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15A594A5 61FA 4995 964C 06A0CC207C29 I’m pretty sure everyone has heard about Shopee before. But if you have not, then this article might be helpful for you. I will bring you through some of the perks Shopee has and how you can fully maximise the happiness of online shopping on Shopee! (Wow love how it rhymes). Also, if you’re a new buyer on Shopee, use my code “SHSCELINE” to get $7 off a minimum spend of $15 (Valid till 30 September 2019).

What is Shopee?

An online e-commerce platform, Shopee has come so far over the years. Shopee has expanded their offerings vastly – to include official brands and trusted top merchants to bring an added assurance to consumers like you and me. What is so great about Shopee, you may ask?

1. Shopee Mall hosts Official Brands and Top Sellers

These trusted merchants can be identified from the following label, shown below: shopee aprilskin Many brands like April Skin, Laneige, Innisfree, Etude House and others also have their official online store housed on Shopee. You can rest assure all these items are 100% authentic and comes from the authorised distributor in Singapore!

2. 15-Day Free Returns, 100% Authenticity, Free shipping with varying minimum spend

Different merchants will have different kinds of promotion, and some even offer free shipping! The best thing is, Shopee Mall items have free returns within 15 days. shopee2

I also like the fact that it shows you how much percentage savings are you enjoying for each item. 

3. Shopee Cross-Boarder Marketplace

Want to shop certain products not available in Singapore and you are not travelling any time soon? Shoppe Cross-Boarder Marketplace offers brands that you may not find in Singapore. 

Shopee%2BCross Boarder%2BMarketplace shopee%2Btaiwan%2Bproducts

They even have the Pringles limited edition flavours – Braised Minced Pork / Salt Crisp Chicken Flavor! I don’t even have to fly all the way to Taiwan to grab these. Free shipping for over $20 also, can easily hit the target if you buy with a few friends. 

Pringles%2B %2BBraised%2BMinced%2BPork%2BSalt%2BCrisp%2BChicken%2BFlavor%2B 4.  Attractive promotions Stay tuned because brands will as and when host their launch promotion, discounts and bulk promotion on Shopee. You should be able to score yourself amazing savings through these promotions. For example, Shopee frequently holds flash deals for products selling at a very attractive prices. You can also find discount codes or site-wide vouchers for extra perks. shopee%2Bflash%2Bdeals

4. Shop at your convenience, anywhere you are  The best part in my opinion is the ease of shopping. Not many people have the luxury of time to shop at physical stores. Some people are so busy they might not be able to find the time to buy the things they have ran out (e.g. ran out of cleanser). Buying on Shopee mobile app probably take only 10 mins including carting out and payment? Delivery fee is occasionally free depending on the seller. If not, the shipping fee is usually very affordable and worth for the time and transportation expenses you save up. For the products I got, it usually take them about 2-3 days to arrive. Again, depending on the merchant, sometimes delivery was made through courier so they will actually give me a call when arrived. It is very hassle-free I must say.

What did I buy from Shopee

First up I stocked up my favourite April Skin Magic Snow Sun Stick (I used up one previously).


This sun block is extremely easy to use, and it doesn’t leave a white cast on the face after application. It isn’t too greasy and doesn’t come with any scent. If there is any one sunblock i’ve finished using, it’ll be this. 

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Note sure if you realise, but sunblock that comes in stick forms are getting more and more popular recently! 

%255BAprilskin%2BOfficial%255D%2BMilk%2BBooster%2BFast%2BShampoo%2B%2526%2BTreatment F2A3573B 2EEA 4842 A87F 6F965121F25F

The products delivered are always bubble-wrapped. 

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And because I bought two items from the merchant, they gave me this as a complimentary gift.

I also got the O.TWO.O Make Up Brushes Eyeshadow Brush Set at a crazy price of only $4.20, for a total of 12 pieces! 

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Each brushes are individually packed. 

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I have heard soooo much good things about Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk so I decided to buy them as well. You must be thinking why am I so crazy to get so many sunblocks right.. I always believes that sun protection is the most important thing in a skincare regime. Prevention of dark spots forming is better than curing it in the future too. You can never imagine how harmful sun rays are. 

519575AB 3AFC 4506 AF14 298D89C3F0E0 EFA45E99 58E4 4BE2 8E95 8D19DAEFCADF 8294161B CF2F 4719 81F8 D69505483787 Naruko%2B7%2Bsheets%2BMask%2BPackset

Finally, I also stocked up some Naruko 7 Sheets Mask Pack for my boyfriend’s mum, cos she loves to mask. I don’t know if Naruko is selling in Singapore though, but I am happy to able to get it off easily from Shopee. 

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Same thing, well bubble-wrapped and comes with two sachets of samples. 

shopee4 Each delivery also have these check points for you to track the order. Online shopping has been made so much more convenient for us over the years, and one good example is the Shopee platform. Their mobile app is incredibly easy to use with little cumbersome steps. Imagine the time saved on travelling, and the fact you don’t have to squeeze with the crowd in shopping malls. If there’s no particular reason for me to be at the physical store, I honestly wouldn’t mind purchasing online for a better shopping experience.

Here’s a promotion for you! New users can quote “SHSCELINE” to get $7 off a minimum spend of $15 (Valid till 30 September 2019). 

Thanks for reading! ❤ Love, Celine

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