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I might not be the best person to review contact lenses because I hardly wear them. Definitely blessed for this because I’m only 75 degree myopic, which means I only have to wear them if I know I need to read things afar, like in lectures, driving etc. It was also until I got my hands on SEED Eye Coffret cosmetic contact lenses then I got addicted to wearing cosmetic lenses too! They’re comfortable, look good and complement my makeup. Let’s see how these contact lenses fare for beginner users like me! 

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SEED Eye Coffret cosmetic contact lenses definitely knows how to attract ladies to try out their lenses. Come with three different designs, they are made for different occasions or any looks you prefer. The three different designs also come with different diameters, as pictured below:


Overall, if we only look at the cosmetic functions and how the lenses enlarge our pupils, here’s a summary for you:

Pink box – Base Make (12.8 mm)

Purple box – Rich Make (13.2 mm) 

Green box – Natural Make (13.0 mm) 

The first two versions are brown contact lenses, while the third is grey. 

Pink box – Base Make (12.8 mm)
The simplest design among the three, with basic function of enlarging the eye without going over the top

Green box – Natural Make (13.0 mm) 
The only gray version here, looks natural too!

Purple box – Rich Make (13.2 mm) 
The most fanciful design among the three, also the largest looking one.

And here’s how they look as I wear them best%2Bcosmetic%2Bcontact%2Blenses%2Bsingapore%2Breview

SEED Eye Coffret colored contact lenses are great for all users, even for beginner users like me because of the many benefits it carries. Since it’s daily contact lenses, naturally they’ll be thinner than monthly or yearly lenses. In fact, you get to skip those maintenance since it’s about wearing and throwing them off on the same day! 

SEED lenses also have a unique design that reduces contact between the eyelid and contact lens, so that you won’t experience much foreign-body sensation. Yay to more comfort! Believe it or not, the lenses also contain UV absorber (like what!?) which significantly reduces absorption of UV rays. Not sure how the science work behind it but sounds amazing enough.. 

Finally, no fears about the coloring of the lenses because the colorant is wrapped by the contact lens base material, meaning it’s not in contact with your eyes. 

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SEED Eye Coffret colored contact lenses definitely look natural when worn!

They are priced at S$23 for a box of 10 lenses and S$60 for a box of 30 lenses. 

Ask me if it’s a YES or a NO, definitely a yes since they come in small boxes for you to try out! That means you don’t have to commit into large purchases yet if you’re unsure about it. Likewise, there’s three colours to choose from, you can easily just purchase three boxes of 10 first for a trial test. 

Comfort level, I definitely enjoy wearing SEED contact lenses out since they’re thin and doesn’t irritate my eye. My eyes are really sensitive since I’m not a frequent contact lenses wearer, so this brand definitely works well for me. Oh and just a quick tip that I learn from a groomer at some event the other day: brown contact lenses usually suit warm tones while gray contact lenses suit cooler tones. 


Besides the SEED Eye Coffret Cosmetic Contact Lenses , SEED also have their 1daypure non-coloured contact lenses. I’ve worn them a few times and I find them really comfortable, and super thin!

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And also, you’ll be exhilarated to find out SEED has also collaborated with HEROINE MAKE, the makeup brand! Quite an interesting idea, but I’m more interested in the design of the contact lenses 😛

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At a whopping 13.4 mm diameter, it’s the largest compared to the three cosmetic lenses I mentioned earlier. It definitely makes my eye looks even larger, so here’s how it looks! 


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