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Café hopping, gorgeous latte art, the cafe hype doesn’t seem to die down even after years. Not only are they great places to find authentic brewed coffees, they are also a perfect hideout for cozy catch up moments with friends or even a self-therapeutic experience. I can’t express how much I love cafés. They are perfect places for me to meet my friends and we can chat for hours just over a coffee.

But as the hype of café hopping spill over from Korea to Singapore, the importance and desires for latte art seem to be increasing too! Coffee with nice latte art seems to garner more attention and customers too. When we mention about latte art and the interesting cafes in Singapore, we can never miss out – d’ Good Café!


Despite being a 95-seater cafe, standing 2 storeys high, d’ Good Café experiences heavy traffic of customers even on weekdays. To avoid peak timings, 10am-12pm would be good. 

Before I make my way down to d’ Good Café, I’ve already heard about it, seen their latte creations and read reviews about them. This shows how curious and eager of me to explore this 3-storey high café (they occupied top two floors) with a built in lift! (honestly the lift is some outstanding feature compared to other cafés)

liftinacafe-3415374 cafehoppingsingapore-45-8593725

The whole cafe gives a very nice ambience for the customers. 


And of course, their newly painted mural wall along the staircase. 


Celebrate your birthdays at d’ Good Café to enjoy a special mega cup of latte! Only when the birthday is on the day of visiting. 

cafehoppingsingapore-5-2192615 cafehoppingsingaporedgoodcafe-8544115

To ensure freshness and quality, d’ Good Café sources their own coffee beans and roast them daily at the cafe. Such a dedication that not all cafes are committed to, don’t we agree?

For the menu, I would say dgoodcafe offers a decent variety of dishes and drinks, with the specialty revolving around authentic coffee brewing. It’s soothing when the coffee bean fragrance is the one that welcomes you to the cafe before the staff do. Feel free to grab any unoccupied table/seats as you enter the cafe.

To start off the meal, how can we not have a cup of beverage with d’ Good Café’s signature latte art? 

Below I have 2 bear designs and 1 that I shall leave you to guess what it is 😉

Foreground: Green Tea Latte $5.60Background: Hot Chocolate $6.50

The green tea latte was the one that I immediately fell in love with. It’s nice to have a tinge of tea bitterness lingering around as I sip the silky smooth latte. Some might find the green tea latte to be too creamy, but fret not because skinny green tea latte is available, just like other coffee beverage in the house. 

Hot chocolate sure will appeal to chocolate lovers like me. The chocolatey taste comes in a very rich and thick texture, at the same time having the sweetness lingering on your tastebuds. 

Hot Chocolate $6.50
Fresh Sea Prawn Aglio Olio $16
Linguine & fresh sea prawns (not frozen) stir fried in olive oil, garlic and chili padi

 The Fresh Sea Prawn Aglio Olio (SGD16) will sure tempt your taste buds with the choice of black pepper, garlic and chili padi. With big juicy sea prawns in place, this plate of Aglio Olio sure isn’t one you can easily find elsewhere. I like the dryness of the linguine, but it would have been better if it’s slightly softer. Nevertheless, I would recommend this dish to all Aglio Olio lovers. The spices really enhance the whole dish. 

Chicken Tikka Masala $12
Fresh chicken infused with home-style masala sauce (indian-spiced chicken stew). Served with Japanese rice. 

Chicken Tikka Masala (SGD12) was a total surprise factor out of the whole menu! I truly enjoyed it although the name and description did not appeal to me in the first place. Thankfully, the person in charge recommended me this dish and it sure made my day. The chicken chunks, as d’ Good Café prides itself of, are freshly prepared instead of being frozen. The tenderness and juiciness of the boneless chicken pieces as well as the home style masala sauce certainly sums up an irresistible dish. Despite being an India-spiced stew, the spiciness level is surely acceptable especially with the creamy element in it. 

Chicken Tikka Masala $12
Fresh chicken infused with home-style masala sauce (indian-spiced chicken stew). Served with Japanese rice. 


Brioche (2 slices $4.50) goes really well with the India-spiced stew as well.  


Steak & Cheese Pie $14

 On the other hand, I don’t really fancy the Steak & Cheese Pie (SGD 14) probably because it was a little dry, though the steak was pretty chewy and yummy! Comes with side salad and chips, this dish faired slightly mediocre as compared to the former two main dishes. Would still recommend Chicken Tikka Masala for a tasty and affordable meal. 


To move on to the dessert, we have:

Foreground: d’Good Maple Sea Salt CheesecakeLeft: d’Good Strawberry Cheesecake

Background: Fresh Kiwi Juice

To fight off the post food slump, try the kiwi fruit juice for a refreshing start for desserts (that’s if you are a kiwi lover!)

As much as I love how thick and easy to melt-in-your-mouth d’Good Maple Sea Salt Cheesecake was, I myself am surprise to cast my vote to d’Good Strawberry Cheesecake! With a layer of gelatine slotted with real strawberries, and another layer of soft spongy cheesecake, d’Good Strawberry Cheesecake would be a better candidate after a large meal like I did. However, if you are a complete cheese lover who likes the cake to be really cheesy, and if you are here for dessert only, you must not give d’Good Maple Sea Salt Cheesecake a miss; especially not when d’Good Cafe is the first to create this! 


Apart from enjoying the delectable dishes d’ Good Café serves, I also had the chance to try out their custom blend coffee, and eventually being able to name the customised blend myself! 

customisecoffee-7370518 cafehoppingsingapore-69-6515943 The Custom Blend Coffee steps are really simple, and you can get your customised coffee at only $12!

1.Customer’s Preference Survey to know what you like!
2. Cupping to determine suitable single beans for blending
3. Blend & Brew by their experienced baristas


Well of course, I ended up naming my own custom blend – “My bittersweet beginning”. 

I’ve never been a real coffee enthusiast, and the only coffee I always drink are sweet mocha frappes. It was only until my visit to d’ Good Café that I learn so much about coffee brewing and the many types of brewing method (I’m impressed!). If you would like to enjoy a coffee lesson, be sure to head down and try your own custom blend 😉


And of course, to constantly upgrade and deliver a homely feel, d’ Good Café has went all out to build this lovely and well-decorated window to enhance the ambience. If you prefer, grab a cup of coffee and a slice of dessert to chill out at their alfresco dining area. 

cafehoppingsingapore-17-4678350 cafehoppingsingapore-12-5064887

I really enjoyed myself at d’ Good Café and this surely will not be my last visit to the cafe. I think I can stay here the whole day enjoying my cup of favourite beverage on their lovely swing, by the balcony. 


Caffè mocha $5.80

Really hope you enjoyed reading this review as much as I enjoy my meal at d’ Good Café. Really thankful to be able to pay d’ Good Café a visit. I’ll sure be back!

PS: Cafe mocha taste really good too! 



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