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IMG 6046 When it comes to finding out the latest hype, I’m often too lazy to be the first. Don Don Donki has been in Singapore for months and it’s only until yesterday then I decided to suggest visiting it, also just because I was nearby (hahaha). There’s one thing I’m pretty sure about – that is we all want to know is Don Don Donki really worth the hype, and are the items selling there really cheap? Let’s find out!

IMG 6045

One of the items that I bought. Kameda Crisps in Wasabi Flavour ($3.30 for 6 packets). Bought this specifically for Chinese New Year!

IMG 6044

Kit Kat Minis ($3.90). Not sure if this is considered cheap? It’s quite a light pack though.

IMG 6043

These gummies from Japan can be quite pricey, so I thought $1.70 wasn’t that bad.

IMG 6040

Japanese Fettuccine gummy ($1.90).

IMG 6042

Pocky sticks in assorted flavours ($9.80 for 10 boxes). That means one box for only $1, not bad!

IMG 6039 IMG 6038

I also bought these snacks that are apparently very popular from Japan. It’s sold at about $7+ in another Japanese store but here at Don Don Donki, it’s only $5.90! And trust, I think there’s about 7 flavours to choose. I got the Cod Roe flavour and it’s really tasty.

IMG 6037

IMG 6049 A snack that I usually buy from Daiso, this is only $1.70 here at Don Don Donki. 30 cents cheaper!

IMG 6048

Got one in strawberry milk flavor too~

IMG 6047

I love this ice cream snack since young, but for some weird reason it gets so much more expensive nowadays. I didn’t get this in the end ($7.90 for 10 cones).

IMG 6041

Fresh groceries
IMG 6054 Their fresh sashimi’s quality is pretty decent. I bought one each.

IMG 6052 IMG 6053 IMG 6051

Cheesecake on the other hand is a little pricey. I rather get the cheesecake from a legit cake store.

IMG 6050

This roasted sesame sauce is VERY cheap though! One small bottle can cost up to $7, and this mega size is definitely more than 3 times of a small bottle. Bought this one.

IMG 6056We also bought a fresh geoduck for dinner HAHHA. It’s quite cheap ok…

Overall, there are some items that are overpriced, with most of the items either slightly cheaper or pretty much the same as outside. I think the crucial thing is to find the items that you think is really cheap, otherwise you are better off buying elsewhere too.

Don Don Donki 

Orchard Central B1 and B2 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896 (Somerset MRT) Thanks for reading! ❤ Love, Celine

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