needs. For more enquiries, do contact Queen Kelly!


Visited the salon with my babe, June! 


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Queen Kelly 

Holland HDB Holland #01-81, 

42 Holland Drive 270042 

Tel 6773 1801

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