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Few weeks back I got the privilege to do another set of eyelash extension! I’m very thankful to have Jossie to do it on me despite her busy schedule. And it was just in time for my Taiwan trip and you won’t believe it, the moment I had this set of eyelash extension on, I am so confident such that I don’t even feel like putting on makeup! 

The first photo actually explains it all – the power of eyelash extensions and how it can open your eyes to give you that mesmerising look.

This is a before-eyelash-extensions-shot.

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I have single eyelids, which make my eyes really small and sometimes looking all dazed and tired. 

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From the side, my lashes are barely noticeable!

Jossie and her friend were saying my lashes are quite long, but they aren’t curvy (in other words too straight). It doesn’t help especially when more than half the length of my lashes get covered when I open my eyes simply cos I’m single eyelid.

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And viola! Here’s a shot right after the service and with eyeliner on. Now I don’t have to put on fake lashes anymore! ^.^

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Visit Jossie at Eyes Talk!

Tel: +65 8408 5485

She’s a trainer in this aspect so I believe her skills are quite good! Quote my name to get 10% off any sets of eyelash extensions. 

Jossie (Right) presenting the certificate to her student. 

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