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What, Sephora is now online on ZALORA

(Not forgetting to mention how much this sentence rhymes)

Damn, now I don’t have to visit Sephora’s physical stores so often since I can easily compare products and prices online.

Sometimes you know how lazy we can get. Sometimes, I just want to lay on my bed and do nothing. *insert Bruno Mars’s “The Lazy Song”* It’s true! I like it when I don’t have to drag myself out to run errands. And here’s one more thing you can do while you’re at home: checking out Sephora online at ZALORA!


And if you think, “Hmm maybe ZALORA won’t carry as many products as expected…” then you are so wrong. Apparently, ZALORA carries a huge variety of products ranging from makeup to body. 


ZALORA carries up to >100 lips products, eye makeup and up to 50 foundations from Sephora, not forgetting other beauty products for the hair, body and nails. Sometimes, testing out the products is necessary, and that’s what purchasing online is at the disadvantage. But if you’re looking for regular products you have been using diligently, purchasing online can save you hell lot of trouble.

Can I emphasize, the range and variety are ah-mae-zing?

Lazy ladies, listen up! If you need an outlet to do your purchase without stepping out of the house, then you must not forget to check out Sephora online at ZALORA. Don’t wait, do it now! 🙂



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